LL Cool J – The Unkut Interview

Photo: Janette Beckman

I only got twenty minutes to kick it with LL, but who’s complaining? It’s safe to say he appreciated getting a quick break from answering questions about his favorite flavor of ice cream and how many stomach crunches he does every morning. In many ways he’s the blueprint that everyone from Biggie to 50 has followed – hard street records for the fiends mixed with pop tunes for the broads. He’s also responsible for some of the greatest songs ever…but you knew that already, right? You can catch my feature with L’s mentor Silver Fox in the new Hip-Hop Connection if you want the whole story.

Robbie: You sound pretty invigorated on the new tape with Kayslay.

LL Cool J: I had a lotta fun doin’ that. We’re just getting’ it in. The last couple of projects, with me doin’ TV and movies, I think it really took away from the music. My heart was a hundred percent in but my focus wasn’t, so this go round I moved all the movies and the TV to the side just to really focus on trying to make some hot music, and I made the mix-tape to just get it started. I might make another one! I’m enjoying that, though.

You used to be in a group called The Extravagant 3 with Dr. Butcher and Royal Rich when you were in high school. Can you tell me a bit about those days?

Absolutely. Me, Royal Rich and Drew were a very real group. We might’ve been a group for two, three years – maybe four – I’m not sure but it was a long time. We had a lotta routines…I think we all got better as artists, Drew got better as a rapper and a DJ, Rich got better as a rapper. Rich’s brother played the keyboards – his name was Professor KB. He used to make the music and everything. We were young kids trying to make it in hip-hop, without a doubt. I still have a lotta respect for Drew and Rich and his brother. Those were some good times, it was fun.

Drew was saying you would have twenty garbage bags of rhymes at the crib. You must have had quite an appetite for writing.

I definitely did. When I get like that…I’m like that right now. I’m driving the people around me in the record company crazy, ‘cos I keep makin’ new songs but they wanna lock it in and master it and be able to say they finished – but I keep workin’! When I’m in the zone, man, I just love writing! I love creating songs, I love creating concepts, I love the whole idea of trying to make great music. I don’t take it seriously, I have a lotta fun with it. I found a picture of me recently with a whole bunch of rhyme books on a ironing board, and I’m like seventeen or fifteen – something like that – sittin’ there with a pen, writing. It’s crazy.

Did you really get introduced to Rick Rubin through Silver Fox from Fantasy Three?

Silver Fox is basically the guy from Fantasy Three who taught me – I knew how to rap, but he really taught me about flows and cadences and really kinda took me under his wing for a whole summer, and taught me how to really rap! Really kinda brought me in that zone. Most rap artists wouldn’t admit something like that, but for me I don’t care – ‘cos I’m better than them. He taught me how to rap the whole summer before I made a record. I also got with Rich and ’em around that time. I don’t remember exactly how we met, because I used to hang out everywhere, man. With everybody. Biz Markie would be in my basement one day, I’d be rappin’ with Kool G Rap the next day, I’d be with Hurby Luv Bug the next week – I was just everywhere.

G Rap also said Silver Fox was one of the greatest to ever do it, but he only made a few records so a lot of people don’t really understand his legacy and how important he was in Queens.

Silver Fox is actually from Harlem, but he definitely represented in New York. Let me tell you something – he had the great, incredible voice, incredible skills. The skills was hot, I’m tellin’ you. Definitely a very talented guy, man. For real.

T La Rock was saying he met you at a nightclub when you’d just heard ‘He’s Incredible’.

He was another one that was extremely talented – Special K‘s brother. I actually bought his record ‘cos that was the first record under Def Jam productions, before it became a label, and I bought his record and sent my demo into Rick Rubin. Ad Rock and the Beastie Boys heard it and that’s how I got my break. I just thought the way he put words together and the size of his vocabulary was very impressive.

I spoke to Mikey D and he’s been saying, ‘LL borrowed my image’. Do you have any comments on that?

LL what? [shouting] What did you just say?!

He told me that you borrowed his whole image with the Kangols and that you used to have a Jerri Curl back in the day and then you took his fashion sense.

[howls with laughter] So the rumours are true? Mike is the only guy in Queens, New York who was wearin’ Kangol and Pumas at that time? And gold chains? Oh, OK. That’s interesting. I think Mike believes that.

