Where Are They Now – Hard Knocks

Naming yourselves Hardhead and Stoneface risks envoking the image of Bedrock, but these dudes weren’t on some Fruity Pebble bullshit. Their School of Hard Knocks album was tough to get for a long time, but those who managed to track it down were in for a treat, as this LP was well ahead of it’s time conceptually while delivering pro-Black and anti-police messages on almost every song. The thing that made this project stand out from the other politically charged groups of the time was the unique approach that Hardhead took to every topic he tackled, providing a refreshing angle take on some well-worn topics. He also repped nicely on the albums pair of brag rap showcases, all the while backed by effective bests from The Speakchuckas.

But where have the crew been since this project? No MySpace, no weak come-back attempts, nothing! Anybody able to point me in the direction of these characters will be an original Lego set depicting the Wild Pitch records office.

Further reading: RHS reviews the album. Comment hilarity ensues.

‘Dirty Cop Named Harry (Remix)’

‘Nigga For Hire (Remix)’

‘Strictly From The Bronx’

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I honestly never listened to Hard Knocks back then,but this”Nigga for hire”is hot!!! It takes all the way back to early conscious HipHop from Lakim Shabazz,King Sun,X-Clan,and really reminds me of(Juvenile Committee),this made my day.

Comment by R.Jones 02.18.09 @

I’ve always loved this album. Hardhead has such a dope voice, and the beats are very very nice. Never seen the video before, it’s not one they played on Yo! MTV Raps. What’s with the putter? I guess they got caught up in the mess that was Wild Pitch.

Another good review and download here: http://oophiphop.wordpress.com/2009/01/02/hard-knocks-school-of-hard-knocks-1992-unreleased-tracks/

Comment by End Level Boss 02.18.09 @

all i got on these guys is that “hands of a stranger joint” im have to try and cop a copy of their album.

Comment by Rowanb 02.18.09 @

…also, dunno where “Hard Knocks” are but “Trendz of Culture” have started recording new stuff lately if you remember those guys from way back you might be interested…


Comment by RowanB 02.18.09 @

this has always been one of my favorite albums.

one of hip hops most underrated classics.

Comment by CR 02.18.09 @

luckily enough I have this on CD. A quality album and very underrated.

Comment by Greenie1 02.18.09 @

yeah this is one of my all time favourites. I had a dub of a dub of a dub of it on cassette in high school, i must have repaired that tape 10 times. By the time it finally died it was more sticky tape than audio tape. Finally got it on vinyl a few years back. All praise to ebay.
Rob, kirk did a bunch of research* and found some other stuff that these guys did. I’m nowhere near nerdy enough to know myself, but hit him up if you still have his email and he might have some clues

*web surfing

Comment by Headlock 02.19.09 @

^Word up Heady… They use to run with the name 3 Da Hard Way. Dropped a 12 then switched to Hard Knocks with the L.P…
Those in the know, know, but for what its worth this album is amongst the finest Wild Pitch popped off and one of my faves ever.
Underrated is understating. Killer album.

Comment by Trem One 02.19.09 @

Rob, the producto team was the Spearchuckas homie… spellcheck!

Comment by Trem One 02.19.09 @

Spearchuckers production was ahead of its time. Hard Knocks was the truth.
Someone gotta know where they went? Another Wild Pitch shemozzle?

Trends Of Culture only had that one dope joint. Thanks to Finesse.

Comment by Big Hock 02.19.09 @

“Alright, I’ve taken enough abuse for this review – fuck each and every one of you who disagrees with me. You’re a bunch of marginally literate douchebags.” RNS


Trendz had more than one dope song too

Comment by Cro 02.19.09 @

All ILL no FILL – love this LP… I serious issue addressa on many levels. Thanks for giving it the props it deserves.

Trendz had one other ill cut as I recall – something about “think I give a Fuck’ or something that weed has erased … even my wife loved Off … and … On.

All I really cared about around this time was the L.O.N.S. ‘Whats Next’ Large Pro Remix … FuKKIn TRACK SMASHED EVERYTHING AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH hAHAHAHAH

Comment by ED209˚ 02.19.09 @

The entire Trendz of Culture album was great. I still have that shit on tape, I never have to fast forward that motherfucker.

Big Hock, you must be hangin with R.H.S. in the land of little-dick-bad-breath mothafukas for writing some shit like that.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 02.19.09 @

So so slept on, but those who knew, knew. Was a very happy day the one i copped this on wax.Whole album, start to finish, repeat, repeat.

Where the hell did they go?? One of my most asked q’s in this for a long time.

Here’s hoping you track em’ down Robbie, now that would be some interview/shit to read.

Comment by Brad Strut 02.22.09 @

Oh snap!

How did I miss this post?
This album is definitely in the top 10 of most slept on hip hop albums of all time.
That RHS dude most be smoking crack. How many rap songs deals with rape?

And today (30/4 2009) Pete Rock has leaked a song called Just A Word or Two, that is basically the same beat as Ghetto Love. So how the hell is he gonna say it sounded dated in 1992?

Robbie, please, please find these guys and give them their props. I’ll buy anything they can release :-)

Comment by SeventhSun 04.30.09 @

Tripping Yo! I’m J1, one of 2 the Spearchukas (big up to the other Spear Zulu and his incredible history with music)! Hardhead is in Atlanta. I am grateful someone understood. I thought for years I made a mistake producing the album in that fashion. Everything was done purposely and we weren’t sure what would happen, but we stayed true to Hardhead’s lyrics and the music. I’m just glad we’re being talked about a little.

Comment by James J1 Miller 12.25.09 @

Boom Robbie, track this man down for the knowledge on whens and wheres!!!

Comment by BIG HOCK 01.07.10 @

I’m the other spear chucka Zulu peace to j 1 , and peace to the true origin of hip hop im glad u cats know the truth I’m just thankful and completely glad it didn’t fall on deaf ears!!!!!!!!!! Keep hip hop alive

Comment by Zulu the cosmic overseer 07.18.12 @

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