Six Songs For Ya Moms

Any cheeseball can make a song about how great their mother is, but why should we give a shit? Here are six songs that may make your old earth cry a river (or at least get off the pipe).

Audio Two – ‘Get Your Mother Off The Crack’

Milk D has been something of a role model to me as I’ve grown up. Thanks to his sage words, I try and eat cherries, drink milk and keep ma duke away from my stash of whoolas.

K-Solo – ‘Your Moms In My Business’

The Letterman has got certified hand skills but apparently is too much of a gentleman to tell a broad’s mom’s to step the eff off.

The Pharcyde – ‘Ya Mama’ (Kenny Dope Remix)

I detest these fruits like a sickness but Kenny Dope made this shit listenable.

Pudgee The Phat Bastard – ‘Mommie Dearest’

^ Ha!

The Dogs – ‘Your Mama’s On Crack Rock’

Disco Rick > Uncle Luke.

Willie D – ‘I Wanna Fuck Ya Mama’

So wrong it’s right.


King Tee – ‘Baggin’ On Moms’

Best skit evah?

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classic unkut topic.
willie’s da baddest.

Comment by swordfish 01.18.09 @

Pharcyde could probably whup yo ass.

Comment by Hannibal 01.18.09 @

^ All four of them at once? Not out of the question.

Comment by Robbie 01.18.09 @

haha, i saw the pharcyde last year on the “rock the bells” european tour. you prolly could whup their asses rob, haha.

props for your blog man, i love it! best read on hte internets. keep it up!

Comment by Jo 01.18.09 @


Comment by Mercilesz 01.18.09 @

k-solo’s joint brings back crazy memories

Comment by redstarr 01.18.09 @

gotta go to Pudgee. not too many tracks about incest, especially of that quality. nigga really went there lol. Give em’ the Finger was classic!!

Comment by 357 NYC 01.18.09 @

honorable mention to Special Ed for the mom verse on “Let’s Move It”

Your mother always told me/
baby, hold me/

Comment by getthesenets 01.19.09 @

hey can we exchange links?

Comment by Mookie 01.19.09 @

that kenny dope remix sounds like a t-ray beat to me.

Comment by RowanB 01.19.09 @

yo, dope, but no Thirstin Howl III with “I Still Live with my Moms?”

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 01.19.09 @

^^^^ props

Comment by 357 NYC 01.19.09 @

MF Grimm – A Mother’s Heart, one of the good tracks from American Hunger.

A brutal song with the classic line “Motherfuckers are crazy, next stabbed the baby”

Comment by End Level Boss 01.20.09 @

^ Neither of those songs are about baggin’ on moms. Speaking of which, I just added the best song baggin’ on moms ever = King Tee’s ‘Baggin’ On Moms’.

Comment by Robbie 01.20.09 @

victor is ill.
thought last day bout howl reppin brooklyn
hard.his skill recognize release is nice
again.ruggedness included.a special would
be nice.

Comment by swordfish 01.20.09 @

on another note theres a good Edo G track about his mom on the Life of a Kid…Demos. Worth the buy.

Comment by 357 NYC 01.20.09 @

K-Solo’s Moms is a great tune! I like Ice-t’s little line at the beginning of ‘Fried Chicken’….”Ni**a your moms got two feet growing out her titties – bitch fell over and kept running!”

Comment by farns 01.20.09 @

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