Prodigy Rates His Top 40 GOAT MC’s

First we had Kool Moe Dee handing out report cards to rappers, but in 2009 the streets wanna know who Ballpoint Pen P‘s ‘Top 40 Since A Shorty’ is…right?

Thanks to ‘The Jimmy McNulty Of This Rap Shit. And You’re Damn Right I’ll Take A Side Of Scrapple’ from HHC Mag.

UPDATE: Crooked I Responds.

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lol is all i have to say .. missy ??

Comment by dolo 03.07.09 @

lol is all i have to say .. lil wayne ??

Comment by House 03.07.09 @

There’s a lot of question marks in there . . . mostly from #15 onward.

Comment by haroon 03.07.09 @

i thought he was gonna come wit some ill names..Jeezy?? Wayne?? Missy?? look like a MTV list to me

Comment by dj blendz 03.07.09 @

I’m not saying she’s not an ill spitter but does Remy Ma even have one hit record, never mind 10??

Comment by ian 03.07.09 @

Damn, most of P’s list makes him look a fool as much as the people he criticizes throughout his article.

Comment by ceedub 03.07.09 @

p’s both ways.
and what does rell differ from
him. topicwise.p’s funny too.

Comment by swordfish 03.07.09 @

First Robbie fronts on Crooked, and now Bandana P!!! As for the list … oh well … at least he had a decent Top 5!!!! But I agree with Buddens … P is nothing more than a Rakim Clone minus the lyrics!!!!

Comment by Brock 03.07.09 @

quite a few of the MCs on his list are people i would single out for exactly the ish he’s moaning about…

Comment by RowanB 03.07.09 @

Lil wayne,… get the F**k outta here!

Comment by RowanB 03.07.09 @

Hmmm?The only thing I can agree on is that there is no “Greatest Rapper Alive”.While we do have great”rappers alive”,everyone will have their opinion of who is best.I don’t think dude is”crazy”or anything,he sounds frustrated(like most of us)that [real] talent is being overlooked.
And no,by real talent I do not mean-Jeezy etc.,I mean cats like-Joell Ortiz,Jasiri X,Chino XL,Rhymefest and countless others.So I’m not pissed at Prodigy,FUCK VIBE MAGAZINE-WE GOT UNKUT.COM-REAL HIPHOP ALL DAY!!!!!!!

Comment by R.Jones 03.07.09 @

Can you get him to do his top 40 female singer-songwriters from the early 70s next please?

Comment by Hannah 03.07.09 @

did he once sleep with ramy ma? or was that a rumour?

Comment by doe boi fresh 03.07.09 @


Wayne is actually not even among the worst on his list. Crooked I easily burns half of those on his list. At the end of the day, dedicated fans and historians are actually better at picking this kind of stuff than those doing it themselves – a forest from the trees scenario. Remember, you have actual baseball players who think Jeter is better than A-Rod, right? Same situation here. As a rapper, it’s possible for P to respect Jeezy for what he’s accomplish. But, as a rap fan, it’s a whole different ball game.

BTW, P – there are other places to hear music than BET or Hot 97, apparently you’re unaware. The question is, how many entries on a real, comprehensive Top 40 list would P have even heard of? Does P even know who A-Butta is – that’s a legit question.

At the very least, coming from P, no G Rap or Cormega is fucking criminal!

Comment by digglahhh 03.07.09 @

“As a rapper, it’s possible for P to respect Jeezy for what he’s accomplish. But, as a rap fan, it’s a whole different ball game.”

i’d say it’s impossible for anyone to respect what jeezy has ‘accomplished’.

and would a-butta make a top 40 of anything?!!

Comment by doe boi fresh 03.07.09 @

I’m not saying she’s not an ill spitter but does Remy Ma even have one hit record, never mind 10??
Comment by ian 03.07.09 @

haha same thing i was thinking

Comment by eightyfive 03.07.09 @

“I would personally bitch slap all 920,00o of these voters if given the opportunity”!!!


Comment by 78 03.07.09 @

For being such an underground cat, he sure doesn’t know shit about talented cats. There are a ton of good emcees he left off his list, and a ton of shit he put on there. What about Grandmaster Caz or Melle Mel? I would say they were much better rappers than Lil Kim or Foxy Borwn. Oh wait, he had to include all of the people he worked with so nobody would get offended(G Unit).
Also, he is a moron for praising 50 Cents albums and shitting on the Game’s. At least the Game’s albums are listenable, which is more than I can so for any maintstream rap these days.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.07.09 @

REMY MA even 1/2 hit features with Lean Back (by Fat Joe!)


