Six Guest Shots That Won
Monday February 23rd 2009,
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‘Yo! You forgot Canibus on ‘Beast From The East’ = You Lose.

6. Cappadonna on ‘Winter Warz’

Despite being a local legend on Staten Island, Cappa had let his lyrical fitness slump on previous cameos, but with this show-stealing performance it was clear that he was back to burn.

5. Jeru Tha Damaja on ‘I’m The Man’

How could he lose over that beat? Jeru gave us a preview of the Dirty Rotten technique that would be fully realized on ‘Come Clean’ and stole the show in no uncertain terms.

4. Keith Murray on ‘Hostile’

On what is easily one of the worst solo albums of all time, Keith Murray gave us a welcome reprieve from E Double’s weak-sauce rhyming with his refreshing vocabulary spill delivery and bugged-out concepts.

3. Redman on ‘Hardcore’

As K-Solo recently pointed out, ‘The Redman that made people afraid’ > ‘The happy-go-lucky Redman of today’.

2. Nas on ‘Live At The BBQ’

No explanation required.

1. Big L on ‘Yes You May (Remix)’

Easily one of the rawest demonstrations of brag rap over a hard-as-nails beat. You can almost hear Finesse passing the torch to L.

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that’s a few good ones.
red was killin it. biggie
on dolly my baby was nice.
busta on scenario was ill.
ol dirty on nuttin but flavor…

Comment by swordfish 02.23.09 @

the first three joints are untouchable no doubt.
still redman really KILLED ‘hardcore’..
and that cover Source cover is CLASSIC!!

Comment by chima 02.23.09 @

biggie killed it on that one too

Comment by chima 02.23.09 @

canibus on that common joint ..BIg pun on off the books…INS on Above the Clouds..Kid hood on SCenario RMx

Comment by dolo 02.23.09 @

Kid Hood on the ‘Scenario’ remix was a definite knock out.

That ‘Yes You May’ remix was killer, though. I remember the day I taped it and I had a bunch of guys in my dorm room listening to random stuff I had recorded from the radio (yes that was played on the radio back then with the little beeps). You could hear a pin drop in there when they heard Big L. Everyone’s face was like frozen in place. I kept rewinding it over and over. I rarely ever hear music today with that kind of impact.

Comment by Vincent 02.23.09 @

That cappadonna one is classic, so is Big Pun on off the books. Grand Puba on the Sadat X and DJ Honda joint- straight talk.

Comment by BIGSPICE 02.23.09 @

Hmmm? Does(Ice-Cube’s) verse on-Grand Finale Count?
Wise intelligent verse on(King Sun’s:God’s are taking heads)
BIG’s verse on(SHAQ’s)-Can’t stop the reign
BIG’s verse on(PUFF’s-LOL)Victory
KRS verse’s on (TIMDOG’S)-I get wrecked
Inspectah Deck’s verse on(Pete Rock’s)-TRU MASTER!!!! NO DOUBT!!!

Comment by R.Jones 02.23.09 @

aight…dope post

Comment by Mercilesz 02.23.09 @

might be mistaken as a first bout how bout O.C. on Fudge Pudge??

Comment by 357 NYC 02.23.09 @

Prodigy on Recognize and Realize Pt. 2.

Comment by Tray 02.23.09 @

thought this was a first appearance thread a la AZ on Lifes a Bitch? QTip-The Promo

Comment by 357 NYC 02.23.09 @

Dope post.

Freddie Foxxx on M.O.P.’s “I Luv” and on Gang Starr’s “The Militia” are some of the most powerful verses ever.

Comment by ceedub 02.23.09 @

357 ur good money

Comment by Mercilesz 02.23.09 @

Nas on verbal intercourse….. Amazing, i still rewind that shit. Ill Bill on Yae Yo with the beatnuts, “wil’ out like wyatt earp when he went for the pistols”. Nuts.

Comment by jake 02.24.09 @

I forgot; LL on Rampage. Its gotta be one of the best guest spots ever.

Comment by jake 02.24.09 @

“thought this was a first appearance thread a la AZ on Lifes a Bitch?”

^ Seems a few didn’t figure that out.

Comment by Robbie 02.24.09 @

NaS on Verbal Intercourse should have been used instead of Live at the BBQ.

Comment by drunkendragon 02.24.09 @

Eh, Cappadonna’s verses on Ice Cream and Daytona 500 > the vastly overrated Winter Warz verse and Winter Warz in general.

Akinyele at Live At The Bar-BQ

Neek on Fakin’ The Funk

Snoop on Deep Cover.

Kurupt on all his verses on The Chronic.

MF Grimm on What A Niggy Know remix.

Megalon on Greenbacks and his verses on Operation Doomsday (only good shit he did after this was that Rain Blood track but he killed all that shit)

Devin and Odd Squad on Bring It On by Geto Boys and half of Texas.

Pun on Watch Out by Fat Joe.

Killer Mike on Snappin’ & Trappin’.

Freeway on 1-900 Hustler.

Big Noyd on all his verses on The Infamous

Turf Talk on Gasoline by E-40.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 02.24.09 @

good looks lol..

Comment by 357 NYC 02.24.09 @

One for Round 2

“I’m hard. Jehovah said I’m barred from the pearly gates. FUCK ‘EM. I didn’t wanna go to heaven anyway”

It’s the last line of this verse that always gets me as, all too soon, we found out how many shots it took to make Biggie’s ‘heart stop and his body to start to shake’

Ron G. Stop the Break.

Comment by ED209˚ 02.24.09 @

Tim Dog on “A Chorus Line”
Roc Marciano on “The Heist”
Whooo hot damn I’m great!

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 02.24.09 @

Big Daddy Kane on Big L’s “Platinum Plus”
Kool G. Rap on M.O.P.’s “Stick To Ya Gunz”
Ins Deck on Big Pun’s “Tres Leches”

Comment by ceedub 02.25.09 @

How about:
M&M Murderin Jay Z on his own shit.
Biggie on Puffy’s Victory.” Any night I perform like Mike”
Dat Winter Warz was fuckin retarded

Comment by C Style 02.25.09 @

Black Thought on Big Pun’s shit.
Buster on the Scenario
canabis with the lost boyz and dogg pound. “Music makes me high.”

Comment by C Style 02.25.09 @

yea i tried to keep up I would say pun on Fire Water although his first appearance was on Jealous Ones…

Comment by dolo 02.25.09 @

Good call on Neek…Big Noyd Give Up the Goods
Afu Ra-Mental Stamina…Zev Love X-Gas Face

Comment by 357 NYC 02.25.09 @

I know this wont get any play on here, but Saafir kinda shocked it on Casual’s Jive debut

Comment by rubydoobiegoodbar 02.25.09 @

Big Noyd’s first recording was “Stomp ’em Out” on Mobb Deep’s Juvenile Hell

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 02.25.09 @

Bun B on “Big Pimpin”

Comment by C Style 02.26.09 @

thank you brooklyn lo i didnt wanna have to be the one that pointed that out. oh yeah and eightoff on yzs acid rain….holla

Comment by Mercilesz 02.26.09 @

No shit Brooklyn…guess I lost points on that one…never was a fan of that album but the singles were pretty fresh

Comment by 357 NYC 02.26.09 @

Great use of the Redman Source cover.

I flipped a sketch of that picture a while back:

Comment by Mark 563 03.01.09 @

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