Worst Follow-Up Ever – Round 3 (BCC Edition)
Saturday November 01st 2008,
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All respect due to the mighty Boot Camp Clik, but the turn of the century was not kind to these guys after a great run of debuts. A large part of the problem could be the fact that they parted ways with Da Beatminerz, a situation that quickly became apparent to anybody who tried to listen to the BCC compilation For The People.

Round 3: Worst BCC Sophomore?

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the sad part is that i hardly listened to these joints cuz i was so disappointed. THe Black moon follow up was actually solid, but its hard to follow a classic. Plus it probably had the most beatminerz stuff of the 4 ..

Comment by dolo 11.01.08 @

I like ‘For The People’, there are several great tracks on there. In fact all the BCC sophomores have at least one or two bangers.

Comment by End Level Boss 11.01.08 @

The M-Pire Shrikez Back and War Zone are actually good albums, so smh @ anyone who votes for those.

Comment by chris 11.01.08 @

Um, I actually like those albums.

Comment by Nordy 11.01.08 @

I remember how disappointed I was after buying For The People and Rude Awakening, on the other hand BCC is still one of my favorite groups, and I still go buy their records

Comment by Krisch 11.01.08 @

m-pire strikez back is really not that good. especially compared to “da storm”, it looks even shittier. the coco b’z was ok

i like the heltah skeltah follow up…

Comment by eightyfive 11.01.08 @

War Zone is the shit.

To hell with the rest

Comment by P 11.01.08 @

“War Zone” is a GREAT album.

Comment by lifers crew 11.01.08 @

word warzone was retarded Im gald niggas all agree in protest!! that joint with MOP, the why the devil keep lookin at me joint, too many joints…matter of fact I gotta cop that shit again …

Comment by QUNYC 11.02.08 @

The Onslaught was dope too!

Comment by The Funkologist 11.02.08 @

The sad truth for me is,I WAS NEVER A FAN OF THE BLACKMOON CAMP!!!!!Just a year ago I actually started listening to their old material,debut albums, the newer material and follow-ups never held my attention though.But Robbie this was a great idea,listing these projects has at best sparked reknewed interest.On my part at least.

Comment by Roger Jones 11.02.08 @

should never have fucked w/ any other producers other than beatminerz… that was their whole sound

Comment by er4se 11.02.08 @

Rude Awakening is my favorite out of all these but they all recieved a lotta love in the hooptie back in 98-99. Actually Beatminerz laced WarZone and the beats definitly banged but much like Souls’, Buck, 5, and Evil D was following a ’93 classic and thats difficult. As for Magnum Force, Ilove that album more than I like the new one(DIRT).Its ugly, violent and the beats are superbly gangsta like the shit The LOX should have been rhymin to on their debut. Yeah there were a few silky “radio” cuts but 85% of Magnum Force rocked. OGC had a nice vibe and some OK live instrumentation on their followup but they were always kinda boring.

Comment by chronwell 11.02.08 @

Rude Awakening was nice.
Magnum Force is dope.
WarZone is actually pretty good.
‘The M-Pire Shrikez Back’ was pretty gay.

I never liked OGC. Mainly becouse of Top Dawg, or whatever his name is.

Comment by AFFEX 11.02.08 @

The M-Pire Shrikez Back has a great song on it with Havoc that’s actually better than anything on Da Storm. Suspect Niggaz, I think it’s called.

Comment by Tray 11.03.08 @

I don’t feel like hatin’ on these records. Of course most of them aren’t as good as their predecessors but they’re still better than most stuff that came out at the same time. Plus, it’s fun to dig back in my own crates, play these albums after they are been shelved for a long time and find out some forgotten gems I STILL bump my head to. Much love to BCC!

Comment by ceedub 11.03.08 @

there are 2 reasons why duckdown didn’t become what they had the potential to be:
1) no beatminerz &/or lack of a cohesive soundscape to match the classics that the beatminerz did
2) they had dru ha do all the cd covers in microsoft word. no seriously, their wack visuals between the album covers and the videos made them look corny and low budget. if they were dope they would have gone much farther.

Comment by d-day 11.03.08 @

I bought The Rude Awakening & War Zone when they dropped, although they didn’t live up to their debuts they were still dope lps. On the other hand Heltah Skeltah and OGC’s sophomores were just letdowns..

Comment by Andyman187 11.04.08 @

*agrees with D-Day*

Presentation is part of the package and BootCamp opted for a pretty mediocre presentation. Whenever I’d see one of their ads or album covers, it’d look like they were years behind the curve. I did dig the Smif-N-Wessun’s 1st album cover, but then again it WAS based on a Roy Ayers cover. Maybe that’s an angle they all shoulda gone with.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 11.06.08 @

BCC is one of the best collectives bar none and most of their follow-ups have been decent in my opinion but Rude Awakening for me was a big thumbs down. The production was just too bland. I don’t know if it was them trying to make a cost-effective album by not using alot of samples but whatever the case was the keyboard instrumentation was kind of crappy.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 11.08.08 @

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