Who Let The Flamers In?

Kanye‘s new line of Wally’s

This is something that has had my goat for a long time – the near-extinction of the ‘regulators’ who used to keep this here rap shit in check. You know who I’m talking about – the hard heads who would throw bottles at weak rappers on stage, roll the herbs for their new Nikes and generally punch random toys in the throat just for living. It may not have been beer and skittles if you were the unwitting vic of one of these characters, but you couldn’t help but respect the hell out of what they stood for as they emptied your pockets. But as rap got bigger, the risk associated with attending a live event rapidly decreased, and before we knew it, spoken-word hippy douchebag rappers were performing on stage with no fear of reprisal by the turn of the century. Nine years later, it’s gotten to the point where only a handful of MC’s are willing to speak-up against the clownish attire and generally fruit-flavored behavior of ‘next-school’ rappers who are flooding the internets. Save the odd switched-on blog commenter, it seems that the only people willing to ‘Just Say No’ to dressing like a homo are myself, some guy called Mazzi and Termanology. Term initially caught my ear, but his ‘whisper’ flow was starting to lose me until he made the brave move to fight back against Hipster Rap Douchbaggery. The main question poised by this Boston-bred MC who now resides in the BX is, “Since when is it cool to dress like a dude who fuck’s another dude?” Since about a year ago, by my estimation. It’s only a matter of time until some broadsheet accuses him of ‘homosexual panic’ I guess.

Termanology – ‘Tight Pants Are For Girls’

Is Term Speaking The Truth?

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Remember when MIchael Jackson was first accused of child molestation and you were sort of skeptical? You’d still play his music, even his new songs. You didn’t care about his eccentrics because hey, it’s Michael.

Then you saw him a few years later holding hands with a 12 year old boy on TV talking about sleeping in the same bed with little kids. At that point you feel kind of strange playing his music, wondering if “You Are Not Alone” was an ode to some 13 year old.

That’s kind of the same situation with Kanye nowadays. The whole ego and general faggotry has made me dislike pretty much everything he’s done. Tracks by him I used to enjoy, like some of the ones off Blueprint, are kind of tarnished now. What kind of diva bullshit is making a record where you sing, even if you can’t fucking sing? He needs to have his mouth wired shut again.

And his rise to fame was based on a gimmick from the get go — his mouth being wired shut. Then it was another gimmick — 45 RPM samples over drums jacked from everybody else. Hey, I’m gonna rap even though I can’t write lyrics and I sound like Corky from “Life Goes On.” Now it’s autotune. This guy has been a hack job from day one and he’s just exposing himself more and more each day.

Comment by haroon 02.01.09 @

Ha ha! Like the tune- Term is from Lawrence, MA by the way

Comment by hxc 02.01.09 @

All I know is…Wallies are my favorite kicks of ALL TIME!!!

I remember buyin em for $120 at Obese Records, when Strut and Bias were there.

Copped the all black pair, navy blue, sand colour, and the only pair of all black leather joints.

Right now I only got like 15 paird of Wallabees left, but damn…I think I’m gonna start doing special orders for these joints, nothing tops the Clarks.

p.s. tight pants are for fags.

Chapel St, Chasers goin homos

Comment by AFFEX 02.01.09 @

Bah – you guys are idiots.

Take a look at Melle Mel’s outfits or George Clintons.
How are they any less gay than Kanye’s stuff?

“oh oh they iz real – dem dudes invented hip hop”

This whole homophobia needs to stop.
First off it’s just ignorant. Who decides which outfits are hip hop, and which are gay?
So a pink sweater is too much, but a man in pink fur and diamond earrings is hard as hell?

Get the fuck outta here.

Comment by SeventhSun 02.01.09 @

For some reason I never saw George Clinton or Melle Mel and thought they were wearing women’s clothing.

Watch Wild Style. Style Wars. Get some of Martha Cooper’s books and see how guys were dressing from 79-84. Nobody looked feminine. Flash doesn’t have a purse on the table while he’s in his kitchen.

