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Wednesday December 24th 2008,
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Another year, another annual vinyl order. It’s become something of an Unkut tradition to grab vinyl copies of this year’s finest around the yuletide season, but as I was browsing the virtual racks the other day it really hit home as to just how effin’ messed up the vinyl game has become. Unless you’re a skinny-jeans sunglasses-is-a-must DJ looking for the latest ‘party rockin’ mash-up, good luck finding any of 2008’s better rap shit’s on black plastic. There are still some white labels to fill in the gaps, only one of my top five album’s was given an official issue. Which raises the question – what did you actually buy this year (including CD’s)?

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Comment by CUBAN 12.24.08 @

Hip-Hop releases from this year?


K-Def – Beats from the 90s
Premiere – Beats that Collected Dust
Ill Bill – Hour of Reprisal
Some battle records for scratch practice . . .

CDs (no vinyl version available):

Lil Dap – I.A. Dapt
Will C – Down the Dial

I buy funk, soul, jazz, classic Hip-Hop vinyl almost weekly though, new and used. Serato was sort of the nail in the coffin for Hip-Hop vinyl, unfortunately. If I buy a new release, and I really dig it, I want the vinyl version — everything else just feels sort of throwaway to me.

Comment by haroon 12.24.08 @

What did I buy this year? These CD’s:

Bumpy Knuckles – “Crazy Like A Foxxx”
Chill Rob G – “Ride The Rhythm”
Jazzy Jay – “Cold Chillin’ In The Studio (Live)”
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Live And Let Die”
EMC – “The Show”
EPMD – “We Mean Business”
Large Professor – “Main Source”
Tuff Crew – “DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives”

Comment by Lotuz 12.24.08 @

I caught a rocket in the pocket and do it to the crowd last week at the salvation army….does that count?

Comment by Mercilesz 12.24.08 @

^ Hell yes.

Comment by Robbie 12.24.08 @

Hmmm?I haven’t bought a new release in years,but I stay buying rare classics in the-volunteers of america,Salvation Army,yard sales,boutiques.Here’s what I found/bought(on cd) this year…
1.Grand Daddy I.U.-Smooth Assassin
2.Lord Finesse:Funky Technician
3.Da Youngstas:Aftermath
4.Intelligent hoodlum:self titled
5.All for one:Brand Nubian(maxi cd single)
6.Bad to the bone:Kool G.Rap(cd single)

As for new joints,I own promos of…..
7.P.E.-How to sell soul to a soulless people.
8.Ice-Cube-Raw Footage
9.Large Prof.-Main Source
10.Big Shug-Street Champ

…….But that’s it.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.24.08 @

I was supposed to buy ‘Rising Down’ but I think I ended up copping some hydro

Comment by Dallas 12.25.08 @

The picture pretty much sums up my year…

Comment by Mads 12.25.08 @

heltah skeltah -d.i.r.t.
dj revolution -king of the decks
wu -8 diagrams
dj babu -duck season 3
guilty simpson -ode to the ghetto
termanology -politics as usual
madlib -king of the wigflip
ill bill -hour of reprisal
large pro -main source

on vinyl. don’t pay for cd’s no more.

Comment by swordfish 12.25.08 @

large pro – main source
p brothers – the gas (CD)
q-tip – the renaissance
c.r.a.c knuckles – the piece talks
roots manuva – slime & reason
sadat x – the okie doke/theatrics
…. kanye west – 808’s & heartbreak

Comment by chima 12.25.08 @

oh i forgot:

Menahan Street Band – make the road by wlaking
Al Green – Lay it down
J-live – be no slave

Comment by chima 12.25.08 @


Killah Priest: Heavy Mental

Comment by Brock 12.25.08 @

Vinyl i bought that came out in 2008:

Large Pro LP
Q-Tip LP
Termanology LP
Erykah Badu LP
Dynamite Deluxe LP
Pete Rock LP
The Roots LP
Guilty Simpson LP
9th Wonder & Buckshot LP
Nas LP
Al Green LP
Menahan Street Band LP
The Game LP
Elzhi LP
Nas – Surviving The Times 12″
Big Boi – Royal Flush 12″
Big Boi – Sumthin’s Gotta Give 12″
Statik Selektah – Stop Look Listen 12″
Presto – State Of The Art EP
Saigon – Believe 12″
Q-Tip – Gettin Up 12″
REKS – Say Goodnight 12″
Show & A.G. EP
KRS & Premo/Q-Tip/Common Smirnoff 12″
Camp Lo – Lumdi 12″
NYGz – Dayz R #d RMX 12″
DITC – Unreleased Production 12″

Albums i would have bought were they released on wax:

P Brothers
Statik Selektah
Prodigy (both)
DITC – Unreleased Production
Freddie Foxxx – Crazy Like A Foxxx
Lil Wayne

Comment by Krisch 12.25.08 @

and I’m going to buy the new EPMD record

Comment by Krisch 12.25.08 @

I only bought :

Rico suave – Gerardo Mejía

he he

Comment by Dro 12.25.08 @

This is probably the least music I’ve copped in an entire year- embarrassing:

Pete Rock- NY’s Finest
Diamond- Hugh Hefner Chronicles
Menahan Street Band- Make the Road by Walking
Buckshot & 9th Wonder- The Formula
Mayer Hawthorne & The County- Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out 45

Probably some boots from Rock & Soul and a slew of mixtapes.