He does seem to.

Yeah. I believe that he believes that.

There was also a great story about how a lot of jealous guys used to try and test you after you put a record out, and then a few years later some guy at the front of the Latin Quarter was talking crap to you and you handed your jewels to E-Love and served this guy in front of the whole line. Do you remember that?

I actually remember that happening on The Coliseum on Jamaica Avenue. I had my share of fights. But before I go any further, let me just say something – I’m very impressed by these questions, man. Because I can’t even believe you know all of this history like this. Like ‘cos this isn’t normal ‘LL history’ – this isn’t Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin – this is before that! I just wanna let you know that for you to bring up Drew, The Extravagant 3 and Mikey D – and Silver Fox – is incredible. I just wanna let you know that. Yeah, I had a lot of fights early on because I was havin’ appeal, and I think goin’ to school with your record under your arm might be a bit antagonizing [laughs], but when you’re sixteen you don’t know that. You’re just proud of what you’ve accomplished but the guys getting’ a little jealous or whatever. But that’s the neighbourhood I was raised in, so it was just part of it. I wasn’t like having shoot-outs everyday. It was pretty basic, no real tough guy stuff, but I definitely had to handle that thing there.

Was that a case where you had to take up boxing or martial arts?

It’s funny you say that – I took up both, actually. I took martial arts my whole life, I always worked out and I always loved boxing, so it kinda fell in that zone. Like if you look at my second album cover, I’m hittin’ a heavy bag. That was always part of my personality.

You had that whole thing with Kool Moe Dee but I imagine in the early days you would have been running in the same circles as him and Melle Mel?

What most people don’t realize is they are significantly older than me, so I was really a little kid when they were teenagers. We’re not really in the same age range. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but they’re maybe seven, eight years older, ten years older. At that age it makes a big difference. But growin’ up, I definitely used to go up to the shows. Like when I was eight years old my mother took me to my first hip-hop show, at The Armory in Harlem, when the guys were performing and stuff. Bein’ in their circles – yeah, there definitely were some tight moments. I remember one time Silver Fox took me to the studio while Moe Dee and them were recording, and Kool Moe Dee kicked me out the studio!

Before you had a record out?

Yeah, before I had records. I was at the studio rapping. You know how you try to come up? Silver Fox told me to rhyme and I guess he [Moe Dee] didn’t appreciate my ‘presentation’. [laughs]

It seemed like a sign of desperation when Moe Dee had his solo record, almost lie he was trying to stay relevant by taking shots at you. Is that how you felt at the time?

A little bit. I felt a little bit like that. But I learned a lot of valuable lessons like that. That’s why I don’t ever do that. You just have to face facts that’s there’s always gonna be a ‘new guy’. And there being a ‘new guy’, you gotta just respect it and just let it be what it is. So that’s why I don’t take shots at people – not in that sense. Not unless they’re legitimate.

Unless someone provokes you first.

Right, right. If it’s not legitimate, I’m not gonna take a take a shot at you because I heard you cashed a big check and I want in! That’s ridiculous.

Did you ever have any other battles on stage or anything?

Nah, nothing real major. I kinda always liked to handle myself on the records. Before that I think it was deterrent, because people hear you right then and there rhyming, so they know what you are. I didn’t have a lotta that. I had a few battle here are there, but I always won.

‘To Da Break Of Dawn’ was probably the most complete package as far as knocking everyone off?

At that time, based on the words and the zeitgeist of that time, based on where peoples minds were at, those records were appropriate. Because as a culture, hip-hop – all of us, we’re always evolving, so it’s very hard to compare records from a certain era with another era. You have to let it be what it is, because there’s a general mood that the record caters to a lot of times.

When you did the Mama Said Knock You sessions, was that a stage where you were hitting the clubs a lot to get that energy?

Yeah, me and Marley stayed in the clubs. We were in the clubs a lot during that process. A lot. I was in the clubs on Mr. Smith too, when I made the ‘Doin’ It’ records and all that. But yeah, I like to live the culture and live the lifestyle when I make the music. Like this new album, I’ve been really livin’ the lifestyle. It’s cool.

There’s a lot of talk about ghostwriters but there’s also the aspect of collaborating with people. Certain Run-DMC records sounded like you were involved. Is that fair to say?

