The Search For The Ultimate Kid Rapper – Grand Final

While Chi-Ali clearly dominated proceedings during the first round, the second heat was a far closer contest, with Shyheim, Mobb Deep and Tragedy all involved in a thrilling photo finish. Who will reign supreme in this final round?

Lyrics: ‘The Tragedy (Don’t Do It)’ and ‘Stunt of the Block’ aren’t anything too fancy on the lyrical tip, but at least they were clearly penned by a teenage Trag. Chi-Ali’s album, however, was the product of Smiley The Ghetto Child, Fashion from The Beatnuts and Dave from De La Soul putting pen to pad.

Beats: Timeless beats from Marley Marl when he was still making tracks in his sister’s lounge room vs. early Beatnuts? Both win.

Career: While the Intelligent Hoodlum has been in and out of jail, between his own work and putting on future flavors like CNN and Killa Sha he’s one of the most influential figures in Queens rap. Chi Ali, on the other hand, gave us the classic ‘My name is Jeff’ b-sides with De La Soul and delivered the dope ‘Roadrunner’ remake once his voice broke, but then vanished from the public eye, save for his appearance on Dres’ Sureshot Redemption and an unreleased song with DJ Premier. In a tragic turn of events, in2001 he was convicted of fatally shooting his baby mom’s brother over some rare CD’s. Here’s the Wikipedia entry:

Shockingly, the next time many would see Chi Ali was on the show America’s Most Wanted in 2001 for the death of Sean Raymond, the brother of his then girlfriend. Chi evaded police for a number of weeks before his capture by a now retired detective. Reports at the time indicated that the incident stemmed from the loss of $300 and an unknown number of CDs. Chi Ali is currently serving a 14 year sentence at Elmira Correctional Facility, in Elmira, NY.

In 2006, Chi was featured in a segment of the E! Entertainment television show Child Star Confidential on the episode titled Famous Little Faces. In the show, Chi explained what triggered the confrontation with Raymond. He said that his girlfriend, from whom he was estranged at the time, called him to ask for money for their child. He said he then spoke with Raymond, who was with his sister, and asked him to give her $20. According to Chi, Raymond told him to “suck my dick.” Chi became very angry, went over to the apartment where his girlfriend and her brother were, got into an argument with Raymond, and then shot him. On the TV show, Chi said, “I was very upset that night. Thirty seconds, man, can change your whole life. And, you know, I’m paying for it.”

Chi Ali – ‘No Surrender, No Retreat’

Super Kids (aka Tragedy) – ‘Stunt of the Block’

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Robbie, you threw Percy up twice. No Chi. Long evening?

Comment by fosterakahunter 02.20.09 @

^ Fixed. Nah I was just trying to rig the poll.

Comment by Robbie 02.20.09 @

Man it’s still TRAG ALL DAY!!! Hey Robbie a better verse to highlight Trag might have been his verse in-JUICE CREW ALL-STARS….
spreadin panic cross the land like a nuclear reactor/measuring the radius like a protractor/emcees label me the mic mutilator/my brain is the bomb/my mouth is the detonatorrrr.
Trag was just a squirt back then,and sure G.RAP stole the show then too,..but Trag represented.TRAG ALL DAY!!!!!!!

Comment by R.Jones 02.20.09 @

2 different eras represented here – it’s tough – but I gotta go with Trag – as soon as I heard that Marley Impeach snare snap through I was sold – Chi Ali was cool tho

Comment by Frost Gamble 02.20.09 @

“If Trag don’t win he’ll go back in time then make you vote again so Trag can take the win” Real.

My mind is focused on the Intelligent Hoodlum ’cause I’ve just watched the Documentary again (shouts@Bones) and I was remembering how I used to dance to Arrest the President back when I was a youth – tracks like that changed my life.

Comment by ED209˚ 02.20.09 @

chi with the coogi knit huxtable early

Comment by Mercilesz 02.20.09 @

“My Name Is Jeff” b-side??? a-hem, that is not Chi-Ali! Jeff…is well jeff…chi-ali is well, chi-ali. De-La is Dead…The Fabulous??? Puberty did not come that quick! LOL!!! c’mon guys!!!

Comment by ultramag7 02.20.09 @

^ True. Jeff is either Trugoy’s nephew or cousin.

Comment by Robbie 02.20.09 @

“Respect your parents there pushovers” wow That’s a true throwback classic!!

Comment by Marc Davis 02.20.09 @

So, “Jeff” was NOT actually Chi-Ali? That’s enlightening. I had always assumed that these sound-alike kids were the same. Eh, whatever, I listened to Chi more than Trag at the time, but, I believe it goes to Percy. He influenced all the younger cats coming after him outta Queensbridge, and named a few of them.

Comment by fosterakahunter 02.21.09 @

i mat be dead wrong………but the trag song sounds suspiciously like it may have been penned by shan…..that being said he still dat dude!!!!!!!

Comment by doeboy 02.21.09 @

How anyone can vote against someone who bucked his brother-in-law over a copy of “Breakin’ Atoms” is beyond me.

Comment by Thun aka RHS 02.21.09 @

Thun and RHS are the same! I knew there couldn’t be two people who wrote extra-wordy posts about the spatiality of obscure Leaders of the New School records.

Comment by Tray 02.23.09 @

for playing an album front to back gotta go with the Rugged Child.

Comment by 357 NYC 02.23.09 @

So Chi-Ali was not on “Mack daddy on the left” I could’ve swore I heard they said that was him.

Comment by jeromesee 02.24.09 @


Comment by QUNYC 02.27.09 @

Man it should be between shyheim and trag. Shyheim wrote all his own rhymes fam.I remember when him and cats like lethafase use to battle on the bus home from New Dorp. Trag is just one of the illest.

Comment by one love 03.02.09 @

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