The Search For The Ultimate Kid Rapper – Round 2
Tuesday February 10th 2009,
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Since I couldn’t cover everyone last round….more kid rap!

Shyheim The Rugged Child

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Wu-Tang.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? Nah, he’s happy his voice broke at last.

Career Highlight: Either appearing on the Biggie/Tupac Madison Square Garden freestyle or copping a feel from T-Boz at the ‘Waterfalls’ video shoot.

Current Career Status: Only Built 4 Sausage Linx.


Mentor/Ghostwriter: Motown exec Kedar Massenburg.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? You bet.

Career Highlight: May have lost virginity to Erykah Badu.

Current Career Status: Dropped a mix CD called Back 2 Business in 2005.

The Whooliganz

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Soul Assasins.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? More like they wish the 90’s never happened.

Career Highlight: Opening for Cypress Hill at the height of their powers.

Current Career Status: James Caan’s son Scott got into acting and the other dude is now QB beat genius The Alchemist.

Le Juan Love

Mentor/Ghostwriter: 2 Live Crew.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? Make that the 80’s.

Career Highlight: Best Miami Bass kid rapper ever.

Current Career Status: Now performing as a hype man for JT Money.

The Puppies

Mentor/Ghostwriter: I’m guessing Disco Rick was involved.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? Sure, why not.

Career Highlight: Having a Top 40 hit.

Current Career Status: Managing several Fantasy Football teams.

Souljah Boy

Mentor/Ghostwriter: MC Hammer was certainly an inspiration.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? Doesn’t care, was in a nappy.

Career Highlight: Upsetting old rappers.

Current Career Status: Pwning n00bs on Xbox Live, or so he would like us to believe.

Mobb Deep

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Tragedy, Large Pro.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? No doubt. They had the game in an effin’ headlock from ’94-’96.

Career Highlight: The Infamous and Hell On Earth.

Current Career Status: Still churning out music of questionable merit (with the exception of the awesome HNIC2),

MC Jade aka MC Percy aka Tragedy

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Marley Marl.

Wishes The 90’s Never Ended? Could care less.

Career Highlight: Masterminding CNN’s The War Report.

Current Career Status: Back in the bing.

Who Is The GOAT Kid Rapper? Round 2

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27 Comments so far
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mobb deep and black moon forever?
liked the vicious album.
shyheim’s 2nd was nice.

Comment by swordfish 02.10.09 @

I had to go with Tragedy,yeah he’s in the BING-yet again,but his legacy includes-The Rebel & Live Motivator from Marley’s:in Control vol.1,and his Opus-self titled:Intelligent Hoodlum,featured groundbreaking and(mostly uncredited Production)from LARGE PROFESSOR.And this dude(Trag) influenced most of the mid ’90’s emcees in Queens,so it’s Tragedy all day for me.

Comment by R.Jones 02.10.09 @

I posted in part 1 to include Wascals and kaution so as not to forget the west coast lol .. i guess website was actin up .. i also did cite mobb deep .. good shyt robbie

Comment by dolo 02.10.09 @

These 2 articles have been f’n hilarious. I guess I never realized how many kiddy rappers there were.

I gotta go with Trag tho his shit was sharp and he gets bonus points for putting CNN on.

Comment by Frost Gamble 02.10.09 @

There’s mad videos on youtube of Shyheim talking about his ‘bid upstate’.

Comment by farns 02.10.09 @

Think I’m gonna go with Trag. He was putting out quality stuff at a real young age. I would go with Mobb but their early stuff never really caught my ear.

Shyheim would be third. The rest are trash. I remember I had some promo stickers for A+ and DJ Muggs’ solo LP and I stuck them all over a stop sign or something.

The Puppies had a top 40 with that? Never knew. I think their highlight was that “Your Momma’s on Crack Rock” song though.

Comment by haroon 02.10.09 @

trag all day….intelligent hoodlum 12″ was basically nas before nas.

