Showbiz & AG – I’m Convinced (1992)

Thanks to Freestyle Records, I’ve just gotten the Showbiz & AG Broken Chains demo LP. Amongst the alternative original versions (including a sick mix of ‘Diggin’ In The Crates’ with a different Show verse and an extra horn break) is this piece of vintage D.I.T.C. material – an unheard Show & AG song produced by Diamond D.

If you’re quick, there might be a couple of copies still available.

Showbiz & AG – ‘I’m Convinced’

Show – The Unkut Interview

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This is nice,and more than makes up for-SHOW’s-solo effort and AG’s-DIRTY VERSION-uggh”.It’s sad because this(DIAMOND prod) makes you wonder what the hell he was thinking with-HUGE HEFNER,love those JAMES BROWN SAMPLES.

Comment by R.Jones 01.20.09 @

Sounds like it should!!! Very nice! but…
I clicked the still available link: too rich for my blood, damn… I guess I’ll have to catch this shit on the flip. the flip = ebay, the blogs and file share sites… why not sell it for $30 and see if you can’t sell 2000 of ’em? It’s kinda weird how the independents have just up and decided that the “real hip hop audience” has dwindled down to a measly 500 rich nerds who can dump a note on two pieces of vinyl whenever they feel like it? while thousands of other b-boys and die hard fans of this shit (the actual audience) is still broke, what happened to catering to us disenfranchised losers? Did I even spell disenfranchised right? fuck it… perhaps, when poor people can’t buy good records, vinyl dies and so does the sound… I’m not saying, mark my words, I’m just saying, perhaps… the real worth of this record and others with similar “worth-manipulated” marketing schemes will come out a year from now on a Diluth craigslist…

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.20.09 @

I’m just saying the only strategy I can think of for getting this record cheap is to bring crack back so these collector’s get hooked and start selling their collections for cheap again. “Mom, I smoked the Broken Chains demo!”

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.20.09 @

Exclusivity like this will continue to disintegrate the audience/consumers eventually (I mean like a decade from now) lowering the worth of all classic rap records, because it discourages new heads from delving deep enough to find out the truth about the real Bronx beat science. Without reinvigorating and encouraging interest (by making the pure sound accesible to all)your consumer-base for it will dissappear overtime and the way may be lost to everybody but weird 40-year-olds in EK shades, because if no one cares about nor understands how the thing you have is worth something, than it isn’t worth shit, right?… so, my solution is as simple as Mel’s, don’t do it, we need more soldiers with the knowledge not more expensive records… I wonder if Bam would agree? Sorry for being on one, it’s inauguration day, goddamnit!!!

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.20.09 @

the record game is fucked up but damn those hipsters from BK will shell out a pretty penny for some wax…took a nice island vaction last year thanks to a few generous hipsters. its crazy how the prices are so high & unfortunatly thats the type of hands they fall into. at least they got good taste in music which is more then what I can say about nearly everyone in my neighborhood. idk what happened to NY but anyway Show & AG have been my favorite group, I actually enjoyed everything though I think the last great music they made was on Full Scale

Comment by 357 NYC 01.20.09 @

Remember this, Freestyle Records is doing what we can to encourage interest in Bronx beat science. No matter the size of your wallet. Support the Freestyle Professors!!! The Vintage EP is in stores now on wax and CD, as is the Best of Freestyle Professors CD.

We dropped the Geo & Ricochet EP, limited it to 500 copies and priced it at only $25 and I still have about 200 left so what the fuck is up there if you think 2000 copies of anything can be sold these days?

We have the Confuse A Few 12″ dropping Feb./Mar. and then the Gryme Tyme 2LP around Apr./May. Neither will be expensive and if more people supported then we wouldn’t have to price projects like Showbiz & A.G. – Broken Chains at $100 to keep the label going.

Records like this aren’t killing the game, it’s people not buying music (whatever their budget may be).

Ed Catto

Comment by Ed Catto 01.20.09 @

okay, thanks for even having a label like you do, and respect for all the work I know you put in for limited to no reward, seriously, shit is great! and FP and Show/AG are legends in it, but $25 is too high for my broke ass too…$15 would be about right. Maybe I just need a new job and to stop bitchin’…seriously, thanks for releasing stuff like this Ed, it might take a while but I’ll get my copies, I always get my copies…

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.21.09 @

For $15 you can cop the upcoming Freestyle Professors – Confuse a Few 12″ or the Gryme Tyme 2LP, or you can get the Vintage EP that is out now. But this one you’ll have to catch on the flip.

Ed Catto

Comment by Ed Catto 01.21.09 @

This is dope, thanks Robbie

Comment by Jaz 01.22.09 @

Comment by Lorca 06.19.10 @

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