How To Get Unfollowed By Unkut In Twitter
Friday March 06th 2009,
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10. Excessive use of the terms “swagger”, “hustle” and “grind” in reference to your daily activities.

9. Telling us how hard you’re grinding/hustling.

8. Frequent use of “Good morning world!” and “Night night!” when you wake up/go to bed.

7. Making up “cute” names for your followers, such as “Tweeples”, “Tweeties”, “Tweeps”, “Twits” etc.

6. Any and all references to meetings.

5. Play-by-play calls of whatever sport your watching on TV.

4. More than five links to your shitty posts a day.

3. Shameless name-dropping about how who you’re in the studio with.

2. Talking about what you’re eating without any possible comedic value.

1. Being a boring douchbag douchebag.

Take It Personal.

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HA !

Comment by hxc 03.06.09 @

You spelled douchebag wrong, douchbags!

Comment by Boltron5k 03.06.09 @

^ Good for you, jerky. I’m real proud of ya!

Comment by Robbie 03.06.09 @

someone cc jay electronica on this.

Comment by peter 03.06.09 @

I’m guilty of number 5. Everytime the Celtics have a game that isn’t aired nationally muthafuckas DM me and ask me to Tweet what’s happening.

LMAO @ this post, though.


Comment by Dart_Adams 03.06.09 @

#3… WHO you’re in the studio with

why don’t bloggers ever proofread?

Comment by D 03.06.09 @

So you nixed Q-Tip?

Comment by TC 03.06.09 @

Well it looks like you can knock any blogger off the list

3. Shameless name-dropping about how you’re in the studio with.

NMC is out..You can see it on tweeter and any of their blogs..besides Eskay his fatass just talk about food, so he gone too

Comment by Convict 03.06.09 @

“So you nixed Q-Tip?”

I never followed to begin with, so…yes.

“Eskay his fatass just talk about food”

Food + Liquor = OK (no Lupe).

Comment by Robbie 03.06.09 @


Comment by Yooj‽ 03.07.09 @

lupe kick push i pick kush (tame 1)

Comment by swordfish 03.07.09 @

Eye co-sign. Shit’s gotta stop. Quit the clutta; clucks.

Comment by em2wice 03.07.09 @

I have never even seen this Twitter thing. I guess I have better things to do.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.07.09 @


Comment by 911 03.07.09 @

Harsh, but fair.

*A to the L is now posting this comment, and then going to bed.*

Comment by A to the L 03.08.09 @

what about if i had just got a new laptop for free and tweeted about it to my twats out there?

Comment by shabooty 03.09.09 @

Mornin tweetsters. In the studio with 50, we grindin! Just got out a meetin, eatin sushi watchin the game, 3 mins left in the 3rd, Kobe!!!

All stupid jokes aside, I agree with this list.

Comment by Agentspits 03.09.09 @

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