Yeah, here and there. I wrote ‘Can You Rock It Like This’, and then after that Run kinda had a general feel for what we were doin’ and we worked on stuff together. The ‘Peter Piper’ beat was originally gonna be the beat for ‘Rock The Bells’ but Rick Rubin gave it Run and them, because I guess Jam-Master Jay had the same idea as me at the time – may he rest in peace. You can see what I mean, if you think about it.

There’s also this guy who claims he worked on ‘Rock The Bells’ with you?

What it was is this dude sued me and said he was me. He said he was me, and all the voices on the recordings was him and my first album he said was him, and we made it in the basement and it wasn’t really me and I was Milli Vanilli-ing him. And I remember sitting in the court, in the depositions, saying to the lawyer and them, ‘What are y’all gonna say when the second album comes out? Who is it gonna be then?’ [chuckles] It was crazy. His lawyer ended-up getting disbarred! A little trivia for ya – not a lawyer no more. Wild.

If LL never existed, who would be the best MC to ever do it?

Wow. To be totally transparent with you, I think that there’s so many great guys and so many of them can stake claim to that for many different reasons. I can tell you I respect a lot of guys – I respect, may he rest in peace, Biggie and Pac. I respect Rakim and I respect Jay-Z and Big Daddy Kane. There’s a lotta artists out there I respect. I respect 50 Cent, I respect Kanye.

What is it about Queens that sets it apart?

I think that Queens is kinda a place where it’s slightly more middle-class and people just had time to really focus on the music maybe? But I don’t know, man. I don’t think it’s nothin’ in the water! I just think that you had a lotta people who saw a lotta other people can do it and it motivated them to do it. When I’m a little kid and I see Run-DMC ride by in their cars, that motivates me. Then when kids see LL ride by in his cars, that motivates the rest of the guys, and then when they see Tribe ride by that motivate someone else, and then 50 sees them ride by…it’s a thing where a lotta people were just inspired.

Is there anyone that you haven’t made a record with that you wanted to work with?

Nobody in particular. I don’t think that me and Dr. Dre ever got to work together the way we could, because of focus or what-have-you, because the time when we did work together I was workin’ on my TV show and had a zillion other things goin’ on, so I wasn’t really focused.

What’s the one song you’d like to be remembered for?

Which song you mean? Nah, my whole body of work.

LL Cool J – ‘Live Freestyle Over ‘It’s Yours’ (1985)


LL Cool J – ‘I Need A Beat (Original)’

What an effin’ record! They should’ve put this version on ‘Radio’.

LL Cool J – ‘Rock The Bells (Original)’

The version that got Run all aggy. The verdict? Both mixes of this shit win.

LL Cool J – ‘Cheesy Rat Blues’

The best song about falling-off ever. Also the first time I heard this break (and still my favorite use of it).

LL Cool J feat. Grandmaster Caz – ‘Ringtone Murder’

Newest Latest status.

‘I’m Bad’ video:

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nice work on the interview.

for some reason i never considered myself an LL fan. guess i left it up to the rest of the World to give him his dues.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 11.06.08 @

It’s always amazing to me how much LL has grown,as the original”n*gga-you-loved-to-hate”his career is matchless,I have to say my all time favorite LL record-and alledged response to Shans”Beat-Biter”was the Rick Rubin remix to”Rock The Bells”with the(cow bell through out),-When I finish with you boy you’ll be suckin on soup/..classic.Nice interview Robbie.

Comment by Roger Jones 11.06.08 @

You done did it again Robbie. Fantastic stuff.

Comment by Dan Love 11.06.08 @

Damn, Robbie. Speechless. This made my morning, if not my whole week.

Comment by floodwatch 11.06.08 @

Damn G, you really nailed this one……My favorite part is when LL. took time out to say you are asking him incredible questions……I think by mentioning “Silver Fox” and “Butcher” you took him into a b boy time warp…….Good job duke..

Comment by shamz 11.06.08 @

Yooooo…. the original Rock The Bells is my shit. I been looking for this joint for years. I love this version way better than the version on the album or the one everybody knows. Good Look!!!!

Comment by Mike 11.06.08 @

Good interview Robbie. You had James impressed!