Comment by rugga 03.07.09 @

Was this written by a ninth grader?

Comment by keatso 03.07.09 @

Mase ? Lil’Kim ? Remy Ma ?

I doubt he really wrote it.

@digglahhh : G Rap is #5.

Comment by DaSNooZ 03.07.09 @

haha, ballpoint pen P, marvelous Robbie, dukes is on point [ballpoint?] for most of his diary entry, but yeah the list is a little shaky at times, cause i really can’t stand lil wayne, t.i. or young jeezy, i mean young jeezy is just some whisper rapper that has a tag line of heeeeyyyyyy, i mean, is that so original that hes one of P’s top 40? i guess i can’t take a guy that seriously when he spells article as artical and zirconium as zarconia, ignant [ignorant] shit at its finest, dude hits some philosophical fine points with the whips and chains argument though, he is indeed the h.n.i.c.

Comment by gstatty 03.07.09 @

wow this nigga is really off his rocker!!! holy shit…at least this explains the music P’s been making

Comment by 357 NYC 03.07.09 @

^^take it u not a fan of the new ‘illuminati’ joint he has?!

Comment by dj blendz 03.07.09 @

P is a very sick man who’s getting worse each day. I doubt the New York penal system is doing anything to help the situation. Can you blame the guy for being bitter?

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 03.07.09 @

DaSNooZ says:
Mase ? LilKim ? Remy Ma ?
I doubt he really wrote it.
Right, like I could make something like this up. SMH.

Also, HNIC2 is effin’ dope.

Comment by Robbie 03.07.09 @

I need some garlic on this comment thread to keep the haters away. Anyone thought Prodigy would think like them would rap like Prodigy. Of course he’s not on your target.

NB: Run DMC is # 1. Makes perfect sense.


Comment by BlindWilliam 03.07.09 @

My bad for missing G Rap.

Why all the hate for Mase? Sure, he’s not a legit top 40 rapper, but there are clearly worse choices here. I mean, it is still a really strange choice for P, as it’s pretty safe to assume P wasn’t throwing Mase’s name out there on the strength of “Drug Wars” and the like. The simple point is that people regularly ignore all of Mase’s dope shit.

@Blind William – I’m not saying Prodigy’s list should mimic mine. But, if it’s safe to say that somebody who would include Percee P on their list wouldn’t rap like Prodigy, it’s equally safe to make that assumption regarding, say, Missy, right? But, she shows up here, so your point is taken, but also flawed.

Comment by digglahhh 03.07.09 @

Reminds me of the vh1 top 100 song list ..

Comment by dolo 03.08.09 @

his list is pretty fucked up nd… like he doesnt even have a basic knowledge of golden era hip hop… wtf

Comment by er4se 03.08.09 @

I agree with everything P wrote,

Except for the list.

Comment by Question Marc 03.08.09 @

This list obviously wasn’t fully thought of.

There’s room for B.G, Remy Ma and G-Unit.

But there’s none for GangStarr, A Tribe called Quest or De La Soul!!?

Comment by Tone 03.08.09 @

who did he cross out after writing beanie sigel?

Comment by hannah 03.08.09 @

Fuck Mase Gay Unit and Cool J haha

U forgot Game Cube and Dogg Pound hater

Comment by gchild 03.08.09 @

Free Shyne Po

Comment by gchild 03.08.09 @

P is on crack if he thinks CROOKED I aint talented.

its slaughterhouse all day. best rap group sinse g-units prime.

Comment by Detroit 7 mile 03.08.09 @

as an old skool east coast rapper, i can’t believe he didn’t put Cormega, AZ, or Big L on that list…

Comment by jeff 03.08.09 @

iM DISGUSTED BY THIS LIST. And where the fuck is CAMRON?

Comment by NGE 03.08.09 @

Does sickle cell affect the brain,seriously though?

Comment by clubba lang 03.08.09 @

he’s gettin hard time on jail, I can understand him,
who nominated crooked I, come on dude

Comment by ilir 03.08.09 @

NO REDMAN, BUSTA OR TRIBE? The boy’s list is bull.

