Hip Hop Connection Ends 21 Year Print Run
Wednesday March 18th 2009,
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Looks like this is official. Issue #232 marks the end of remarkable life of what was the world’s longest running rap monthly. Big shout out to publisher and Editor Andy Cowan for keeping it afloat this long, and to Deputy Editor Phillip Mlyner for all the great feature ideas. Thanks to Drew Huge for putting them onto Unkut in the first place, which in turn led to my first piece about Hydra Entertainment getting published back in November 2007, working for this UK-based magazine ever since and serving as a Contributing Editor for the past eight months. Personal highlights included my Pete Rock cover story and my 90’s Files section, as well as the chance to run obscure pieces like the Silver Fox interview in print. Being named as runner-up in the Blog World Cup wasn’t bad either!

The final issue is superb, so make sure you grab one to read the results of our survey of 100 MCs GOAT Rapper votes, as well as in-depth features on the art of lyricism with Rakim and the GZA. Plus my Eric B. interview is kinda nice too…

As for the future, a dedicated digital version of HHC is due April 7.

Damn you internets!
*shakes fist*
Who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at you…

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sorry to hear that Robbie, another magazine gone. Only Wax Poetics left to check now

Comment by Cro 03.18.09 @

nooooooooooo! :)

i been reading that ish since i was a youth, sad to see it go.

Comment by RowanB 03.18.09 @


My favorite magazine in the whole wide world. This issue they had a snazzy new layout aswell. Not really sure I believe you.

Comment by Craig 03.18.09 @

I guess I’m glad I didn’t order a year’s subscription last month. But do you know if there’s any way to order back issues? I still wanna check those out somehow.

Comment by quan 03.18.09 @

Just gutted. Have been reading this literally for the past 17 years. Funny, when I copped that latest issue my first thought was ‘wow, this is really thin. They must be suffering.’


Comment by Tim 03.18.09 @

I’ve been checking HHC since issue 1, but I must admit I haven’t bought one for about 5 years, so I guess I’m partly to blame. Will pick this one up for old times sake.

Comment by End Level Boss 03.18.09 @


Been buying it since issue 1…definitely a major player in kicking off my Hip Hop habit.

Comment by Dai 03.18.09 @

Damn,the Final HIPHOP frontier..OVER!!! They definitely kept that original HipHop vibe going,gonna miss this mag.

Comment by R.Jones 03.18.09 @

Damn, two of my all-time favorite magazines are HHC and Elemental. It was a glorious run…props and respect to all who made HHC possible.

Comment by bronxbred 03.18.09 @

MAJOR PROPS TO HHC! Keen to check the issue above.

Comment by Oliver 03.18.09 @

Credit to all involved over the years, will be missed in print!

My girls in publishing and she spotted something amiss a couple of issues back, light on Ads and unfortunately them advertising funds keep mags like this in business.

Just another ‘sign of the times’.

Hope the online thing is up and running soon.

RIP HHC March 2009

Comment by Brad Strut 03.18.09 @

p.s Got bowled on a few issues from my 12 month sub the brother in law hooked up?? Ed?

Insult to printed extinction.


Comment by Brad Strut 03.18.09 @

I have never even seen that magazine to be honest….oh and great cover.

Comment by Mercilesz 03.18.09 @

With guys like you doing the writing… no wonder they went outta business. 😉

Comment by eric 03.18.09 @

Jason Squires did it.

Comment by Bod 03.18.09 @

Long time HHC reader. Gutted to hear this is the final issue.

What’s the story with subscription holders (no word on the HHC website – infact, they’re still taking subscriptions)? I only just paid for 12 issues a month or two back?

Comment by Mark 563 03.19.09 @

^ Not sure. That’s basically why I’ve never subscribed to a magazine ever.

Comment by Robbie 03.19.09 @

Damn what a cryin’ shame. HHC is without a doubt the best hiphop mag I ever subscribed to (Scratch gets an honorary mention too). Been a reader since ’94. Big up the homie Dan Greenpeace and all the other staff for keeping the hiphop nation entertained throughout the years.

Comment by K-V 03.19.09 @

Damn. Print media is on its arse.

HHC held me down back in the days, when MTV played rap for just an hour a week, at 11pm, on a school night.

Internets is fucking shit up. Soon, no newspapers, no magazines, nothing tangible to remember the less-reknowned history of the culture. When the DVD’s and mp3’s get wiped, the less mainstream elements of our heritage will go with it.

Let’s hope Robbie, Eric and dudes like them keep doing their thing.

Comment by Soul C 03.19.09 @

another one bites the dust, still haven’t laid eyes on that K-Solo piece. damm.

Comment by richdirection 03.20.09 @

Damn. Used to buy it during my visits to London 89 through 93. There was no such thing as hip hop media in Italy (now that I think about it, still there is none). Before that, I was buying ID and the Face ( believe that) just looking for that occasional tiny bit about Eric B and Rakim or PE. Then I discovered HHC, then The Source, then my fave one: RapPages, during the Sheena Lester era.
It’s hard to believe that, no matter how much rap is selling these days, hip hop mags are folding one after the other.

Ps. Keep it ignorant. A long time unkut lurker

Comment by DeeMo 03.20.09 @

One word. Gutted.

Comment by Stu 03.20.09 @

Damn, really?! Been reading is since about ’94, credit it for educating me when I needed some edumication.

Comment by Matty Matt 03.22.09 @

That blows. I live in the Washington, D.C. area, and started buying HHC in 1995, when Tower Records opened a store close to my home. The mag was excellent from 1997-2000, and then they seemed to go the other way and abandon their coverage of the underground. I have seen the magazine get really good again over the past few years.

I love hip-hop mags, and there are none left. Every one I read regularly is gone: Rap Pages, The Bomb, RapSheet, Elemental, Ego-Trip, etc. The Source was decent again for a few years, until the new ownership took over.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.22.09 @

Wow, I`m a fan since 91, for me the best Hip Hop mag in Europe that time and after 2000 world wide. Great respect to all the people that helped to brought us HHC. Thanks and peace out from Barcelona.

Comment by John aka JohnnyMo 03.24.09 @

all i gotta say id PAC lyrically dismantled all of them guys on the cover

Comment by david 03.24.09 @

Remember buying my first issue, think it was with Slick Rick on the cover, i forget the year – def was a big influence…will be missed no doubt.

Comment by Tommy L 03.24.09 @

shout out to Andy im featured on page 81 in the mag 😉

Comment by DJ MIKE NICE 03.27.09 @

Truly gutted. 21 years of brilliance. Without HHC I wouldn’t have heard half the quality stuff they put me on to

Comment by charlie p. 03.30.09 @

I was lucky enough to be involved in a unique magazine…

Maybe one day HHC will return to print (and I’ll get more than six days to design it in – that’s my excuse for the odd bit of rough design).

Good luck with the digital version.

Long live Infamous Ink!

Comment by Martin R Cook 05.04.09 @

does anybody sell HIP HOP CONNECTION vol # 136 (April 2000)? Or copy some pages? contact uli_blanchet@web.de

Comment by uli blanchet 07.23.10 @

Has anybody got the issue with oxide and neutrino on the front cover?

Comment by fred 04.23.11 @

selling my HHC collection on Ebay.
stay up.

Comment by ED209 04.09.12 @

Got an impressive selection of HHC’s from 1989 to 2006ish – Going on sale in 2013 – contact dj2kind@hotmail.com for the heads up!

Comment by DJ 2Kind 12.11.12 @

I got 4 issues of HHC from 1992, 1993
no.46, 47, 53 aswell one from 1996 with ras kass

anyone interested??

Comment by Miss L 05.31.15 @

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