Comment by haroon 02.01.09 @

The reality is that,there are Gay rap artist”old and new”in the game,and while they ain’t”coming out of the closet”they tend to leave enough evidence of what [they like] and really[ who] they are.Does it matter though if you enjoy their music?
We have family and friends(some of us anyway)that are gay,do you love them any less?These new cats are dressing and acting the part,…but there are some well known veteran emcees that have always been under the[gay-dar]…so are they over as legends?Oh one last thing,usually the artist in HipHop screaming on Homosexuality the loudest,is the one with the most to hide.

Comment by R.Jones 02.01.09 @

George Clinton still dresses kinda fruity or at least weird but he still talks about fucking bitches and shit, which is key. It’s not just about wardrobe, it’s about all these rappers being all sensitive and eating granola bars and tofurkey and just being corny in general.

Comment by quan 02.01.09 @

kanye is straight homo…

Comment by er4se 02.01.09 @

Whodini wore the worst shit ever.
They were still dope.
I don’t give a shit what people wear.

Comment by TheBeAllEndAll 02.01.09 @

Unkut is homebase for homophobia in the hip-hop blog community. What dude doesn’t realize is that his views are antiquated and not held by anyone under thirty. Keep ya old man rap ideas to yourself. This blog can be real retarded and out of touch sometimes.

Comment by SamariSam 02.01.09 @

“Where’s the masculinity?” LOL

Japcity did a better job.

Comment by Finally 02.01.09 @

cool shoes!

Comment by irondj 02.01.09 @

homophobic wackness. gtfo.

Comment by kevin 02.01.09 @

“Does it matter though if you enjoy their music?”

Well, that’s one of the main problems with Kanye now. The only people who enjoy his music are 13 year old girls.

Comment by haroon 02.01.09 @

We need to take Hip-Hop back to the streets and stop letting the same cats that was scared to go to the clubs back in the day become the the trend setters. I don’t care if a dude is gay but dont try to change the game to some other shit. Rap is street music and kanye aint street.

Comment by Traum 02.01.09 @

Honestly, I’ve only been half way checking Termanology’s shit, but now…now, I’m banging that Termanology shit. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Fucking boy-girls! I mean it’s cool if you’re a dude that likes dudes, so be it, and BE that, otherwise you’re just a another cross dressing sheep. baah, baah.

Comment by skinnyjoe 02.01.09 @

kanyes wallabies? Leave that shit to rae and ghost.

Stick to prancing round in gucci slippers. Actually leave that to slick rick. Just fuck off.

Comment by gx 02.02.09 @

Term is right, but it’s kinda strange to hear this coming from a guy who sounds so gay himself.

Comment by Tray 02.02.09 @

i don’t care where they put their dick in.
but this supersoft fancy faggotism is annoying.
most of the new cats comin out are so weak.
in one or another way. it seems you gotta be
kinda girly to make it in rap(boulevard).
or dress like baby bam.f that.i pump some
grime now.easy.

Comment by swordfish 02.02.09 @

Melle Mel and them came from an era when it was expected for performers to throw on a costume when they got on stage. Thank fuck Run-DMC showed the world that wasn’t necessary.

Comment by Robbie 02.02.09 @

Masai Bey summed it up best back in ’99-

“you phony rappers makin music for the rich to dance to/hope you can get into that circle/but if you want some life go see Speilberg/he could use some house high class herb nigga”

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 02.02.09 @

I don’t pass dank to corns. . . tight pants buy re-issues and say they digging… tight pants etch their name once on a bus window and call themselves writers and the next day do an “art show” at a coffee shop sayin they left the illegal art alone, gtfo…tight pants will trade in their turns for a fixed gear bike in a year… that’s what I’ve experienced from this demographic, and that’s wack… that’s why we call em corns… it’s not the pants themselves it’s the fact that they represent a total lack of spirit for this shit here… that’s why they corns… that’s why they get no dank…Kanye need to come out to Fremont and do a song with Hammer then I’d give him some ‘spect, and while he’s at it he should give Hammer them Wallys to melt down for cash4gold.

