Cappadonna – What’s Really Up
Wednesday January 28th 2009,
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Cappadonna – ‘What’s Really Up’

J-Love and Cappuccino make for a good combination like Jamiesons and Stella.

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Lost Souls’

More quality work from this Queens representative.

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I came to a fork in the road and went straight.

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.28.09 @

J Love a poor mans Stakik Selektah. Kinda like the underground glue. J got a great love of hip hop n plays the best shit but damn all this time n homie still can’t mix or scratch. those real early J Love tapes are a hard listen.

Comment by the king of what I do 01.28.09 @

thats Clue not glue btw.

Comment by the king of what I do 01.28.09 @

awwww shit; that last Meyhem is fuckin ill. good look – can’t stop listening. word. good hiphop fuck

Comment by charlie 01.28.09 @

Robbie, can you please do an interview with Cappadonna? Last I heard he was driving a cab in Baltimore and it would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.28.09 @

Cappa went harder..

Comment by Bjorn 01.28.09 @

The new Cappadonna isn’t too bad, but I am looking forward to an album from Mayhem, everything I have heard has been dope, thanks Robbie

Comment by Jaz 01.29.09 @

Meyhem I meant.

Comment by Jaz 01.29.09 @

Cappa is doing his thing again. I saw him at the Wu-Tang show in Hollywood a few months back and he KILLED IT. I was never a huge Cappa fan but man–he was awesome. I also thought that “Don’t Turn Around” single from last year or so was incredible. I think I’m going to have to delve into his back catalog.

Comment by Finally 01.29.09 @

Dope shit cappadona sounds like early cap real hungry. The meyhem track is crazy too I fuck with sun on the real. 09 seems like a good year for hip hop thus far.

Comment by og tripple og 01.29.09 @

Meyhem Da God.
Dude does no wrong these days.
2 L’s up!

I always been a fan of Cappa.
But yeah, dude stopped the whole cab thing ages ago, and I guess he’s “back” with Wu…kinda…sorta

sick tracks

Comment by AFFEX 01.29.09 @

that lost souls joint is cool…this meyhem dude is on his shit.

Comment by TripppleBeam 01.29.09 @

No way is J-Love a “poor mans Statik Selektah” – I mean what makes him more poor than Statik ?
Both have crazy connections/features + similar production style and a good taste in hip hop!
Statik can mix/scratch better, but here we are talking about his beats and music + J-Love raps better, so they are pretty equal

Comment by Blanco 01.29.09 @

theres nothing better then a new J Love cd, especially since hes the only mixtape dj worth coppin on Canal or any local hood spot. u cant compare his beats to Stakik though!!!! hell yeah J got the Outdoorsmen & Statik gok Reks Term…pure dj & production skills go to the guy from Bean Town no doubt

Comment by 357 NYC 01.29.09 @

“I saw him at the Wu-Tang show in Hollywood a few months back and he KILLED IT. I was never a huge Cappa fan but man–he was awesome.”

What did he do? Fit the whole of Wu Tang in his diesel Ford Mondeo or sumfing??

Comment by the average man 01.30.09 @

“Peace God” off the new album is ill. It flips “Nights On Broadway” by the fuckin’ Bee Gees! Crazy! It’s short and sweet…

Comment by sooch 01.30.09 @

i feel Meyhem, hes got mad lyrical skills…

Comment by RowanB 01.31.09 @

that new cappa is fiyyyyah
im waiting on meyhem’s SOLO album

Comment by triple beam dream 01.31.09 @

C-DON The last one to get on!

Comment by Traum 02.01.09 @

Cappa sounds like he at his MC peak. Also the Meyhem shit rocks!

Comment by chronwell 02.20.09 @

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