Comment by Trackstar the DJ 11.06.08 @

incredible interview, good shit Robbie.

Comment by eskay 11.06.08 @

LL Cool J – ‘I Need A Beat (Original)’

What an effin’ record! They should’ve put this version on ‘Radio’.

They should have put both versions on the album. And both versions of “Rock The Bells”.

“Radio” is a very important album in HipHop history imo. It ended an era by stripping down HipHop to the bare essentials (rhymes, drums and cuts) from where HipHop could be rebuild.

Comment by Lotuz 11.06.08 @

You definitely had L on point by knowing his history before signing with Rick and Russell. You can see that he respected your knowledge of his career beyond the average interviewer; you are not to be played with Robbie! I sometimes see Cut Creator manning the decks for L during certain live performances, so I assume he still has a relationship with Cut; what’s the deal with E-Love? Once again, another homerun Robbie.

Comment by bronxbred 11.06.08 @

Dope interview.

Comment by End Level Boss 11.06.08 @

Yo I see why “L” gave u dap on this interview 4 real. U asked real questions about real hip-history and not that pop, fluffy ‘ish that real heads could care less about. Very good look 4 real and peace 2 Drew a/k/a The Mighty Dr. Butcher !!!

Comment by UNDERSTANDING 11.06.08 @

Another incredible interview, Robbie. Imho you’re the GOAT hiphop interviewer 😉

Definately going to cop the new HHC for your silver fox interview.

Comment by KQ 11.06.08 @

for james.

Comment by swordfish 11.06.08 @

Yo that was nice kid!! You put up the 85 Roxy joint which is heat but don’t forget the 84 one at the Afteer Midnight in Philly where he killed it!!I have to agree being a local North Philly m.c. from 80 to like 98 I hated this cat but loved him for providing a level that every m.c. had to try to compare themselves with whether they want to admit it or not!! I would like to see LL and Kool Moe Dee on the same stage one day squashing that beef!! And for you cats that don’t know Moe was the man in his time introduced us to speed rappin and real battle raps I will always love Moe Dee for that, so yes it was difficult for me to like Ll especially since from a recording standpoint he killed Moe Dee. But anybody that knows better knew that if only these two would’ve had a real showdown on the mic it might have been more interesting!!LL is no doubt the man and when I thought it was over for him he came out and killed one of the most fierce rappers in the game at that time (Canibus), ended the mans career and he hasn’t been able to rebound now tell me the G.O.A.T wasn’t hot? I was impressed at that moment in hip hop to see him do this!! Great interview!!

Comment by olskool4real 11.06.08 @

Great Interview, Robbie! You came with the real questions. I wish major mags could get it in with the Veterans of Hip Hop the way you do. Only one who comes close is Jayquan.
I have one critique, though. I WISH YOU ASKED ABOUT HIS RIVALRY WITH MC SHAN. From Beat Biter to The Breakthrough. (“Beats ain’t working/Dogged out Pumas/Plusa ya manager’s Jerkin!”)
Great Interview!

Comment by DOC SAMSON 11.06.08 @

Incredible interview Rob.

Comment by Headlock 11.06.08 @

Awesome Job Robbie!!!

Comment by Marc Davis 11.06.08 @

Robbie you continue to amaze.

GOAT meets GOAT?

Comment by rafi 11.06.08 @

Great story, great piece of work.

Comment by Troy L. from HARLEM 11.06.08 @

“It’s Yours” was at the After Midnight club in Philly in like ’84!! I was THERE!!!!

Comment by Da PartyStarter 11.07.08 @

Robbie you are my hero [ll]. This is one of UnKut’s classics.

My fave LL memory is me chilling on Hillside Ave and 169th Street. A white M3 rolls up to the red light. The BMW is killing me and this was during the time that me and my dudes used to bang whips. I am salivating over this car and then I look at the driver. It is fucking LL. I’m sure he could see my face say “Oh shit! That’s LL!”

Sonn gave me the two finger peace sign and peeled off at the green light.


Comment by DP 11.07.08 @

I’m glad to see someone else appreciates the track ‘Cheesy Rat Blues’ which I think is one of his finest moments lyrically.
Great interview.