Comment by bhikku 03.08.09 @

ok Mase? Remy Ma? Lil’ Kim? G-Unit?….Garbage….No Icecube, I don’t understand how cats be leaving that dude out of lists….and Lil’ Wayne….Wayne can rap, but he don’t talk about nothing, plus he mumbles a lot…A LOT!….but this is that man’s list so….that’s him….

Comment by Southernmello 03.08.09 @

Jeff I feel you on AZ that dude is nice….a lot of people be sleeping on that cat….Az can flow with the best of them….

Comment by Southernmello 03.08.09 @

DID he name JAY-Z on his list of great rappers????????????!!!!!!!
anyone find that wierd???

Comment by shabaaz 03.08.09 @

I feel bad P’s not aware that he himself is a typical dumb rap cat. Remember in school when the teacher made students read out loud and they always got one student who read like a 5 year old? Sure you felt bad for the idiot, but you also felt happy you’re so much smarter. That’s how P’s letter makes me feel.

Comment by truth 03.08.09 @

fuck prodigy hes fuckin wack crooked i is 1000000 times better than prodigy will ever be.

it says something when lil wayne is on his list and he says “who the fuck picked crooked i” nigga u fuckin wack and your selection is wack all i have to say is that anyone who thinks lil wayne deserves to be on a Top 100 list should be listenin to classical music or fuckin kill themselves

Comment by D-Block 03.08.09 @

Big L should be on this

Comment by C 03.08.09 @

what about Big L?

Comment by Chicago Shaan 03.08.09 @

I don’t know why so many of you are surprised by his shitty list. It was just as terrible as I expected.

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.08.09 @


Comment by buckets 03.08.09 @

What were #s 1- 14? Other “greatest” lists? I can’t wait to see those. Grammar P or Syntax P are fitting too. It sounds like he’s about to get on some old high school shit and punching cats in the face just for living once he gets out.

Comment by HowfreshEats 03.08.09 @

I’m suprised he put Jay-Z ……

Comment by BlueHayze 03.08.09 @

I’d have to agree w/80% of the list. P has been around for a while and atleast he can turn a blind eye to his industry beefs when making the list. Personally i’d remove Remy, BG, and 3 6 Mafia and add Ice Cube, Big L, Redman, Mac Dre, and Onyx. I feel him tho, he’s naming original talent who have changed the game. 2 fingers…

Comment by henn 03.08.09 @

the list is kind of off but he hit the Main ones
check out the real Hip Hop greats on http://the

Comment by dj esco 03.08.09 @

has crooked I ever made a record? Like, seriously!

Comment by hannah 03.08.09 @

hahaha, no havoc! or big noyd!

Comment by Biggalow 03.08.09 @

yea what are we talking about record sales or some sick ass rappers if thats the case then y not include somone like crooked i records sales are irrelevant

Comment by ogtripleg87 03.08.09 @

You know, this letter started promisingly with Prodigy talking some real shit, about whips & chains and all that (although that shit has been around almost since the beginning of hip hop, but nowadays it’s just way more dominant). Then, it took a turn for lot worse after the first ~15 names on the G.O.A.T. list were dropped. Umm.. Lil Kim, seriously? Foxy Brown?? Really? Remy Ma?!?! OK, WHAT THE FUCK. You lost me there homie. Is that your GOAT list or your jumpoffs?

All further credibility (if there was any left at this point) this statement had was lost when dude name-dropped Crooked I, basically hinting he’s a wack MC. Seriously, lay off the pipe P. Now, Crooked I may not be the best rapper ever, but he damn sure is way more skilled and dope than some of the names you dropped son. Flo Rida and Rich Boy, those are shit, but mentioning Crooked I in the same sentence makes P look like he don’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about.

Also, after the promising first half of the letter, you basically contradicted yourself in the end, by first criticizing the artificial gliz and glam of the business and then ending your letter admitting you only included people with 10 hit songs or more. And even that don’t make sense – one third of the people on your list don’t even have 10 hit records (unless you count someone featuring on someone elses track/unofficial remix/mixtape stuff a “hit record”)! Sorry P, I like you but this time YOU FAIL on so many levels it isn’t even funny.