Comment by Mercilesz 02.10.09 @

Co-signing R. Jones, haroon, and mercilesz…Tragedy all day.

Comment by bronxbred 02.10.09 @

definitely Trag. I gotta add who the first kid rapper I heard, T Omar in ’85. Had a track called “I’m Only 9” on Raspur. Actually that same night I heard that track. I heard Hassan’s “Co’ Rock Stuff” that had a ill verse by “Little 7” with the classic props to his DJ, “7-11, he deserves recognition, I’ll be glad when he can find some competition!”.

Comment by kevin beacham 02.10.09 @

What about Uptown of “Dope On Plastic” fame. Wasn’t he like 13 when he dropped that “Dope On Plastic” joint?

Comment by Brock 02.11.09 @

what about Special Ed

Comment by rico 02.11.09 @

Putting Tragedy in is a cheat imo because that’s an OG right there. But Shyhiem’s “On and On” is a great track, and A+’s Latch-Key Child record is crazy.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 02.11.09 @

Who was that kid who appeared on that one De La 12″ ‘Mack Daddy on the left’ – was that Chi Ali – I used to like that joint.

Comment by ED209˚ 02.11.09 @

chi ali.

Comment by Mercilesz 02.11.09 @

it gotta’ be Tragedy for the win!

Comment by RowanB 02.11.09 @

Anyone remember T. Omar with “I’m Only Nine”? He was on Rapsur so I guess he was Bobby Jimmy’s protege. I don’t know if that was the first kiddy rap record but it might be the worst.

Comment by Thunderthud 02.11.09 @

I reckon it’s got to be be Shyheim for the ‘kid rap’ win, wheras Trag was more of a ‘conventional’ hip hop legend, ultimately, and Mobb Deep and Tha Youngstas are more your moody teenagers.

I might be prejudiced by the xylophones on the Premier remix of ‘On and On’, however. Ace remix.

Comment by Eyechild 02.11.09 @

right, shyheim 2nd album is nice.
what about wu-tang’s siblings?

Comment by broski 02.12.09 @

“nerd comment”: funny! but i sincerely doubt jermaine dupri ever wrote a rhyme himself! if you listen to “jump”, that reminds of “mad” skillz style… in “ghostwriter” he says:
“Remember the little kids, the one that was in ______ group?
I’m the reason you though they lil raps was so cute” and also “fuck Jermaine Dupri and his whole label cause I ain’t never get my plaque, nig*a”
ps so… when a ghostwriting post?
Serch > UTFO
Del > Ice Cube

Comment by nerdy gordy 02.12.09 @

Yeah, Robbie!!! A ghost writing piece would def. be a good look.

Comment by Brock 02.13.09 @

That Le Juan Love video is on some Milky Bar Kid tip – The Milky Bar Kid never rapped though.. he left that up to Kevin from Grange Hill

Comment by ED209˚ 02.13.09 @

hardcore rhymes thou, you gotta peep the b-side ed… hard shit all day

Comment by DANKWEED 02.13.09 @

Yeah Robbie.what up with a ghostwriters post??

Kane > LL (walking with a panther)
Kam > Ice-Cube(Death certificate:Life side)
Del > Ice Cube,Yo Yo( Amerikkka’s most&Make way)
Dj Bobbybobcat > LL(I’M Bad,I Need Love)

Comment by R.Jones 02.15.09 @

^ This week is gonna be all about Special Requests…including the Useless DJs and Ghsitwriters posts.

Comment by Robbie 02.16.09 @

Yo that dude Le Juan Love had a better song that Stretch & Bob use to spin on their show …… something about school, can’t really remember ….. I gotta go find that tape ……

Comment by BlueHayze 02.17.09 @

check dis best kid rapper in the south rite now only 12 and shes a female not only a rapper actress, and performer

Comment by toya 07.20.09 @

Why aint The Wascals get any love

Comment by izz 12.25.09 @

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