Comment by mac 11.07.08 @

But before I go any further, let me just say something – I’m very impressed by these questions, man. Because I can’t even believe you know all of this history like this. Like ‘cos this isn’t normal ‘LL history’ – this isn’t Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin – this is before that! I just wanna let you know that for you to bring up Drew, The Extravagant 3 and Mikey D – and Silver Fox – is incredible. I just wanna let you know that.


Comment by d. b. cooper 11.07.08 @


Comment by Greums Da God 11.07.08 @

Damn Robbie, you stay on your A game!

Comment by daruffian 11.07.08 @

Fantastic stuff.

The Silver Fox interview in the new HHC is excellent too, btw.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.07.08 @

The version of Rock The Bells that had Run all aggie was actually the same one from the Radio LP, the main difference being the absence of the Trouble Funk break on the hook. The song originally featured the same Bob James break as Run DMC’s Peter Piper. Run knew LL had known of their plans to use it on their song and got LL to fall back.

Comment by RBi 11.07.08 @

I always wondered why the song was called “Rock The Bells” since there were no bells in it. Especially when T La Rock’s “Breaking Bells” featured a interpolation of the “Mardi Gras” break.

Comment by Lotuz 11.07.08 @

Damn Robbie, impressive. Makes me want to check out LLs new singature clothing line at sears, which I assume is inspired by Troop?

Comment by keatso 11.07.08 @

this was on point.

Comment by camilo 11.08.08 @

Peace Robbie,

WOW! Just called Mikey D and told him about the interview. He and LL have been cool (again) for the past two years or so. Since the release of Exit 13, A lot of media outlets have been bringing up Mike’s name to him, but not like you did. Since I set it up for you to interview Mikey, and it was that interview that provided some of the references for your LL interview – I was like, “OH $h1T,” not a good look.

But Mikey was right… L did jack a little swag, and Mikey jack’d a little sawg from that dude (something that might not have been mentioned in the Mikey D interview). All to tha good though. They are to of the best Queens ever produced and I’m proud of both of them. Not knowing Todd nearly as well as Mikey (knew LL for the better part of ’84 before he blew up and have cool when we see each other), He’s my hero in the Hip Hop game! Mikey has nothing but love for him as well.

I echo what most have wrote.. great interview. If I can add one more thing.. Those that appreciate real Hip Hop really need to kop that Exit 13 album!!!! It’s his best effort since “MAMA SAID..” and it deserves to be a platinum classic!

Nuff Said… Peace out,

Mark the 40 Killa, Laurelton Queens, New York!!!

Comment by 40K 11.10.08 @


Comment by 40K 11.10.08 @

Another great interview, Robbie. You really should do a book if you’re not working on one already.

Comment by Eons 11.11.08 @

An awesome interview! Didn’t know anything about the SIlverfox-LL connection! A truly great interview.

Comment by Brock 11.15.08 @

And Whatever became of E Love?

Comment by Kenny Patt 11.22.08 @


Comment by SILVER FOX 12.02.08 @

man that ll, featuring caz thats a hot sample…I would love to see ll cool jay ,silver fox and grandmaster caz…put out a record and go on tour…that would be SICK!!!

Comment by ajay-what!! 12.03.08 @

Great interview! Finally somebody asked some real questions. Not just some run of the mill stuff. I wish he could’ve asked about him working with Bobcat and how that came about and if he would ever work with him again.

Comment by William 04.03.09 @

man that was so dope.
i got the original rock the bells and i need a beat, i wish you would have thrown the “you’ll rock” remix up there, hah! that’s the one i’m missing.

great questions.

Comment by jon 06.05.09 @

I don’t count 80’s cuz that was another type of
sound but great nevertheless back then. So 90’s
first classic mama said knock u out, mr smith,
i think that the G.O.A.T album is underrated.
from radio to g.o.a.t, ll’s career is dope,
then two good rnb albums and a very good
old school/new school album wit Exit 13.
dude’s unquestionable top 10 emcees
of all (times)… No doubt ;

Comment by R 06.18.09 @

Gotta give it up to ma man LL!! Thanks for the inspiration in writing my own def rhymes in 1986!! GOAT!! GOD Bless !! KAMANCHI SLY representing HIJACK THE TERRORIST GROUP 2009!!