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 02.02.09 @

yeah isht was mad fruity in the eighties so those guys are excused :)

But guys wearing that sorta stuff now just looks feminine, and its not like their should be some almighty judge of what style is hip-hop and what isnt because all true heads know real style when they see and hear it, and for most of us these guys just aint hip-hop.

Comment by Rowanb 02.02.09 @

bottom line is that the new generation is out of touch with the essence of the music. at the core of hip hop, there is a raw untamed spirit.

a lot of hip hop’s originators may have looked kinda queer, but their sound was still pretty raw, especially for the time.

let’s face it, if the music was dope… we wouldn’t be having this debate.

One last note, i WILL give credit to the new generation for being tolerant. i’d rather be surrounded by homo rappers than homophobes or racists. kids these days are waay more tolerant. it’s all on a balance. maybe the price of tolerance is a weak music scene.

Comment by eric 02.02.09 @

This post is a cheap shot. It amazes me that we can go from fantastic, in-depth and insightful interviews with some of hip hop’s founders and early innovators . . . to this bullshit.
Seriously, who really gives a shit what rappers wear? And if you do, are you not just as image-infatuated as the rappers that you’re irritated by?
Sounds like a bunch of whiney old men who reminisce over the ‘golden-era’, when all hip hop music was perfect and everybody wore ‘the right clothes’.
Listen to and support the music you like and quit worrying about everyone else.
(Damn! I’m pissed that this post got me cranky enough to write this!)

Comment by Tony M 02.02.09 @

Fag rap????? No shit, when you got dudes wearing Gucci and Louis scarves to cover their faces looking like gay high fashion gang-bangers, what else can you get from it. The next time some rapper says he’s designing shoes or a bag or some other fashion item that is generally geared toward women just write him off.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 02.02.09 @

Cranky at this post = Gay

Scuba’s on point!

Whodini did have me wonderin tho!
Bambataa… Jurys still out.

Comment by Big Hock 02.02.09 @

I don’t think the Wallaby Champ himself would co-sign those spaced out Kanye kicks…that shit is re-cock-ulous.

Comment by sooch 02.02.09 @

When did the hip-hop community become so fruity and pc themselves? I remember Elemental had a piece that caused controversy back in 2000, and it got the writer dismissed. When did a homo agenda start dictating this scene.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 02.02.09 @

true. ^^^^^ its the iluvdickanati. They run the music buis, politics, the lot. Now apparently they haved even got their dirty little mittens on the fashion industry. Whod have thunk it. Gay fashion. Backs to the wall!

Comment by gx 02.02.09 @

Yeah, “hipster” rap much more often than not caters to that plague of style over substance, but really, these homophobic taunts are fucking pathetic, like junior high pathetic.

Comment by Paul 02.02.09 @

TRAY THE TRUTH. At least in this instance.

Term sounds like a fag himself, dresses like a ‘tard himself (goes too far in the other direction, with that lame-ass “If You See Police… WARN-A-BROTHER” shirt, fuckouttaherewidat.) Also took a formula by which he was supposed to make a timeless classic of an album, with a producer and guest lineup to kill for, and it was kinda meh.

But he’s 100% right about this.

And I also give him full credit for “Watch How It Go Down” and “In The Streets”, which he slaughtered. The rest, not so much. Bun B ate him alive on their record together. And “Sorry I Lied” is less sincere sounding than almost any “I’m feeling sad now” rap song I’ve ever heard.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 02.02.09 @

…But then, Bun B tends to do that, considering that Bun B raps better than 90% of motherfuckers, whether they’re from MA or New York or elsewhere.

You may be right about that “America… stop rapping!” bit, but Bun B >>>> 95% of New York. And UGK’s Super Tight and Ridin’ Dirty records >>>>>> 95% of the best of New York. I’m just sayin’.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 02.02.09 @

People seem to suffer from selective memory loss. If you look back at a whole lot of hip hip fashion it is quite fey retrospect. From Eric and Rakim’s bootleg GUCCI Dapper Dan suits to Karl Kani hoodies (at like what $75 a pop?) to Shirt King Airbrush jeans/shirts, those bedazzled rhinestone caps people rocked, Cross Colors, MCM leathers (a la BDP in “Jack of Spades”, Coca Cola shirts (Biz Markie), leather medallions, overalls, polka dot shirts, those 555 Soul tied hats, EPMD wearing coordinating outfits (still doing that apparently)….Man I can go on and on.
Scuba hit it on the head, its more about the lack of sincerity…
BTW moving away from the homophobe shit is a step in the right direction.

