Worst Follow-Up – The Final Verdict
Tuesday November 04th 2008,
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Much like Highlander, “there can be only one”. These two records received the overwhelming majority of votes in their respective rounds, so it’s only fair that they are offered the chance to face-off against each other, one-on-one.

Worst Follow-up Ever?

  • Raekwon The Chef - 'Immobilarity' (54%, 134 Votes)
  • Snoop Dogg - 'The Doggfather' (46%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 246

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In all fairness,Rae’s debut-BUILT FOR CUBAN..(which could have easily been mistaken for WU-TANGS follow up, with all those WU-members onboard)was hard to match,but ‘immobilarity’-was crunch-tacular’.

Comment by Roger Jones 11.04.08 @

Hey Robbie,how about your next post,”BEST BATTLE RHYMER”(not verse)-IN HIPHOP,and start with,KANE,RAKIM,G.RAP,and KRS-ONE.Then just like this last set of posts,list another set of battle emcees,then another,just a thought.

Comment by Roger Jones 11.04.08 @

Both deserve the joint bicoastal top spot for sheer disappointing shitness.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 11.04.08 @

I go with Doggfather because:

1) Immobilarity has a couple good songs, though I forget their names (though I kinda like Freestyle Conversation and Gold Rush on Doggfather)

2) Doggfather was a bigger disappointment on many levels. A, Cuban Linx was basically a group album – Ghost, Rae, and RZA – expecting a RZA-and-Ghost-less followup to be good would be like expecting much from a Guru solo album after he made Hard To Earn. B, if all you ever heard from Snoop was Deep Cover, The Chronic and Doggystyle, you would’ve thought he had top ten of all time potential. He was like a less lyrical but even more talented version of Slick Rick. Then he turned into a gimmick. Rae was just a very good member of a group. Even on his own album, he got outshined by Ghost. So it really wasn’t that much of a shock that he only made the one great album.

Comment by Tray 11.05.08 @

The Doggfather takes it. Both albums have wack production but The Doggfather’s rhymes were plain unlistenable. Raekwon at his worst is better than Snoop at his worst.

Comment by ceedub 11.06.08 @

Great question, too close to call imo…

Comment by dockevoc 11.07.08 @

doggfather has 1 good song on it, immobilarity has at least 4 or 5. this can’t be right. a lot of the voters were probably so disappointed with immobilarity when it came out that they never listened to it again. come one give the chef a break.

Comment by spotrusherz 11.08.08 @

Of course on a predominantly east coast, old school blog Immobilarity will win, because you all care about Rae more and therefore were more disappointed by his shitty follow-up. But Doggfather is the correct answer…

Comment by Tray 11.08.08 @

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