Comment by Outlaw 03.08.09 @

Prodigy has been so wack for so long that people forget that he was one of the nicest mcs during probally the greatest era of hip hop. When I listen to hell on earth I cant believe how far P has fallen. There was a time when prodigy was top ten after hnic it was all down hill.

Comment by clamez 03.08.09 @

Also, sorry to say but you’re just a SHILL for this P, inserting all your buddies there (and now that I think about it, the reason you dissed Crooked I is probably because he’s associated with Joe Budden, who you have beef with. Same reason with mentioning Game, who feuds with your boss 50 Cent). Again, this list is pure bullshit to salute your friends and yourself next to the great legends, and I like you a little less for it.

PS. Don’t slap the 920,000, unless you really really really like it in the pen. The “european slave masters” will have your ass sitting for a long time.

Comment by Outlaw 03.08.09 @

P may have a few spelling mistakes, but he writes and spells better than half of the damn internet. Hilarious rant. Did he write it from the bing?

Comment by P 03.08.09 @

Look at all these bitchass haters being so overly emotional about the man’s list. Ya’ll crying so hard about the your top 10s that you’re failing to discuss the REAL shit he just talked about. WAKE THE FUCK UP. Such a number of fans are suckers. So easy to trick, that’s how the same ppl who Hate lil wayne’s guts, dont realize that by speaking on how much you hate him you just played into his game and gave him the promo of his life, fuckin idiots. I personally think wayne is sick, but when he said he says he’s the greatest, that’s his own opinion…only a fuckin Bitchass coward would feel they have to follow a man’s opinion or not follow it in order to be “cool”.
Wake the fuck up…smh

Comment by 187beats 03.08.09 @

Fuck all u haters eminems is the best and that’s that and let p do what he wants he’s got more money than all u faggots… word p fuck the haters

Comment by cfizzel 03.08.09 @

“Did he write it from the bing?”

^ Affirmative.

Comment by Robbie 03.08.09 @

Hey bitch how does it feel to get your shit pushed in? Crooked I on his worst day is better than you on your best day.

Comment by fifty cent 03.08.09 @

Look at the dumbass letter, that’s why he’s in jail…

Comment by gq 03.09.09 @

no RA The Rugged Man? F that list

Comment by bobo 03.09.09 @




Comment by henny hendrix 03.09.09 @

U right son, Rugged Man shoudl be on that ;ist, Slug too….

P probably never wrote that letter and if he did, who really igves a fuck….Mobb Deep is totally irrevelant right now…

Comment by Keezy 03.09.09 @

wait, is he saying that white people are responsible for black people wasting money on cars and necklaces?

Comment by prow 03.09.09 @


Comment by jay 03.09.09 @

Where is Big L in his list!

Comment by Parker 03.09.09 @

cmon man everyone knows STYLES P IS THE HARDEST. Remy Ma?

Gangstarr is better and more classic than well over half that list

Comment by transistor sect 03.09.09 @

How come he didn’t put Mobb Deep in there??? 95-99 they dropped classics….

Comment by BK71879 03.09.09 @

the people who suck on his list are:
Naughty by Nature
Lil Wayne
3 six mafia
Snoop Dog
Beanie Seigal
Jay Z
Kanye West
Young Jeezy
Remy Ma
Foxy Brown
Lil’ Kim

shoulda been a top twenty
I’m kinda feelin’ Hell Rell though…
@Keezy come off that Slug shit you fucking mark, this isn’t Mobb Deep this is Handguns P, he’s current and relevant as fuck, go listen to HNIC2, have you yet? It might could be time for you to put the big boy rap pants on… you need to find out that “Illuminati wants your mind, soul and your body..” P can give you that knowledge, and within a week you’ll be paranoid as fuck and fully dunned out, tim-booted up, going to Queensbridge on GoogleEarth, droppin’ backwoods tobacco all up in the cracks and crevices of your keyboard like the rest of us hardrock cyber losers, do it for us man, hell, do it for P, he’s the one that’s been locked up for our sins…

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.09.09 @

Man, what a bitch. Hating on Crooked, and then naming a ton of rappers who don’t even deserve to be on that list. Obviously doesn’t listen to his lyrics.

Comment by mtape 03.09.09 @

he forgot bone thugs

Comment by TH 03.09.09 @

top 40 rappers not on p’s list, anyone?

