The Revenge of The Bridge Remakes

It’s only a matter of weeks before someone, somewhere decides that it’s time to record ‘The Bridge 09’, so as we like to do here at Unkut every couple of years, let’s take a look back at all the current incarnations of MC Shan‘s ode to his hometown…

MC Shan – ‘The Bridge’

Poor old ‘Beat Biter’, it never stood a chance.

MC Shan – ‘They Used To Do It Out In The Park’

Need some filler for your second album? Why not remake you’re biggest hit?

Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd – ‘The Bridge ’94’

Tape hiss stay winning.

Kamikazee – ‘Bridge ’95’

R.I.P. K.L.

Screwball – ‘You Love To Hear The Stories’ (Godfather Don Mix)

Not every Pete Rock remix is an improvement – just 95% of them.

Marley Marl feat. Tragedy & IMAM Thug – ‘The Bridge 2000’

Better than the original?

QB’s Finest – ‘Da Bridge 2001’

Could they have crammed anymore people on here? Should have been called ‘Short-Lived Unity Theme’.

Ryan Perfect feat. Nas – ‘The Bridge 04’

Some guy who had a deal but never dropped I guess.

IMAM Thug, Hostyle & Killa Sha – ‘Bridge 08’

Three the hard way. *pause*

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heres a blend I knocked up recently; Bridge 2001 acapella over the second Crooklyn Dodgers joint. Works nicely:

Comment by step one 01.13.09 @

Good to hear the word ‘Blend’ again, rather than the dreaded ‘Mash Up’.

Comment by farns 01.14.09 @

ha ha! as far as Im concerned: acapella over instrumental is a blend. its when you start fucking with it more with studio software and changing the tempos etc it becomes a mash up

Comment by step one 01.14.09 @

Before Havoc’s shitty album dropped a year ago, he had this mixtape, “The Preview,” and there was a way cleaner version of just his verse on The Bridge 94. So is there a hiss-less version of the whole song out there?

Comment by Tray 01.14.09 @

^ Nah. I almost posted the Hav version but it’s too short.

Comment by Robbie 01.16.09 @

The Bridge 2000 is a smash…Imam & Trag. back to back – hearing this joint aired on unkut made me track down the vinyl and play it much too loud. Kill to hear songs like this.

Comment by ED209˚ 01.20.09 @

The Bridge 2001 & The Original version by MC Shan are the only ones that matter as they had Marley on the boards and Shan on the mic.

It takes 2 geniuses to think of the idea FIRST and make it happen. It takes a nation of unoriginal biters / bandwagon jumpers to ride their dicks then call it “paying homage” in an attempt to escape critisizm.

Comment by truth 10.24.12 @

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