Comment by ksly 07.07.09 @

djmikenice.blogspot.com/ unreleased classic ish !
This was recorded around the time of the MR SMITH album. This was put out on the low but now it’s here: LL Cool J’s Lost Album ! Peace

Comment by R 08.24.09 @

One more thing was there ever a reply to steady b’s. i’m gonna take your radio and shan’s beatbiter?

Comment by BINGRIM 09.29.09 @

where’s this unreleased “Legendary Nigga” ll cool js track. GOAT sessions. thx in ad ! one ! yall

Comment by yessir 10.22.09 @

Dam good interview. I have madd memories of taking ll to so many venues. After hour spots, white plains NY…I am realy proud of the man he has become, And the Hip Hop Icon he is…100s Robbie..

Comment by silver fox 02.01.10 @


Comment by DA SOLOIST 03.17.10 @

This is IceWater of the Nubian mob I am from Queen,s and grew up with and Rocked park jam,s with Mikey D,Lotto,Lost Boy,s,Rza,Kwame,Tapemaster B,Dj Flamboyant,Big JT,Rockaway twin,s and more..I was Mikey dee,s Ryme partner after LL So cant say for sure about Mike,s claim That,s been running big for year,s in Laurelton..But no doubt Queen,s did and is doing it,s thing for Hip Hop..Get your weight up and make it happen! Authintic IceWater of Nubian mob

Comment by Authintic IceWater 05.12.10 @

Let me put it out there Im lived down the street from Mikey D and Johnny Quest,Went to school with Mikey D and Paul C Johnny Quest,If you want Old school Queen,s tape,s From Basliy Park 1988 1989,With Mikey D,Lotto,Johnny Quest,Lost Boy,s,Kwame,Rza,The Original IceWater,DJ Flamboyant,DJ Dewitt,,Ya gotta get em from Tapemaster B,Dj Dewitt,LL came threw too,Before i signed with Warner Bro,s me and Mikey D we ran together put together the symbolic 4 we d all be up in shawn,s house that summer puttin in work,So we became park ledgend,s around the same time me later IceWater of the Nubian mob

Comment by IceWater of Nubian Mob 06.02.10 @

This Authintic IceWater from the Basliy Jam,z 1988 1989,This is where i first spit a tune,Now known threw the music game Style,s like 50cent,Jarule,It taking on different form with the Black eye pea,s I was coached by my first Mentor DJ Shondshaper Holiday he DJ ed for the ledgendary group The Jazzy 5 at time,sThen me and Playboy Mikey Dee became freind,s and Ryme cat,s cutting class together,Then from 231 park to Rockayway Block party where Mikey called out RUNDMC,To Basliy Park,I rocked with the best at that time,Rza Lost Boy,s Spank Gee,Kwamye DJ Dewitt,Big JT DJ Flamboyant who DJ ed for me in the group Nubian mob later he DJ ed for Onyx,Tapemaster B MC Lotto,HBO,Lady Supreame We helped builed Queen,s Hip Hop sceane,Last Basliy Jam i went to in 1992 their was a shoot out,Biz and LL came threw dont forget Supreame Team, Black Jus..ite,s were poppin off sick,Authintic IcWarer of Nubian mob

Comment by IceWater of Nubian Mob 06.03.10 @

I sit hear and drift into all i went threw as a fan of Hip Hop,and then as a peer of Hip Hop whatta ride ive been threw! From legend,s from Jazzy 5,Mr Freeze,Master Dee,That was just the start up kit!Seeing Stevie D,Mrecury of Force MC,s going to the ferrie and thet saying whut up,To me and Mikey Dee becoming friend,s and then partner,s To the Basliy Park Jam,s with Tapemaster B,DJ Dewitt,Big JT,To Getting offered a contract by Rza people after rocking the Park Jam and me telling them i was nt ready,To seeing Slick Rick before he was Slick Rick as Ricky D,at The Fun House,To eating in the same spot with Grover Washington Jr,To Be freinding Prodigy of Mobb Deep,We going to dinner with Warren Betty,to Being Homee,s with Malcom X Daughter E Shabazz and more to Hip Hop What a ride! The Real IceWater of the Nubian Mob,,,Got more to go

Comment by IceWater of Nubian Mob 06.17.10 @

i bought a nubian mob album years ago and it was horrendous….

