12 Greatest Sex Raps Ever
Thursday December 11th 2008,
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Photo by Glen E. Friedman

Sure to upset your girl and embarrass you in front of your grandparents, songs about smashing it have provided some of rap’s most entertaining moments ever. There’s no way to cover them all here, but these are twelve of the finest ignorant dirty rapp joints you’ll ever hear. Keep in mind that I’ve had to exclude the entire musical output of Too $hort, 2 Live Crew, Disco Rick, Akinyele and NWA in order to keep this down to a dozen.

Apache – ‘Tonto’

The ‘Gangsta Bitch’ guy informs us that he doesn’t “eat shit that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die”. Niiice.

Awesome Dre – ‘Sex Fiend’

Awesome Dre is still the greatest thing outta Detroit to this day. He also informs us that he doesn’t “mess with hookers, ‘cos that ain’t nice!”. There go my plans for the weekend, then.

The Beatnuts – ‘Story (Pinkie In The Twat)’

The ‘Nuts go nuts for sluts.

Bust Down – ‘Nasty Bitch’

Most. Ignorant. Sex. Rap . Evah.

Convicts – ‘I Love Boning’

Big Mike let’s us know that he “don’t care if you’re rich or middle class, ‘cos there’s no category for when it comes to waxin’ ass”. Thanks for the update, here I am turning down rich broads left and right like a yutz.

Donald D – ‘Just Suck’

Sure to melt the heart of the coldest of the ice princesses out there. “Instead of the mall, she’s feeling my balls/Up with the skirt – what? No drawls!”

Geto Boys – ‘Gangsta Of Love’

The remake with the music from ‘Sweet Home Arizona’ sucked balls. In the bad way.

Grand Daddy IU – ‘Girl In The Mall’

I.U. did more for shopping malls with this song than Biz‘s ‘Albee Square Mall’ ever could. Also advises that you make girls brush their teeth before they ‘check the mic’.

Ice T – ‘Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.’

Included for the title alone.

Kool G Rap – ‘Talk Like Sex’

Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but the first time a dame ever gave me brain I had this song playing on the box. Too much information?

Scarface – ‘The Pimp’

Broad: “Holy shit Brad!”
Face: “Loosen up it won’t hurt so bad”

Willie D – ‘Kinky’

According to the Clean-Up Man, if you rub whipped cream on your legs, the hoes will scramble for it like eggs…if you’re into that kinda thing.

Bonus cut: Time Dog feat. Ultramagnetic – ‘Secret Fantasies’

Ever wanted to hear someone describe banging all four members of En Vogue? Me too.

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good list, but i can’t believe you missed out Digital Underground’s ‘Freaks Of The Industry’!

Comment by thor 12.11.08 @

You must be trippin’ coz i aint see no akinyele joints on the list! :)

Comment by RowanB 12.11.08 @

man… the power cover keeps darlene in the #1 slot for most doable rappers wife

Comment by er4se 12.11.08 @

darlene is uber hot and gangsta – how the hell could he dump her for that fake cali chick coco?

Comment by wax 12.11.08 @

You’re gonna hear a real ill paragraph soon. I took my laptop right home to the bathroom.

Love that picture.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.11.08 @

The Iceberg would be my Ice T sex-rap of choice.

This is missing :

Pussy Ain’t Nothin’ by Schoolly D

Break-A-Bitch College by 8Ball & MJG

Your Pussy’s Like Dope by Odd Squad (bonus shout-out to Shit Pit)

Show ‘Em by Devin & K.B

Fuck My Car by UGK

Finger Fuckin’ by Boosie & Webbie ft. Pimp C

One More Chance by Biggie

Put It In Ya Mouth by Akinyele

Wildflower by Ghostface

Sex Style by Kool Keith.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 12.11.08 @

glad to see you included the G Rap song, but you left out Ultramagnetic MC’s Porno Star. That’s a classic my dude!

Comment by JP 12.11.08 @

“You wanna go down … why not! I’ll be like Herbie and Han’d you my cock… and tell you that my name is AK”

No Akinyele – No sex list.

“Giving bitch permanent beards!” Put in in your Mouth – the greatest filth song over the sweetest loop – I played that shit at my wedding.

Comment by ED209˚ 12.11.08 @

lil boosie – i want sex

Comment by dig 12.11.08 @

this why i love this site…the ‘Nuts ‘story’ wins all the time!!

Comment by dj blendz 12.11.08 @

blendz is right….I got screamed on for bumpin that track when i was 13 by my pops…”does ur mother know u listen to this? this is pornography”…ha ha classic

Comment by Mercilesz 12.11.08 @

someone already said it, but how could “put it in your mouth” not be on this list?!! i’m kinda embarrassed I know all the words…ha!

