Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 1

All that gun talk is easy to throw around when you’re in the booth, but what about those MC’s who were able to back-up all the tough talk in the ring?

Melachi The Nutcracker (Group Home)

Check The Resume: Hired goon for the Gangstarr Foundation who lucked-out and appeared on some of DJ Premier’s best beats ever.

Certified Hand Skills: The Nutcracker wasn’t a rapper who could box – he was a boxer who rapped to fulfill his parole conditions.

Shirtless And Proud: As seen on the back of Hard To Earn. Who’s got time to pen lyrics of fury when you’ve got 200 stomach crunches to do every morning?

Nature of a Threat: ‘I hit your moms in the head with a metal pipe!’

Bing Monster: Fresh off a bid when he recorded Livin’ Proof, he returned for another seven year’s up north.

Get Ya Weight Up: What else is there to do behind bars apart from hitting the weight bench?

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

Check The Resume: Eric B’s original MC has kept the rap world shook for over two decades.

Certified Hand Skills: Won both fights in the First Annual Rappers Boxing Championships, including knocking-out Dope E from The Terrorists with his left after Blaq Poet sprained his right shoulder after delivering a bone-jarring high five.

Shirtless And Proud: Current MySpace profile picture says features Foxxx flexin’ in the studio.

Nature of a Threat: ‘Then I drag him in the alley and I hit him in the head with the glocks/piss in his face because I’m crazy like a foxxx!’

Bing Monster: Frequently performed in jails, since he “wanted to rock in front of the hardest audience”.

Get Ya Weight Up: Beat WWE star John Cena in an arm wrestle.

Winner: Melachi almost takes the round on account of clearly having more interest in boxing than rapping, but the fact that Bumpy chose to do shows in the joint and the way he held it down for New York in the Rappers Boxing Championships is a one-two combination that can’t be denied.

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Comment by swordfish 03.16.09 @

Dope. Are we gonna see Just Ice in the second installment?

Comment by Robocop 03.16.09 @

Next up – rappers who sound really tough but really aren’t that tough. 1st round – Jayo Felony vs. Ron C. (the one from TX not east coast).

Comment by Dave 03.16.09 @

amusing post

Comment by Mercilesz 03.16.09 @

Willie D.!

Comment by Mike 03.16.09 @

yeah, good stuff looking forward to next part as usual :)

would like to see some more interviews with legends..

Comment by RowanB 03.16.09 @

bumpy, no question.

Comment by Justin 03.16.09 @

what is this obsession with whos hard… this post is pretty gay

ps ‘militia’ is a great song but that video is a joke

Comment by al-gore 03.16.09 @

Dave wrote:
“Next up – rappers who sound really tough but really aren’t that tough.”

Prodigy would win that hands down

Comment by dj blendz 03.16.09 @

Pause at Shirtless And Proud

Comment by Dick Rambone 03.16.09 @

that 3 tough guys soundtrack goes hard….pause..

Comment by Mercilesz 03.16.09 @

i seem to remember reading somewhere that Just Ice was a pretty rugged dude.

Comment by RowanB 03.16.09 @

Damn starting to think you dudes is herbs. This site used to be about dope hip hop now it’s like who’s hard, what are the ruffest projects. What gives? All the shit that makes life in the hood so miserable posted here by people who never lived it, or been there for their entertainment. I can tell this is made by some insecure white boys. stick to hip hop

Comment by kingston jay 03.16.09 @

2 words: Just-Ice

Comment by Combat Jack 03.16.09 @

I got nothing but love for gangstarr and my man bumpy, but that video is pretty terrible. The song remains classic…

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.16.09 @

thought so…
i remember reading somewhere that just ice used to pummel kurtis mantronik on a regular basis and some other crazy ish

Comment by RowanB 03.16.09 @

Obviously Just-Ice will appear in a future round.

Comment by Robbie 03.16.09 @

Yaw are fallin off..straight up!! I tell everybody about this sight because of the straight Hip Hop jewels yaw be havin here..ie Dr. Butcher interview, Kane Biting BDK’s style..etc.. but this who is th ehardest projest and the toughest m.s is BULLSHIT. Stick to your strong suit..Raw Hip Hop, that behinfd the scenes shit..Peace

Comment by C Style 03.17.09 @

What the fuck is it with you little complaining bitches??

Dope post Robbie…bring on the next installment(s)!

Comment by AFFEX 03.17.09 @

@C Style
how can kane bite his own style?

Comment by BDK 03.17.09 @

The site is called ‘Tribute To Ignorance’ you whiney fucks. Good post Rob.

Comment by End Level Boss 03.17.09 @

word. heads need to lighten up. the novelty of this post and others like it make this site fresh…

Comment by Robocop 03.17.09 @

I would think Foxxx rolling into label offices with his twin millies would warrant a victory.

Comment by HowfreshEats 03.17.09 @

Sorry, great post!

Comment by Combat Jack 03.17.09 @

End Level Boss:
“The site is called ‘Tribute To Ignorance’ you whiney fucks”

i keep tellin ’em that but they dont wanna listen

Comment by dj blendz 03.17.09 @

Soulja Slim wins this by a looonnnggg way!

Comment by Ell 03.18.09 @

I meant to say Kane biting Kool G Rap’s Style.

Comment by C Style 03.18.09 @

willie d!!!!!!!! i agree

Comment by 88k's 03.18.09 @

Nah willie D did get knocked out when he turned boxer though…
Shit if you say willie D I say Cormega, this guy knocked nature clean off the bench and took his jewels off him on the block, plus he gotta mean rep in rikers with them hands…

Comment by QUNYC 03.23.09 @

Damn.. Hadn’t seen that Group Home video since ’96. I met Melachi at the Gangstarr “Skillz” video shoot back in ’04. I didn’t even recognize him at first. I guess all them years locked up took their toll. Gone were the muscles. Dude had packed on the crazy weight. He had to be at least 250, and he’s only like 5’6″. Good dude though…

Comment by Breeze 03.31.09 @

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