Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 3

Some shoot their mouth off, some just shoot you. Or better yet, punch you in the wind-pipe.

Just-Ice aka Sir Vicious, The Original Gangster of Hip-Hop

Check The Resume: Recorded with Mantronik and KRS-One. ‘Cold Getting’ Dumb’, ‘Goin’ Way Back’ and ‘Latoya’ are just a few of his classics.

Certified Hand Skills: Worked as a bouncer at several notorious Punk clubs in New York.

Have Gun, Will Travel: When Queens Bridge was beefing with the Bronx, he went looking for Blaq Poet with a shotgun after Po had declared, ‘Just-Ice will melt!’ on record. The two are now best buddies.

School of Hard Knocks: Was first locked-up at age twelve. Met KRS-One and DJ Scott La Rock while staying at a homeless shelter.

MySpace Motto? Currently available to drop a hot sixteen on your track for $2,500. “A Small Price For History”.

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

Check The Resume: Forget Busta and Weezy, Bumpy is the original cameo king. ‘M.U.G’, ‘Ruff Ruff’, ‘Money In The Bank’ and ‘Hot Potatoe’ are just a few of his show-stealing appearances.

Certified Hand Skills: Used to fight in a home-made boxing ring in his back yard in Long Island as a teenager. Also trained with professional boxer Iran ‘The Blade’ Barkley.

Have Gun, Will Travel: “No more twin glocks, they jam up my plays/
Now its twin .40 calibre Walther PPK’s”

School of Hard Knocks: Survived in the snake pit that is the music industry for over twenty years.

MySpace Motto? “I Don’t Buy Beats I Sell Verses And I Aint Cheap!” Also features the excellent ‘Ask Uncle Bump’ advice column.

Winner: The fact that Foxxx actually had a backyard as a kid while Sir Vicious had to grab a cot in a shelter over in the Bronx for a few months leaves no doubt as to who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Freddie might have a slight edge over Just in terms of his pugilistic technique, but a sawn-off shotgun beats the fists of fury any day. Shoot a fair one, indeed.

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was just da first dude wit grillz?
anyway them both are hard knocks galore.

Comment by swordfish 03.30.09 @

Just Ice will fukk you up

Comment by Dave 03.30.09 @

just was not the 1st dude with fronts thats old school new york fashion when albee square had it on lock. Why people think that rappers invent fashion i will never know. The streets invent fashion and they just happen to be from the streets. anyway hilarious post once again

Comment by Mercilesz 03.30.09 @

where’s willie d???????

Comment by 88k's 03.30.09 @

Don’t forget that Just Ice had dude from Cold Chillin’ in a yoke for non payment of funds!!!!

Comment by dlp 03.30.09 @

if im not mistaken, Just was always accused of bodying some drug dealers some years back

Comment by daruffian 03.30.09 @

Ant Banks should be on there. He used to strangle and abuse his MC’s during recording sessions if they copped an attitude.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 03.30.09 @

For All The Pioneers I’m Going Way Back!

Comment by DDP 03.30.09 @


Comment by 357 NYC 03.30.09 @

Just-Ice appeared on America’s Most Wanted…though they had the wrong guy. Still I wouldnt want to have run-in with Just.

Comment by HuntsPointFame 03.30.09 @

true or false? Just-Ice in Germany sticking up the tour bus and forcing the driver to take him to the airport prior to performing (late 80’s circa) ? I remember this on a radio rap report back in the day but I never saw anything on it since. This round brought it to mind. Does anyone know?

Comment by AO 03.31.09 @

I thought Just Ice was really tough until I re-watched that video of Going Way Back – him swinging his arms and hands around like Gwen Stefani. I’m changing my vote. PEAAACCEE!

Comment by Dave 03.31.09 @

cold gettin’ dumb

Comment by DANKWEED 03.31.09 @


Comment by drethizzle 03.31.09 @

Just-Ice always been my favorate rapper and shit. Do u ever listen to this nigga rap reggae and hip hop and shit.

Comment by CortDog 03.27.10 @

Don’t forget King Sun also chumped the whole Lynch Mobb and Cube on stage with his arm in a cast and they were all shook!
Sun also boxed and was 6ft 9 and full of muscles and when he dissed 2 pac….Death Row didn’t say shit LOL!!!!!!
And I just heard LITTLE SHAWN (Hickeys on your chest) was actually the baddest motherfucker with his fist and many believe was behind Pac being shot.
Eric B too was a feared man…How else could he roll with the real 50 cent (not the wack rapper on steroids) and Alpo??? And he got credit for everybody else’s beats (ask Large Pro) and he never did one cut on ANY of the ERIC B and Rakim albums.
Good Post Rob!

Comment by Davito 09.10.13 @

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