Comment by dove16 12.11.08 @

Black Sheep – La Menage

Comment by forest ill 12.11.08 @

brian beck just nailed it. Great list.

less classic, but kwest the madd lad has some gold on that first album.

Comment by Headlock 12.11.08 @

Honorable mention –

N.W.A. – “She Swallowed It”

Comment by MAAD 12.11.08 @


Comment by lk;kl;'' 12.11.08 @

Yo how could you not have “Behind the Scenes” from MC Ren!?!?!?!?!?

I dare anyone to say that’s not the most disturbing sex song they have ever heard:

“Her father came in, started beating her with the belt / The bitch was so hot she made the leather start to melt / but she was likin’ it, yelling ‘daddy give it to me harder’ / then he off all his clothes and started fucking his daughter / my niggas outside didn’t believe what they would see son / and when the mother got home it turned into a threesome

Comment by dockevoc 12.12.08 @

^ Ha! I forgot about that one. Looks like this is gonna need a Part 2.

Comment by Robbie 12.12.08 @

4 real? no Akineyle? Girl would you f*** me for Freee Freeee Freeeeeee. This list is fake.

Comment by Kid Icarus 12.12.08 @

really great list just for including nasty bitch..when i was in high school i seen broads get so sick with it for that song…. but you forgot fuck faces and this diddy right here…

(feat. Devin, Too $hort)
Hotel, motel, deep up in a hoe’s tail
Pussy smellin sweeter than a half a key a dope smell
Knock that top back, told her I’d be right back
Nigga where your wife at, y’all niggas don’t like that
I bring a bitch the rough shit, you be on some love shit
Kiss and hold and hug shit, she be wantin thug dick
You winin, and dinin, puttin all ya time in
I be into windin, knockin out the linen
Silk pink panties, but she can’t understand me
I be buyin condoms, you be buyin candy
She love you, lust me, gansta shit, it must be
All the while you spoilin that bitch, so thinkin ‘fuck me’
Hard for you to see that, ’cause you be on that weak rap
“Ay, can I get some roses please?”, nigga where your ‘G’ at
A gentleman, fuck that, wearin suits, what’s that?
You hit the hoe she lay there, I hit the bitch she fuck back
Makin voices, noises, voices and noises (moaning)
But when she do, I send her home to you
Pussy hole swole up, everytime she roll up

[Hook – Devin]
(Nasty) I’m slippin in and out ya girl
(Nasty) Pussy all around the world
(Nasty) Stickin my dick up in and out ya girl
(So nasty) Pussy all around the world

Now I admit, I didn’t put my prick up ya gal
She saves her pussy for you, she’s just my dick sucking pal
She tells me her problem, I like to listen and learn
And I don’t mind because she’s always got a Swisher to burn
And a six-pack, I sit back, chill while she drives
With her skirt pulled down and her panties to the side
Wanna smoke, what’s up, open up the glove compartment
Grab the Swisher, kiss her, get my lighter and spark it
Don’t know how she do it nigga but when she be drivin
She be slobbin and bobbin while she’s givin me noggin
And I’ve been, tryin to tell myself to chill
But I find myself just takin the wheel

sorry for the whole thing but i couldnt cut face or devin both deliver genius.

Comment by benhameen 12.12.08 @


Comment by lk;kl;'' 12.12.08 @

ALSO SLOB ON MY NOB, Three 6 Mafia
(natural curly hair, please don’t touch)

Comment by lk;kl;'' 12.12.08 @

yeah, Kool Keith’s Sex Style is my fave. some of those other tracks didn’t have the ‘realness’ of Keith’s lyrics. great songs, sure, but fake arse stories intended be fucked up.

but, yeah, whatevs, i’ve only heard about half of those tracks.. good lookin’ out.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 12.12.08 @

Here’s a discrete sex rap that gets slept on:

Apathy – Drive It Like I Stole It

Comment by Vincenzo 12.12.08 @

Dr. Dre-Fuck you????

Comment by J. Caesar 12.12.08 @

la menage…

Comment by Mercilesz 12.12.08 @

G Rap “talk like sex” was my wedding song

Comment by keatso 12.12.08 @

^^haha!! your in-laws musta been proud

Comment by dj blendz 12.12.08 @

This has to be a joke…No Akinyele?!! wtf

Comment by ncprecise 12.12.08 @

You have a special place in my heart for doing this post and especially including Bustdown! I grew up to that song. I knew all the words by the time i was 12!

