Unkut Competes In Hip-Hop Blog World Cup
Thursday December 04th 2008,
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^ The first and last time that you’ll see this douchbag’s dome on this site.

Please proceed to your nearest newsstand and cop the end-of-year Hip-Hop Connection. Drew Huge from Fat Lace has followed-up the classic Rap Mag World Cup from the 90’s (which was won by the mighty ego trip) and given us the Hip-Hop Blog World Cup, pitting the top 16 rap sites against each other, round by round. Wondering how Unkut Dot Com performed? You’ll have to get the mag. Other highlights include the stuff I was involved in (Kyron from Screwball interview, Top Choice Clique feature, the story of the Hipster Douchbag Poll and a debate of the merits of G Rap in 2008) and a bunch of other stuff that I’m just about to read.

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Damn it, why does Lil Wayne have to be on the cover?

Comment by Travis 12.05.08 @

Hey, am I in that piece? I was interviewed for it, but haven’t been able to find out anything since, and I can’t find anyplace that sells HHC.

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 12.05.08 @

^ Yeah, you are. You should be able to get the new issue in a couple of weeks from Borders, Barnes & Noble or Virgin, or order direct from http://hhcmagazine.com/

Comment by Robbie 12.05.08 @

Awesome – cheers!

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 12.06.08 @

Lil’ Wayne has got such a punchable face. That free CD looks pretty bad too. Why anyone would want to listen to Ashley Walters is beyond me. Anyman stupid enough to do porridge over a parking ticket, and get lyrically humiliated by a fat kid called Stig of the Dump shouldn’t be allowed to make music for heaven’s sake. And Baby J, is he a man dressed as a baby? In a combat jacket? Wouldn’t mind hearing Black Twang’s new stuff though. Robbie wins hands down anyhow.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.08.08 @

I don’t think Black Twang is a douchebag.

Comment by noz 12.09.08 @

you would be out of a job if you liked weezy homes

Comment by iiiixxxklll 12.10.08 @

Holy crap; the US is behind the UK… The latest issue of HHC finally arrived at the one Barnes & Nobles that carries it in my area, and it’s the issue BEFORE this one (Emzy cover). Arrgh. So frustrating.

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 12.14.08 @

Lil Wayne is selling all the records I cant hate
He sells magazines.

Comment by Traum 12.15.08 @

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