Forgotten Beefs – Stezo Vs. EPMD
Monday December 29th 2008,
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This one is a bit different. This track wasn’t officially released until a couple of years back via Stones Throw, so whatever issues Stezo had with his former employers was long buried by the time anyone heard this.

Here’s what Stezo’s producer Chris Lowe had to say about it when I spoke to him a while back:

Robbie: There was an old song from Stezo that came out a year ago where he had some words for EPMD. What’s the story there?

Chris Lowe: We was still friends, that was when we was younger. Stones Throw got a hold of that stuff years after and decided to put it out. We all pretty good now – Erick and Parrish are back on tour right now. I speak to Stezo and I did a record with Parrish on my last album.

Why am I pulling this out now? For starters, it has a quality flip of ‘Nautilus‘. Oh, and this shit is hilarious.

Stezo feat. Dooley O – ‘Piece of the Pie’

Stezo – ‘It’s My Turn’ video:

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so whatever issues Stezo had with his former employers

For those who don’t know:

Comment by Lotuz 12.29.08 @

“Oh, and this shit is hilarious.”

Hilariously bad. The only thing that track had going for it was the sample.

Comment by haroon 12.29.08 @


Comment by Mercilesz 12.29.08 @

Ha!Ha!Ha!ha!Ha!-This joint is”ass-matic”,wow I own Stezo’s Crazy noise,and this cut is wacker than the”least played”track on that classic,glad he left it off.Just sad man.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.29.08 @

‘So Watcha Sayin’ was about Stezo, huh? Well color me ignorant.

Comment by Robbie 12.30.08 @



Comment by Tiny Tyrant 12.30.08 @

good shit. wasnt aware of the Nautilus flip by “Stezo the fly negro”

Comment by daruffin 12.30.08 @

Steezo the fly negro….

EPMD is one of the top 3 groups ever…..the funny thing is ..we remember the HIT SQUAD and all their acts that made an impact….but for every Redman..there’s a steezo

Comment by getthesenets 01.05.09 @

Not a great track, but Stezo’s debut album is pretty dope. I *HATED* it when it came out–but in my golden years I’ve learned to appreciate it.

Comment by Finally 01.09.09 @

Who’s the guy doing the ad-libs? Is that Dooley-O?

Comment by Finally 01.09.09 @

Everything even remotely related to Dooley-O is classic.

Comment by PAS 01.19.09 @

“fisherman hats! its played out!”. Gay.

Comment by gx 01.19.09 @

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