Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 2

It’s one thing to talk tough in the recording booth, but who’s got the stones to take it outside?

Tim Dog

Check The Resume: Responsible for ‘Fuck Compton’. Nuff said.

Certified Hand Skills: Taunted NWA to fight him in a boxing match for charity, but was a no-show when he was scheduled to step to Dope E from The Terrorists at the First Annual Rappers Boxing Championship.

Diss List: When he wasn’t ragging on DJ Quik and the rest of Compton, Tim also made time to throw Monie Love and other ‘happy rappers’ under the bus on several occasions.

Omar Factor: The otherwise hilarious ‘Goin’ Wild In The Penile’ includes a disturbing skit at the end involving Tim getting his ‘duck sicked’ by the prison bitch.

Barking Mad: ‘Dog’s Gonna Getcha’ has been known to frighten small children and several breeds of domesticated animals.

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

Check The Resume: They call him big Foxxx, Daddy Boot-Knocks, with burn marks on his hips from his twin glocks.

Certified Hand Skills: “This guy talked all this trash on the phone to me about he was gonna show up and do this and do that, but for some reason he’s not here’. And I felt it made New York look bad, so I stepped to it and I fought the fight.”

Diss List: Made an (unrelated) record called “Crazy Like A Foxxx (The Beef Is On)” that described hunting down and killing DJ Moe Luv, Ced-Gee and Kool Keith from Ultramagnetic, who Tim Dog also happened to be down with.

Omar Factor: In ‘Man Destroys Man’, Foxxx is forced to fight off the unwanted advances of a prison rapist.

Barking Mad: Remade 50 Cent’s ‘How To Rob’ in 2008, taking shots at almost every rapper and R&B singer in the game.

Winner: Failing to appear at the Rappers Boxing Championships pretty much got The Dog knocked out as soon as the bell sounded, while his attacks on certified MILF Monie Love also lost him points with the judges. ‘I’ll Wax Anybody’ is a helluva song, though.

Previously: Round One

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freddie’s ferocious

Comment by swordfish 03.24.09 @

Did I make it up or did someone like Combat Jack post a story about Freddie the Foxxx beating some dude half to death and ramming a broom stick where the sun don’t shine???(PAUSE)

Comment by bobd 03.24.09 @

^Nah, I don’t remember that episode. Mushrooms is a helluva drug.

Comment by Combat Jack 03.24.09 @

My friend and I used to sit around laughing our asses off listening to Tim Dog. His lyrics were super-terrible – but dude was scary. That plus Ced-Gee’s beats and the entertainment factor made up for it.

Foxx was/is nice as hell tho. Industry Shakedown = Classic. But why the beef with Ultra?

Comment by Frost Gamble 03.24.09 @

LOL I have had my fair share of hallucinogens in my time but I knew I didn’t make it up….


The original thread from Old School Hip hop.Com seems to have been removed though.

Comment by bobd 03.24.09 @

You mess around with the Foxx ya get ya boots knocked! (to paraphrase).

Comment by chronwell 03.24.09 @

But why the beef with Ultra?
My understanding was Foxxx thought Keith was subliminally dissing him on “Yo Black”, “How can you put up a fox, against an alligator.”

Comment by chu 03.24.09 @

soulstrut blows.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.24.09 @

those vids bring back sum memories still remember when flavor unit got “hard”…

Comment by er4se 03.25.09 @

and who the fuck woulda thunk that the queen would become a fucking covergirl?

Comment by er4se 03.25.09 @

next Round…Just Ice?

Comment by Eastern_Digital 03.29.09 @

how could you not list Willie D or is this New York only.

Comment by Madnesz 03.30.09 @

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