Comment by keatso 02.03.09 @

^ keatso’s got the right idea.
Rose-colored glasses are never a good look . . .

Comment by Tony M 02.03.09 @

for your information :-)


Comment by scoobe doo 02.04.09 @

look at the tagline of this blog, right next to “Unkut”. Why are you taking this seriously?
and Yeezy infection looks like he wakes up in willy wonka’s dressing room everyday.

Comment by done 02.04.09 @

If you’re old enough to appreciate this blog, you have no business passing judgement on hip-hop fashion. Your old ass drank too many 40 ounces in the 90’s, when you could hide all that with baggy jeans. Don’t be mad cause you can’t fit into some skinny jeans.

But seriously, it’s ignorant to call someone gay just because they dress differently. It’s about time we had some change in style. You figure baggy pants had a good 15 year run, which is a long time for a fashion trend. All clothes are trending toward slimmer cuts and better fits, it’s only logical it would spill over into hip-hop as well.

Now, having said all of that, musicians can wear a lot of shit we have no business trying to wear. If you, like me, have to be to work by 8:00 every morning, I would recommend a dark wash straight leg by 7 for all Mankind that sits at the waist and have them properly hemmed so they don’t touch the ground (never mind what Chubb Rock said!).


The J

Comment by The J 02.06.09 @

Why would anyone purchase silver wallabees?

Comment by Dude Man 02.06.09 @

^^they’d look good in space..maybe?

Comment by dj blendz 02.06.09 @

oh, man.. projection.. remember when it was all about ‘keepin it real’? and those weak cunts that were bleating on about ‘real’ were the fakest, flimsiest fucks you’d ever seen?

meanwhile, buddy at the top of this comment thread polishing his wallys with his own sauce makes me ashamed for hip hop. unless its a parody.. ?

still, i love cock and i love the fact that most crew commenting here seem to love it, too. use lube, get the right sized plug and everything will be alright.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 02.08.09 @

It’s all good, everything goes in cycles. The 70s and the first half of the 80s were just straight up homo. It is what it is. It got to the point where that homo shit permeated everything and became so normalized that even straight cats were doing it, hence rappers dressing like the Village People. Let’s not forget the androgynous/transgender shit, either. Annie Lennox, Boy George, that’s just what the times were like. And we’re right back there now. Homo behavior is becoming just regular. Notice that people don’t really use the term “hipster” or “metrosexual” that much anymore anyway, because it’s just becoming regular. All the people that aren’t faggots are just gonna have to hang on, ride it out, and remember who you are. This too shall pass. It is very important to watch what you put on, because those pictures will haunt you forever!!! Especially now in the age of the Internet. Remember that every time your parents pull out the old picture album and they try to act like that old powder blue suit with the ruffled shirt and matching bellbottom pants and platform shoes were the shit. If you’re like me and you respect your elders, you don’t have the heart to tell them they look like idiotic fruitpops. The same principle applies here. All you funny-looking niggas, in 30 years that will be you! And BTW, a lotta faggots in these comments are sounding hurt. You want to be accepted in the culture? Then find a openly gay rapper that actually RAPS HIS ASS OFF. Convince us like Eminem did. I’ll admit that you’ve got an uphill battle because Hip-Hop was not made for batty boys, plain and simple. You don’t have to like it. It’s just the truth. But, fortunately for you, good music trumps everything. But good HIP HOP music is what I’m referring to. Funny ass niggas singing into machines is not hot and is not hip hop. So get on your job and stop complaining. If all these new cats were actually hot, nobody would care about the rest of it. They’re not, though, so it just adds insult to injury.

Comment by chuck 03.24.09 @

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