Comment by doe boi fresh 03.09.09 @


Comment by 777 03.09.09 @

Wow. I was wit P all the way until he said “who the fuck put Crooked I on the best rapper list?!” He lost all steam in the letter after saying that. Crooked will rap sircles around that little nigga. Pre or post jail. nigga please

Comment by GreeneBoy 03.09.09 @

Ruga Rell 1st dude name out his mou.. I mean, ballpoint. Get a Hell Rell mixtape and then judge for yourself. He’s not the not the re-incarnation of Lamont Coleman or no sh*t like that but he’s better than most of NYC’s thug rappers!

Comment by chronwell 03.09.09 @

lol@the letter and the comments…def a tribute to ignorance!!

Comment by mp 03.09.09 @

Does anybody else see BG’s name on this list?? I’m just tryin to make sure I’m not the only one.

Comment by geniusheartshiphop 03.09.09 @

prodigy is just bored cause he has all that time on his hands. he must didnt hear those hiphopweeklys or how crooked be killing the slaughterhouse joints. I didnt agree with some of the rappers in the best rapper alive bracket either. but I voted for crooked to upset the game in round 1. bottom line crooked is a monnster on the mic!!! hes easliy top 10 in the game right now. prodigy need to worry about not dropping the soap, lol

Comment by nore 03.09.09 @

lol at niggas hating on wayne … if he was from new york u would have been on his dick…

foreal g-unit??? which one of them?? is he including tony yayo?? hahaha
i fucks with g-unit but yayo is the wackest nigga on earth…

keep hating on wayne bitches… in my book he’s number 15..because i don’t judge him in 2 or 3 songs or songs made for fun.. the nigga makes 4 songs per day… if he ain’t talented i don’t know who the fuck is…

Comment by aszr 03.09.09 @

Last Pee’s song before jail…

Comment by MrBozack 03.09.09 @

^^^ any rapper who outshines jadakiss is automatically a great rapper i believe.. let them hate, like you said if he’s from new york they’ll be on his dick..

Comment by ikar 03.09.09 @

Foxy Brown over KRS-One and the Wu..Nuff said

Comment by Jamir 03.09.09 @

alot of da above comments are a bunch of rants of ignorant people who just hate prodigy for who he is but the man has actually set his beefs aside and acknowledged da fact dat rappers like Jay Z, NaS (who has beefed with before) and put them on his list which is a big thing coming from someone who you all like to slander about being a big hater against rapper’s with more success then him

Comment by FRAZE 03.09.09 @

bg = better than lil wayne. no question.

Comment by doe boi fresh 03.09.09 @

and fuck crooked i!!!!!

Comment by doe boi fresh 03.09.09 @

@ Blends…P has his moments but honestly with all the artists putting out dope material nowadays, both old & new, I lost interst in the dude…I’m a check for the Illuminati joint though…good lookin

Comment by 357 NYC 03.09.09 @

I already commented, but for the people picking out numbers on the list. If you read the note he says that the list is in no particular order.

Comment by asdf 03.09.09 @

Lol that dude stoolthrowa says 20 people shouldn’t be on that list, then says he’s kinda feeling Hell Rell. HAHAHA every one of those 20 he mentioned is BETTER than Hell Rell. ahahahaha

Comment by Bob 03.09.09 @

fuck doe boi fresh!!!!!!!

Comment by fifty cent 03.09.09 @

i rocked w/ him the whole way until he disrespected crooked I like that. Crooked’s gonna get him apparently

Comment by Alex 03.09.09 @

Martin Luther King Jr had the letter from a Birmingham jail written on ass paper since he refused to take a shit while he was incarcerated.

Prodigy’s notebook paper should be used to wipe MLK’s ass.

Comment by dp 03.10.09 @

haha agreed with everything accept for the list. He’s really as dumb as the nigga’s he describes.. dumbfuck. where busta, snoop, cube, a tribe called quest, j5, the roots at ? those guys should be on there… i know some of the upper called r groups but that dont matter shit, atleast name drop 1 of those rappers… like Q-tip en Chali 2na. Mobb deep fell of after joining g-unit BIG TIME

Comment by jazzzzz 03.10.09 @

This is a great list, (ordered series of names). G-unit is my favorite (favoured rapper, but not even a rapper!)

Comment by Donald 03.10.09 @

You seriously believe this shit real? Come on.

