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Tuesday December 02nd 2008,
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At some point I actually gave a shit that a new EPMD album was about to drop. In theory, their non-progressive approach is exactly what I look for in a rap tape – but Out Of Business was complete trash and 99% of rap comebacks suck, so I was prepared for the worst.

‘Puttin’ In Work’ (feat. Raekwon)

PMD is sounding on-point as usual, Sermon actually seems to be able to rap again after his verbally retarded dolo joints and Rae sounds excited to be rapping with two of idols. The only problem is the slightly annoying violin stab driven beat.

‘What You Talkin’ (feat. Havoc)

Keyboard beats are ghey. Havoc injects some much needed ignorance into proceedings and drops some message board slang on ’em (“when you keep playin’ with me you -1”).


Is this “Crossover 08”? Hand claps? Check. Rodger Troutman vocoder? Check. Pointless lyrics? Next!


This beat sounds like some Just Blaze 2002 material, which is not a bad thing at all. Strong vocal performances seal the deal on this one. Win time!

‘Run’ (feat. KRS-One)

A chop of the ‘Goin’ Way Back’ beat. KRS kills it: “I’m old school, I’ll off you with a piece of glass!” Hoo-Ha!

‘Yo’ (feat. Redman)

This is no ‘Hardcore’, but not much is. Redman reveals his years as a hardcore gamer by shouting out Zelda. This is pretty good.

‘Listen Up’ (feat. Teddy Riley)

There’s a cheap-ass video for this. ‘Crossover 08 Part 2’?

‘Bac Stabbers’

The guys are sorta showing their age on this one. There was a period when every rap album had to have at least one song about shady friends – that was a long time ago. I also think you’ll be hard pressed to find these people who were “happy to see that P ain’t talkin’ to E”.

‘Never Defeat ‘Em’ (feat. Method Man)

This is another top shelf effort. Tical smashes his cameo.


Really? Guess they gave up on the sequel numbers like Rambo. I gave up caring about ‘Jane’ songs after Part 4.

‘Left 4 Dead’ (feat. Skyzoo)

9th Wonder does a good job of tailoring his shit to fit the Brothers from Brentwood. Glad they got ‘Zoo instead of, say, Asher Roth for the guest drop.

‘They Tell Me’ (feat. Keith Murray)

Keith sons a lot of kids on this. Me likes.

‘Actin’ up’ (feat. Vic D and Tre)

New weed carriers alert. Hard drums help the cause though. Most disturbing line from EE Double: “This style I birthed and I am the mom!”. Wow.

Verdict: Erick Sermon regains his postion as the best ghey rapper out. PMD can do no wrong in my book. Despite a shaky opening, once things get rolling, We Mean Business delivers some dope records – five of them, to be exact. Even the songs with shitty beats are still decent thanks to the vocals, making for a respectable return to the game for everyone’s favorite rap duo.

EPMD – ‘Listen Up” video:

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So which are the 5 best songs on there, in your opinion?

Comment by Sleepy I 12.02.08 @

i’m so bad i can suck…
ha on the e double line.
like the album though listen up
was a weak appetizer. run is dope.

Comment by swordfish 12.02.08 @

EPMD and Asher Roth…!?!?!!?!

Oh well, their live show is still pretty good. Saw it last year.

Comment by Finally 12.02.08 @

“So which are the 5 best songs on there, in your opinion?”

^ ‘Blow’,’Run’,‘’Never Defeat ‘Em’,’Left 4 Dead’ and ‘They Tell Me’. Guess you didn’t have time to read the review, huh?

Comment by Robbie 12.03.08 @

^ ‘Blow’,’Run’,‘’Never Defeat ‘Em’,’Left 4 Dead’ and ‘They Tell Me’. Guess you didn’t have time to read the review, huh?

Yeah, kinda just skimmed it the first time

Comment by Sleepy I 12.03.08 @

Not feeling that video…

Comment by Goblah 12.03.08 @

Robbie = old jaded rap fan

EPMD = Dope

Comment by realhiphop 12.04.08 @

Word@the cheap azz video. Gonna check out this album either way. 1

Comment by The_Funkologist 12.04.08 @

I’ll give it a try, but I’m not expecting it to be any good. I’m just a grumpy old bastard.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.04.08 @

It gets better with each listen, the Erick and Parrish chemistry is still there, although I feel that PMD carries the album more than Sermon, it’s a good album for it’s time and it’s not a classic so overly great, but it is decent and worth picking up.

Comment by Jaz 12.05.08 @

Glad this is finally coming out. EPMD was always one of my top groups. I will be supporting it no doubt.

P.S. My brother in law did the cover and graphics for this CD.

Comment by Jay 12.06.08 @

Where the hell is Das EFX?! We need a hit squad/def squad posse cut

Comment by Prospect hill 12.07.08 @

you sound like a new 09 wack nigga. half you niggas wouldn’t be talkin the tough shit you talk if not for groups like epmd

Comment by eddie 12.16.08 @

It ain’t where they’re at. its where they’re from.


Comment by ED209˚ 12.17.08 @


Comment by Don 12.28.08 @

It’s a decent album, but “We Mean Business” is not what I was hoping for after all these years. I miss the EPMD sound. Too many tracks sound like they were produced for the artists that are featured. Where’s the raw Funk that Erick and Parrish were known for? I’m glad they’re back though. And there’s talk about another album coming soon. Plus a Squadron album, so I’m sure these three albums combined will satisfy the most critical fans among us.


Comment by Lotuz 12.29.08 @

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