Comment by R.E.D. Inc. 12.12.08 @

Big Pun’s original “not a playa.”
“Climbing up the walls/ with my balls/ banging off your hymen..”
taste the sweetness of my dick…..

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.12.08 @

Tres Equis (XXX) – Sen Dog, Cypress Hill.
always had to press forward on that one!!

cypress hill f. barron ricks – I Remember That Freak B—-

funkdoobiest’s – Pu$$y aint $hit
and XXX Funk (dust brothers remix)

Thirston Howl The III – Welfare P
Biggie – Dreams

Ras kass f. xzibit – sex
xzibit – Fn’ You Right –

how about some Necro?

Skeet Skeet!

damn and i just remembered these two:

nikki D – Daddy’s little girl
Love Thirst – Jean Grae

Comment by newUnkutFan 12.12.08 @

odd squads shit pit most def.

Comment by swordfish 12.13.08 @


Good call Benhameen!

Really any Devin song lol

Comment by dockevoc 12.13.08 @

how about any song from kwest the madd ladds debut ..

Comment by dolo 12.13.08 @

Big Pun might be the most vulgar just because of the mental image

Comment by keatso 12.13.08 @

And Big Pun is by far the best at all sex positions… according to him of course

Comment by BIG SPICE 12.13.08 @

Good selection!!! But, That Other Level of the Game by Bushwick Bill on the second Ghetto Boyz album is the track that does it for me …! One eyed midgets get pussy too.

Comment by Brock 12.14.08 @

Akinyele – Coochie
Too Short – Blowjob Betty
Akinyele & G.Rap – Break A B___ch Neck
LL – Doin’ It
Smut Peddlers ft. Rugged man – Bottom Feeders
Cube – I’m only out for one thang

Waiting on Pt 2…

Comment by Question Marc 12.14.08 @

Should try and get an interview with the AK’ id love to hear what he’s upto!

Comment by R4w 12.14.08 @

How in the hell can this list not include Slick Rick’s “Indian Girl (An Adult Story)” ? Not to mention The Genius “Super Freak”…. And no 2 Live Crew or Too Short ? Just not possible!!!

Comment by ZEV 1 12.14.08 @

how about any too short

Comment by .vsf 12.14.08 @

R.A. The Rugged Man – Cunt Renaissance feat. Notorious B.I.G.

“I rip your c*nts out with spoons
I make you feel pain like virgins on honeymoons
I make ill tunes
the hairy fat slob, I glorify gluttony
Butt ugly, only ugly bitches be f*ckin me”


Comment by Therm 12.15.08 @

uhm, i’d add ‘me so horny’ by 2 live crew or ‘effin’ yo’ bitch’
by ra the rugged man.
does anyone has the 3 versions of gb’s ‘gangsta of
love’? anyway yeah, the ‘bama version is the worst one.

Comment by gavizzle 12.16.08 @

tight songs… but what the fuck is up with the gay ad?

Comment by Pharos 12.17.08 @

what, no Devin The Dude????

Comment by C 12.19.08 @

eat the pussy!!!!

Comment by 357 Nyc 12.22.08 @

Sweet Home Arizona? Where? Ronnie Van Zandt is already rolling in his grave thanks to Kid Rock. Hot shame, Robbie!

Comment by Daddy Bones 12.30.08 @

Hold ’em up, fam. Robbie this is a bit off topic (OK, way off the topic), but what’s up with the gay thug dating ad on the page? They paying well? Happy New Year.

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.03.09 @

^ Damn you Google Ads!
*shakes fist*

Comment by Robbie 01.03.09 @

this is the illest site..i found it by accident….looking up the story about bdp and pm dawn

y’all keep it thorough…..the kenny parker interview is one of the best I’ve ever read….

BDP forever….. first 5 bdp albums are classic

Comment by getthesenets 01.05.09 @

good mufuckin looking out on gangsta of love! i found my tape the other day with the original version on it, and the tape had warped.

Comment by skinnyjoe 01.12.09 @

ill post!! i knew that photographer Glen Freidman’s name sounded familar ! he did that infamous album cover of D

Comment by m* 03.02.10 @

Nice! Brought back some memories, Lol Oh and thanks for the big up by putting my picture up there and if you have Sirius radio, check me out every Monday night on The Corey Holcomb show at the Foxxhole Sirius 106/XM 149 and you most likely will hear some of these cuts since we dont have to keep things clean. Peace, Darlene the original Syndicate Queen

Comment by Darlene 09.19.10 @

You missed out Sex by N-Dubz. That shit is awesome!!

Comment by Jon 01.24.11 @

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