Comment by youserious 03.10.09 @

This has gotten way out of hand. You dorks need to settle down.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 03.10.09 @

Agreed! It’s just one mans oPinion. When’s Robbie’s G.O.A.T. top 40 gonna’ get published?
That’d be a list to see, then ya’ll can beef.

Comment by Lenny Dunn 03.10.09 @

your list is wack no Grand Master Melle Mel …No Jean Grea….yes Lauren Hill is buggin but….how come no mention… MASE? For real? wow!! List dont mean shit but come on dude MELLE MEl Kurtis Blow Roxanne Shante,Chino xl Sean Price,Rhymefest !!!your list needs a redo

Comment by RBMC 03.10.09 @

BIG L ??????????????????????????

Comment by GarryGanja 03.10.09 @

LOL @ Remy Ma having 10 hit records! P is gonnnne!

Comment by Cinsere 03.10.09 @

Wait, and aren’t these “European slave masters” the ones who dictate what is and isn’t a hit record anyway?! LOL!

Just put the pen down, P…seriously.

Comment by Cinsere 03.10.09 @

I’m from Chicago,lived in Texas, and now stay in Atlanta,(in the military). I would have had Scarface on that list instead of some of those rappers.

Comment by tommiejones 03.10.09 @

Did u really just speak on Crooked like that? I ain’t buyin none of your shit! ” I LOVE NY but da niggaz that represent yall ain’t shit NY actin like a bitch NY” – Kurupt

Comment by Smokey 03.10.09 @

BG?? Fuckk Arrrf

Comment by jey 03.10.09 @

Go to the nearest bridge and do a backflip off of it. Are you fuckin’ kidding me with your list of the people who you think suck? Yeah, there are a few that sucks on your list, but UGK, Eminem, Outkast, Jay-Z, Jada, Luda…are you crazy? You probably have SouljaBoy’s Kiss Me Thru The Phone as your ringtone. Get the fuck out of here!

Comment by Hanzo 03.10.09 @

Beanie has 10 hit records?

Comment by Devin 03.10.09 @

Wow, I am so glad Keith Murray punched him in the face.

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.10.09 @

fuck P is weak man.. lookk at these cats hes named.. maybe 10 r good… fuck prodigy… CROOKED I is the future, u best get that in ur head, C.O.B BITCH.. fuck the mobb u fell off P. u aint shit no more..

Comment by jj_fresh 03.10.09 @

Who is Souljaboy?
I don’t have a ringtone, my “mobile” hangs up on top of a box the size of a pull out car stereo and I ain’t talkin about one where the face just comes off, I’m sayin the whole shit pulls out, you ever seen that shit?… but go ahead and keep lovin’ your rap duke… it’s your decision in a free world…

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.10.09 @

backflipping off bridge now

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.10.09 @

You would think with his extensive ballet training, he would have an appreciation for classics.
BTW, if anyone wants to write to P Im sure he would appreciate the kite. Look up his Govt name on the NYS inmate finder and get at him…

Comment by keatso 03.10.09 @

Wow! At one time, 1993-2003, P/Mobb Deep was part of The Elite!
He/They was/were untouchable! That’s all I can say on that! Wow!

Comment by Riv 03.10.09 @

i like that he put three six mafia on there

they are/were the best group from the south

alot of ny mc’s wouldnt have put them on there, but i think they deserve credit, their 90’s albums were sick

Comment by smokedog 03.11.09 @

man he forgot about big l

Comment by BlackGangsta 03.11.09 @

P put it down , i dnt agree on a few of his last greatest rappers but i gotta admit some are better than others..

Comment by Whut-BMCrEW 03.12.09 @

Fuk CROOked I , His dvd life aqfter death row makes him look like a str8 punk !

Comment by Whut-BMCrEW 03.12.09 @

Fuck me Prodigy really has lost his fucking mind sittin up in the pen. Sounds like an old bitter ass past-it if you ask me!! Aint nobody wanna hear what that sell out ass nicca sayin while he gettin bullied up in the state pen.

