Showbiz & AG – Runaway Slave Demo’s LP

There have been an almost overwhelming number of special vinyl releases of unreleased tracks and demos this past year, but this one really got my attention – Freestyle Records have complied different versions of early Showbiz & AG tracks, unreleased instrumentals and a never before heard cut produced by Diamond D! Considering that Runaway Slave is one of the best examples of Bronx beat science ever made, this is major.

Showbiz & A.G. – Broken Chains: Soul Clap & Runaway Slave Unreleased, 1990-1992 tracklisting:

1. Instrumental 1
2. Diggin’ In The Crates OG Version, 1990
3. Instrumental 2
4. Instrumental 3
5. To Each His Own (More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto OG), 1991
6. Instrumental 4
7. Instrumental 5
8. Hard To Kill OG Version
9. Instrumental 6
10. I’m Convinced (Previously unreleased, produced by Diamond D)
11. Instrumental 7
12. Untitled feat D. Flow & Party Arty (Bonus Cut, previously unreleased)

Limited to a pressing of 500 copies, this 2xLP is $100 plus shipping ($7 within the U.S. and $15 to Europe). Direct all inquiries and make all Paypal payments here.


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Thanks for lettin’ this be known. Looks dope as fuck, when’s it shippin’ out? And is there anyway for MP3 based snippets instead of/as an alternative to the flash based one? Just a thought.

Comment by The Big Sleep 12.03.08 @

Nevermind, I found one.

320 CBR snippets mirror –

Comment by The Big Sleep 12.03.08 @

man, i just can’t get down with these ltd to 500 buy it NEW for $100 records. would love to cop but shit is ridiculous.

Comment by Eons 12.04.08 @

Show and A, can’t say enough about these brothers, they stay puttin’ in work. Lookin’ forward to AG and O.C.’s upcoming joint. RIP to Party Arty aka P80, rest well; a true South Bronx general.

Comment by bronxbred 12.04.08 @

this shit sucks really he said but no hard feelings/ your girl was appealing / did my share of dealings/ sexual healing. how is this any different from a nelly rhyme. this was wack he forgot buildings and cheating , grilling come on

Comment by shipwreck 12.04.08 @

Shit…Rest In Peace Party Arty.

Comment by KQ 12.05.08 @

RIP Party Arty!!!

Comment by 357 Kills 12.05.08 @

This is a nice little treat. Thanks for the snippet because I don’t see myself dropping a bill, better yet $50 for this. Press up several thousand- sell them for $20-$30 and recoup that way.

Did Show sample that Jack Bruce sample for Bucktown first? Wow. And is dude really comparing Showbiz to Nelly lyrically? Even more wow.

Comment by Howfresh 12.05.08 @

Damn, Robbie, thanks for posting this project on your site. I don’t expect it to find a sympathetic audience here. But, as you said, Runaway Slave is one of the best examples of Bronx Beat Science ever and easily top 10 NYC LPs to date. When these recording came my way I had to make something happen. Every version is better than what was released and if I could have sold them at 50 I would have but the fact is that there aren’t enough people willing to pay for this so until heads start paying for music again this is gonna be limited and expensive.
Ed Catto

Comment by Ed Catto 12.06.08 @

Oh yeah, yes, Show hit Jack Bruce early. And, yes, homeboy compared AG to Nelly but The Giant has always been about intensity more than wordplay, otherwise he would by The R.

Comment by Ed Catto 12.06.08 @

I made a mistake- Diamond said the above lyric in Diggin’ In the Crates- neither Show or AG, and dissing Diamond lyrically really say anything. He has always been celebrated as a dope producer, and even though he’s not the best lyricist, he still has some classics under his belt.

@ Ed- I’m all for digging up some classic shit- no pun intended- and while I’m not too versed in the costs of pressing and selling vinyl, the price seems a bit steep. But you can’t put a price tag on music. The demand will do that. Maybe you’ll burn some CDs one day and sell them for $20. Are Show & AG involved with this release in any capacity?

Comment by Howfresh 12.07.08 @

Give it few months and some snake will have bootlegged it ( telling everyone he’s ‘promoting it’) and it will be all over the web for those who love owning 0s & 1s on their hard drives.

I’d love a copy of this but like ‘Howfresh’ don’t see the price as realistic – I’ve pressed a few records in my time and unless you had to pay a stack to use the material I don’t see how the math adds up. That said – most people would spend £90 on a pair of Nikes that cost £8 to make, so I guess Mr Catto has a point.

Comment by ED209˚ 12.08.08 @

@ Howfresh – I wouldn’t dream of doing a project like this, even if I could, without the involvement of the original artists. I worked with Showbiz on every facet of this project and made sure that they got some loot from this project.
Ed Catto

Comment by Ed Catto 12.09.08 @

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