Five More Indy Sure Shots (90’s Edition)
Monday November 17th 2008,
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Word to the wise: Sony tapes sucked.

Some more independents that still stand-up…

Mister Voodoo – ‘Lyrical Tactics’

With a voice that bares an uncanny resemblance to a young KRS-One, this Natural Elements MC showcases advanced ‘vocabulary spill’ over a chaotic backing track. This is the kind of record Company Flow wished they’d made.

Laster feat. Ed OG – ‘Off Balance’

Edo pretty much owns this one, but the eerie beat and catchy scratch hook make this a keeper.

J-Live – ‘Longevity’

I was a big supporter of this guy when he first dropped, and this track was often forgotten in favor of the impressive ‘Braggin’ Writes’. But how can you lose with a Sister Nancy hook?

Frankenstein – ‘All Hands’

A dope record by a white guy from Canada? Sure, why not. Nothing too fancy here, and that’s why it works. Well, that and the awesome chorus.

Big Kwam – ‘Mic To Mic’

It’s a proven fact that songs that sample little kids talking are usually pretty great, if this and the Beatnuts ‘Hit Me With That’ are anything to go by.

Next up: The 80’s Edition.

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on the Lyrical Tactics song who is sampled in the intro and chorus (“…using lyrical tactics”)
for the life of me i always thought it was CHino XL! anyone know?

Comment by newUnkutFan 11.17.08 @

Big Kwam is sick
80’s gonna be dope too..

Comment by chima 11.17.08 @

wow once again i only know of one of these….mister voo….saw him perform this live and co flow was on the bill that nite i think it was 96. i got this one does anyone have his 1st one….come off hard? speaking of come off hard bdks show at bbkings was crazy on friday….

Comment by mercilesz 11.17.08 @

oh no…i remember off balance…not a fan…not a fan…however ed og and scientifik and rza killed the bside of love comes and goes….RIP

Comment by mercilesz 11.17.08 @

ta new unkutfan the intro sample is mista voo’s come off hard!word that’s my shit shoulda put that one up robbie.ya still got some good shit up there!check for that true shit

Comment by Silent 11.17.08 @

dope tunes!shadez of brooklyn”change”,finsta bundy”feel the high pt.2″, troubleneck brothers “back to the hip hop” and erule “listen up ” anybody?

Comment by mp 11.17.08 @

all dope songs. all of the artists have lots of good shit actually…

Comment by eightyfive 11.17.08 @

that shades of brooklyn joint was heat

Comment by mercilesz 11.17.08 @

Shame, they don’t make ’em like this no more!…

Comment by RowanB 11.18.08 @

nice selection. still searchin for
b.b.o. nigguz ‘in the nude’ or
some other tune by dem.

Comment by swordfish 11.18.08 @

Hellll yeah.I remember these joints off the haze/premo tenth grade was dope.

Comment by hydrocloud 11.18.08 @

Dope tunes.One thing a few of these got in common is them Hard ’96 drums, especially the Big Kwam which is new to me.Love it!

Comment by chronwell 11.18.08 @

@ S.H.F. damn. says file not found.
fanx anyway. (btw. the other tune
was on a s&s tape too ‘niggaz still
ain’t nice 95’)

Comment by swordfish 11.19.08 @

Yeah, I gotta re up that shit. I’d do it now, but I deleted it last week from my work computer.

Comment by Eons 11.19.08 @


The sample is an older song that Mr. Voodoo was on…he sampled his own rhyme. If I remember right, it was an old K.A. song, who was also on Fortress Records..

Comment by redstarr 11.20.08 @

BBO Enterprises ‘Pose A Threat’
Thanks to Eons for posting this originally
Up for a week here –

Comment by ED209˚ 11.21.08 @

thanks ed!

Comment by Eons 11.21.08 @

thanks a lot.
@ u all.

Comment by swordfish 11.22.08 @

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