Comment by Hood buddah 03.12.09 @

Some of you guys gotta be kidding… you gotta consider who the person is with the list, and that it’s in his own opinion. So as far as some of the people he left out, you gotta take under consideration that some of them are likely not on his radar. I mean, it’s Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Do you seriously think he’s ever listened to A-Butta or Jurassic 5? And yeah, Caz and Melle Mel are considered all-time greats, and I’m sure he knows who they are, but chances are he didn’t grow up listening to them enough to know their material like that… I don’t know what’s good with the Missy inclusion, but most of the list is alright. Just because it’s not packed with every “real hip-hop” artist ever doesn’t mean he’s lost his mind or anything.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 03.15.09 @

woaaahh… harooon, a lot of question marks on your comment dawg… so KRS-One, wu-tang, outkast, eminem, scarface, chuck D, big pun, naughty by nature aren’t worthy of a top 40 selection? … a lot of question marks about your pour choice of words for that comment or lack of knowledge for real hip-hop, those artists right there would be compiled in the top 15, you idiot…i’m telling you that you don’t like real hip hop just for that comment, god damn

Comment by Jem Dawg 03.15.09 @

P.S….. where the fuck is Big L and gangstarr ?? wake up, P..

Comment by Jem Dawg 03.15.09 @

Great letter but bullshit list.

Comment by Phratt 03.16.09 @

what about SkillZ?

Comment by looter 03.17.09 @

This nigga is so dumb i do likes mobb deep but them niggaz is wack once they hooked up wit gunit. gunit is a fucking joke buck was the only thing they had goin 4 them then they kick him out. p is retard he only put artist 50 would approve of he fucked with lox and game b4 they had beef wit gunit. now he acting like a bitch he was good but now moob deep jus wack and he put pac on there who hated mobb deep wit a passion. and this nigga goin hate on game cuz of 50 fuck 50 he wack get rich and stop tryin.

Comment by Rashad 03.21.09 @

fuck u bitch made niggaz

Comment by jay 03.25.09 @

Where’s Lupe fiasco, Mos Def,Jedi mind Tricks(Love them) Talib Kweli.shit wheres Common… The Game is not a bad rapper i liked the Lax album it had some good songs on there. and Hell rell is not a bad rapper… Im counting Down when Shyne gets out of Prison Cant Wait… I like Prodigy Music from the 1991 to 2000 after that im tired of defending this dude as a good being a good rapper but prodigy has falling off.He On some crazy shit(European slave and pyramids ) I still got love for Havoc

Comment by Lovhiphop 03.31.09 @

this is one punk stuped and desperete FUCK, run behind bars to run his broke as mouth,shut a FUCk B,u finished, the world used to ride for u punks but now u just PATTETIC.
one lov
the fan U lost for being a coward

Comment by mello 04.01.09 @

He had to be fuckin Remy to put her in this bitch, where’s her 10 hits or better? cmon P! Young Jeezy over AZ? the fuck? where the fuck is AZ!

Comment by Tha Connection 04.02.09 @


Comment by Lee 04.08.09 @

Y’know if people looked at this from a different angle it would be different. If you judged it on Best Material from an artist you’d probably realize that Wayne is one of the most lyrically gifted artists out there right now, and up there with those before him. If you judged it on average quality of material, Wayne is one of the wackest niccas on the planet.
Rick Ross should be in that list purely for Deeper Than Rap and in all fairness way too many new guys for the “greatest of all time”, almost half are questionable.
Particularly Missy Elliot, the woman is talentless.
Nevertheless otherwise strong picks, and you can’t be a great MC if you just have all the talent in the world and about 400 fans. People who listen to underground shit need to stop bragging about it. its not a good look.

Comment by Bizzal 05.02.09 @

listen back packers just cause someone aint o.d. lyrical don’t mean they’re not nice. jeezy got delivery, energy, adlibs, hooks, the whole nine. stop hatin.

Comment by freep 06.13.09 @


Comment by slimer 07.30.09 @

P was (is) a dope rapper, a lot of rapper deserve to be on the list:
BUT WHAT DA FUCK, how can you even mention: G-Unit and stuff like that and forget about
Busta Rhymes
Styles P
Too short

This list is a joke

Comment by Scumbag 10.13.09 @

Prodigy listed his favs who got the most records and is keeping hip-hop alive. but we all know he aint listed his favorite rappers who got the most talent. so dont go judging P and shyt, cuz the nigga is a legend his self, na mean?

Comment by tragsicc 03.29.10 @

i cannot get my head over how big L is not mentioned to say prodigy was about back then, way behind his time, definitely one of the most gifted. also where the f%^k is redman & nate dogg?

Comment by mrhiphop 04.17.13 @

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