KRS-One – 15 Minute Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (1996)

Just to remind myself just how well Kris can put it down on a good day, I dug-out this old tape of his appearance on Hot 97 to promote the I Got Next LP. With Flex cutting up every classic break you can think of and KRS dropping verses and off-the-head action for fifteen minutes, you’d be hard pressed to deny his status as the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

KRS-One – ’15 Minute Funkmaster Flex Freestyle’ (1996)

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Dope. Thanks for posting this Robbie.

Comment by cratedigga78 03.29.09 @

no doubt… t’cha t’cha for eels…

Comment by er4se 03.29.09 @

Freestyle is fire, and I was a huge KRS stan from like 86 to 96 – but how can you overlook Kristyles/D.I.G.I.T.A.L./Keep Left/Spiritual Minded etc. Even Hip Hop Lives wasn’t that tight. Kris fell off harder than anybody – that doesn’t equal GOAT status to me.

Comment by Frost Gamble 03.29.09 @

^^ u can say that about Kane,about LL,Rakim,G Rap…

Comment by dj blendz 03.29.09 @

But each of KRS’ later albums have had some bangers. The Sneak Attack was solid, Spiritual Minded was what it was, and Kristyles did have a handful of good songs. I can’t say that I have heard his last couple of albums, but I always pay to see him live.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.29.09 @

“u can say that about Kane,about LL,Rakim,G Rap…”

I agree on Kane and LL falling off. But they each had 2-3 weak albums, not 5. I think all of Ra’s shit was dope except the Master, and ALL of G Raps joints were fire to me.

Comment by Frost Gamble 03.30.09 @

ll has made more than 3 albums of garbage.
kane….self explanatory
rakim only had 3 good albums
grap is dope
but krs has made more albums and has had more hits than all of them except ll so it’s simple mathematics…the more you make the higher the chance some stuff is gonna be wack. 86-96 with nothin but fire. u cant say that about anybody on ur list.

Comment by Mercilesz 03.30.09 @

sorry. KRS can put out wackness every year until he hangs his mic up, but on the strength of this freestyle alone his spot on hip hop’s mt. rushmore is forever secure. lyrics to go, trust in the dj, ability to adapt to change of song/dj miscues–every quality that makes an emcee supreme is featured in this. the same can be said about Flex, for that matter, as often as it seems that he has turned his back on what is true. the Funkmaster has earned his position. i just wish i knew why he doesn’t play “Five Times the Rhymer” whenever he throws it back–but that’s another story, i suppose.

Comment by bitter monk 03.31.09 @

*co-sign-Frost gamble
This allegded freestyle(a collection of written verses and bars he has used on other rappers joints as a guest)is a perfect example.I think KRS is dope but not [the goat],He lost me after-Return of the Boombap honestly.I thought Digital was HOT,but only because it was a compilation of rare tracks from early ’90’s albums he released and promos from that era.KRS will always be great in my eyes-JUST NOT AS THE G.O.A.T.Respect.

Comment by R.Jones 03.31.09 @

Mcs act like they dont know? rappaz r in danja? cmon who had made as many albums at that time off that list and was still hot? anyone off that list? nope only ll and he only had a hot white label out that year and a guest appearance on a craig mack joint. naaa cant hear that argument.

Comment by Mercilesz 04.01.09 @

oh and freestyle doesn’t mean off the head it can be written…it just means any style u wanna do…well if u ask anybody from the oldschool

Comment by Mercilesz 04.01.09 @

KRS is a super-dope, top-notch MC. No disrespect.

But let’s be real – from ’96 to 2009 he has put out wack album after wack album. If ya’ll keep telling him he’s the GOAT why would that ever change?

Part of the reason Sex and Violence was one of his best albums is because he smashed on everybody who felt like Ghetto Music and Edutainment weren’t hard enough (not me, those albums were fire).

He can do the same today. Better chance if we all ask for him to do it.

Or – more Kristyles / Sneak Attack / Keep Right / Spiritual Minded and the Alex Jones Show? Uh, no thanks.

And Kool G Rap put out exactly zero wack albums.

Comment by Frost Gamble 04.02.09 @

Frost Gamble wrote:
“And Kool G Rap put out exactly zero wack albums”. the names “giancana story” and “click of respect” refresh your memory? oh i already know the excuse u gonna have,but imma wait for u to say it :)

Comment by dj blendz 04.02.09 @

..and oh yeah sneak attack wasn’t that bad an album imo

Comment by dj blendz 04.02.09 @

I liked Giancana Story alot. Click of Respect not as much but def not wack.

But really, I’m not trying to make the case for G Rap as much as I’m saying 12 years of weak albums from Kris should have some kind of weight.

Comment by Frost Gamble 04.02.09 @

thats when u lost….

Comment by Mercilesz 04.03.09 @

I lost when I spent $$ money on Hip Hop Lives.

I also lost because:

[ ] You presented strong arguments
[X] You think KRS can do no wrong

Comment by Frost Gamble 04.03.09 @

not a competition just a quote from krs… fall back

Comment by Mercilesz 04.04.09 @

G Rap is getting dangerously close to overrated status in the underground. the man was my favorite mc from 90-93, but while he’s still extremely dope, he’s become one-dimensional in many aspects as far as LPs are concerned. being an mc is more than just releasing LPs anyway. G probably can’t see KRS in many catagories beyond LPs and pure lyrical skill.

Comment by RBi 04.04.09 @


I just came across this page and the link is no longer there (The KRS 15 minute freestyle). Can somebody repost it, or email it to me at

Thanks in advance

Comment by 5 Grand 04.06.09 @

Link Up please.

Comment by pizza 05.09.09 @

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