iNTERETS CELEBRITIES – We Left Our Mother’s Basement DVD Review

So you saw this a while back and thought, “Why should I give these humps money when I can watch it all on the interwebs?” Fair question. It just so happens that my copy arrived today so allow me to guide you through the HD experience, episode-by-episode, in all it’s glory via my all-new, 2009 edition WIN/LOSS review system.


Win: I can now clearly make-out the use by 11/20/05 stamp on the Lay Linda Original Iced Honey Bun on this HD edition. Eff you, YouTube!

Loss: I saw a close-up of Rafi’s teeth. Are those poppy seeds?

Dallas: *Holding st. Ides 40* “This will have you ready to smack your mama”
Rafi: “That’s the main objective!”

‘Ghetto Big Mac’

Win: Now able to see the “smallest fry in the bag” super clearly.

Loss: Really want McDonalds but too lazy/drunk to drive there,

ROFLCOPTER: Too hungry for laughter.

‘Cereal Is Dope’

Win: Rafi and Dallas look like they’ve been drinking for a week. Drinking is fun.

Loss: Was this shot on a cell phone?

Dallas: “You don’t have any time to cook shit”
Rafi: “You’re on the internet!”

‘Fururistic Brunch’

Win: Able to appreciate the seven shades of awesome that is built and then consumed here.

Loss: Now so hungry that I may have to resort to eating fresh fruit. Oh, the humanity!

ROFLCOPTER: Eating fake shrubbery.


Win: Is that white money guy sunburnt? From snowboarding?

Loss: Why is Dallas wearing shorts?

ROFLCOPTERS: “Debt – You know you want some!”

‘Urine Nation’

Win: Now able to see Dallas using phone booth for ‘number one on the run’.

Loss: See above.

Dallas: “What are you? A fuckin’ racoon?”
Rafi: “Are you an animal? Some kind of beast?”

Sure, the main menu page is blockier than Lego Land and there are no threats of violence against rappers, but all in all this is type hype? Right! Bonus points also awarded for predicting that the economy is “fucked the fuck up” before it was totally fucked the fuck up.

Fun fact if you type ‘Internets’ into your Google searchbar, the first thing it suggests is ‘Internets Celebrities‘.

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