Comment by HowfreshEats 12.25.08 @

pete rock
craig g & marley marl
dj revolution

cd’s because no vinyl available:

tuff crew too tuff’s lost archives
freddie foxxx crazy like a foxxx

btw,y’all check out and support dj too tuff’s lost archives cd!!

Comment by mario 12.25.08 @

on vinyl..
1.Elzhi- the preface
2.DJ Revolution-king of the decks
3.Jean Grae-jeanius
4.Nas-Untitled (Why i do that for?!?)
5.Immortal Technique-3rd world
6.Termanalogy-politics as usual
7.J Live-then what happened
As for cd’s..
1.Murs-Murs for president
2.P bros-the gas
3.2 Hungry Bros-table manners
4.Brooklyn Academy-Bored of education

Comment by dj blendz 12.25.08 @

i’ve already posted my stuff but forgot this:


it’s a crime “crazy like a foxxx” or “hip hop lives”(with that dope picture cover)not on wax.

that trend is already old,remember the 1990’s kings of swing & barsha?also Ice-T’s stunning “O.G” & donald d “let the horns blow”not printed on vinyl in the US…

Comment by mario 12.25.08 @

I feel ya man, I didn’t pick up much in the way of vinyl this year. What little wax I did pick up were 12″ singles from years past.

Here’s a list of the CD’s I copped. Some old, some new.

Happy New Year 2009!

Comment by DJ Bozo 12.26.08 @

Hey Mario, that Donald D album is a monster! I’m with ya on that, wish I could have it on wax!

Comment by DJ Bozo 12.26.08 @

EMC-The Show
Reks-Grey Hairs
The Roots-Rising Down (but it was a disappointment)
Large Pro-Main Source
Elzhi-The Preface

next is EPMD,P Bros and Sadat x

Comment by ceedub 12.26.08 @

In some ways, the rise of Serato and timecoded records is a good thing for vinyl collectors. A lot of DJs are selling off their vinyl, because once they rip the music they don’t need em anymore.

Comment by eric 12.26.08 @

Tame One – OJB
Q-Tip – Renaissance
Scarface – Emeritus
Jake One – White Van Music
Johnny Cash – Unearthed (Actually, I just got this one yesterday. Somebody else bought it for me, but I’ve been eying it for sometime.)

That’s all the eggnog hangover will allow me to remember.

Comment by skinnyjoe 12.26.08 @

Nas-great album
Ill Bill, Hour of Reprisal-I find him to take himself too serious to take him serious
I looked around for the P Brothers, no luck finding it, it sounds incredible though

I found Mr. Scarface is back album at a thrift store in great condition, classic

I also found the much slept on Yall so Stupid “Van Full of Pakistans” maxi single in the 99cent bin.

Comment by Fishscale 12.27.08 @

I also found the much slept on Yall so Stupid “Van Full of Pakistans” maxi single in the 99cent bin

I own the album on CD, bought it way back when it came out. Crazy slept-on!

Comment by ceedub 12.27.08 @

i bought that yall so stupid when it came out on 12″ ….the remix is bannanas

Comment by Mercilesz 12.27.08 @

I brought RedTape Renegades in January….

….and I picked up Buick/Papercuts 2 Terrorble Tabilists Mixtape.

I dont like paying for music anymore.

Comment by Lumberjack 12.27.08 @

of 2008 releases, i copped The Mighty Underdogs – Droppin’ Science Fiction.

wait, i meant..


Comment by Tiny Tyrant 12.28.08 @

@mario & bozo
there are european pressings of both
albums available…

Comment by swordfish 12.28.08 @

Obviously the popularity of Serato has dealt a heavy blow to the vinyl market, but I’m sure a lot of labels are also really sick of dealing with the huge backups at the pressing plants in the US (some plants aren’t even accepting new customers). Grand Invincible waited 3 months after we ok’d our test to finally get our records delivered AND when they showed up they were the wrong ones! I love vinyl but I’m not in a big hurry to press another 12” and deal with all that shit again. At least we tried to hook it up and included instrumentals and an accapella for the real DJs to flip.

This year I found myself going to stores looking to pick up a new 12” and leaving empty handed. Some good ones from 08: Ed209 & Imam Thug – Karma 360, Jakeone – The Truth, Killa Sha – Maskaraid, NYGz… I definitely downloaded more hip hop this year than ever before and bought more shit on CD than I have in years.

Comment by Eons 12.29.08 @

this being my TOP5 on wax in 2008:

Show & AG – Live Hard ( limited edition on vinyl)
Guilty Simpson – Ode To The Ghetto
Pete Rock – NY’s Finest
Nas – Untitled
Q-Tip – The Renaissance

not to forget some hot 12″ (Reks – Say Goodnight/ Ill Bill – I’m A Goon / Black Milk – Give The Drummer Some / Fat Joe – That White / Jak D – Cold Heat)

Comment by Benson 12.29.08 @

sadly, after 22 years of listening to hip hop this is the first year I bought and listened to almost nothing :/

nas and new scarface, thats it.

Comment by wax 12.31.08 @

immortal technique 3rd world on itunes

would’ve bought funkdoobiest Golden BBoys if it had come out…

everything else… thanks to the internets!

Comment by newUnkutFan 12.31.08 @

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