Comment by T.S. 06.17.10 @


Comment by vollsticks 06.18.10 @

This was a excellent interview Robbie !!!

I’m the original Geechie Dan from “FARMERS BLVD” in St. Albans/ Hollis Queens and I enjoyed reading this interview…it was pretty accurate to say the least !

I’m one of the first emcees from around the way that came at Todd back when we were teenagers sometime around “1983”…..I even said his name in the rhyme ( he was just Cool Jay then ) and me and him had our confrontation at the Black and White club on Farmers Blvd and 112th Ave.

I was at the club rhyming and he came in with his boys from the other side of Farmers Blvd that I was from and was checking me out. After I finished rhyming, I saw him and put my hand out and said, “What’s up”…he didnt give me a pound and pushed me. I tried to knock off his Kangol but it was glued to his head and we starting arguing!

We were about to fight but a chair was thrown in between us and due to us fighting and riffing, the party was over !

Some days later, we saw each other and we talked and we have been cool ever since then.

Big shout out to everyone from Queens…QUEENS GOT THE BEST EMCEES….POINT BLANK !!

I was on the come up around 1985 and was suppose to battle Mo Cheeks from The Lost Boyz but never happened. I did battle Spank G from Southside at a block party off Murdock Ave and 209th street and won.

I chewed up plenty of emcee’s back then…I cant front either with a loss I took in the park from this guy from Hollis named, “Romeo” (he used to ghostwrite for Run from Run-DMC) ….he got lucky and caught me drunk.

I rhymed in Baisley Park with Mikey D and got chased for saying a rhyme that went like, “Even though I’m from Hollis….I never got demolished and when I buy some Bally shoes, I always buy polish”…dem cats from Baisley Park didnt like me !!!

Big shout out to Mikey D, Lotto, HBO, TC, Tapemaster B, dj Johnny Quest, Vitamin D, Ma Barker, Kool G Rap, The Albino Twins, Felio O, Spank G, Mr Cheeks, Big JT, Kid Quick, Razell, Future Sounds from Farmers Blvd, dj Divine and The Infinity Machine, LL and Cut Creator, my peoples from Farmers Blvd and Murduck Ave, Icewater, Kwame, Salt and Pepper, Run-DMC, Kid and Play,dj Dewitt, Biz Markie, my old WBAU crew, Flavor and Chuck D, Black Rock and Ron, dj Irv, The Rockaway Twins, The nigga Twins, MC Shan, Large Pro, Marley Marl, Shante, Spyder D,Doctor Dre from MTV Raps, Bob and The Mob from Hollis, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Onyx, Nasty Four from Hempstead, The Dynamic Brothers from Freeport, JVC Crew, dj Johnny Juice, dj Ivory, dj Jam Master Jay, Ed Lover…he used to be a security guard at my old high school…Andrew Jackson HS.

Whoever I forgot…sorry!!!!!

This interview brought back memories and hope everybody is doing well !!

oh…..whoever thinks I fell off is CRAZY !!


Geechie Dan

Comment by Geechie Dan 07.04.10 @

LL should do a double CD. One called chill mode and the next one called SNAP!!!!!!

Comment by avery 08.16.10 @

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Comment by IceWater of Nubian mob 11.01.10 @

Tru Dat!!! What da hell ever happened to E. LUV??? It’s as if he just got written out of the script like the dog from the Brady Bunch? Oh yeah, and can somebody please ask LL how the hell he went about penning the lyrics for the ORIGINAL ROCK THE BELLS? It’s so advanced that it’s difficult for me to accept that a 16 yr old did it alone. I’m thinking Rick Rubin helped since he was a college student at the time. What the hell would LL know about the tympanic membrane of the ear or William Shakespeare’s MacBeth and the Thane of Cawdor?

Comment by Phix 12.26.10 @

This interview was blazing !! Much Props.

Comment by Curtis75Black 04.26.11 @

what,s good gotta holla back at that coment that dude made about Nubian mob 1 We started alot of today,s big star,s Sorry we were a head of your time! Were a new group called 3 Mikey D former Main Source,Chucka Luck Freeze former Jazzy 5 and me IceWater former Nubian mob,Were love this thing of our,s Hip hop.Water baby!

Comment by El [email protected] 11.03.11 @

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