Six Songs For Ya Moms

Any cheeseball can make a song about how great their mother is, but why should we give a shit? Here are six songs that may make your old earth cry a river (or at least get off the pipe).

Audio Two - ‘Get Your Mother Off The Crack’

Milk D has been something of a role model to me as I’ve grown up. Thanks to his sage words, I try and eat cherries, drink milk and keep ma duke away from my stash of whoolas.

K-Solo - ‘Your Moms In My Business’

The Letterman has got certified hand skills but apparently is too much of a gentleman to tell a broad’s mom’s to step the eff off.

The Pharcyde - ‘Ya Mama’ (Kenny Dope Remix)

I detest these fruits like a sickness but Kenny Dope made this shit listenable.

Pudgee The Phat Bastard - ‘Mommie Dearest’

^ Ha!

The Dogs - ‘Your Mama’s On Crack Rock’

Disco Rick > Uncle Luke.

Willie D - ‘I Wanna Fuck Ya Mama’

So wrong it’s right.


King Tee - ‘Baggin’ On Moms’

Best skit evah?

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  1. haha, i saw the pharcyde last year on the “rock the bells” european tour. you prolly could whup their asses rob, haha.

    props for your blog man, i love it! best read on hte internets. keep it up!

  2. gotta go to Pudgee. not too many tracks about incest, especially of that quality. nigga really went there lol. Give em’ the Finger was classic!!

  3. honorable mention to Special Ed for the mom verse on “Let’s Move It”

    Your mother always told me/
    baby, hold me/

  4. MF Grimm – A Mother’s Heart, one of the good tracks from American Hunger.

    A brutal song with the classic line “Motherfuckers are crazy, next stabbed the baby”

  5. ^ Neither of those songs are about baggin’ on moms. Speaking of which, I just added the best song baggin’ on moms ever = King Tee’s ‘Baggin’ On Moms’.

  6. victor is ill.
    thought last day bout howl reppin brooklyn
    hard.his skill recognize release is nice
    again.ruggedness included.a special would
    be nice.

  7. on another note theres a good Edo G track about his mom on the Life of a Kid…Demos. Worth the buy.

  8. K-Solo’s Moms is a great tune! I like Ice-t’s little line at the beginning of ‘Fried Chicken’….”Ni**a your moms got two feet growing out her titties – bitch fell over and kept running!”