Re-Jack City: Jay-Z On Westwood, 1996

By special request, a re-up of The Jaz’ old pal hawking his wares over in ol’ London town.

Jay-Z Interview and Freestyle on Tim Westwood’s Radio One Rap Show, 1996

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Anyone recognize that Bill Withers flip in the background during the interview?

Comment by anonymous 03.15.09 @

Listening back to early interviews with Jay, it’s rather stark how deliberately he ghetto-ed up his inflection at that time. I’m not saying Jay was inauthentic on the whole. And, of course, I’m not the same person I was thirteen years ago – in ’96 I was ghetto-fying my speech a bit too. He sounds exaggerated in the way he speaks, though comfortable on the radio.

It’s funny because you don’t notice that stuff when you’re a kid yourself. Now, I’m almost thirty, and things like this become clear looking back as an adult.

Anyway, he killed that same beat on the Funk Flex Sixty Minutes of Funk Vol. 2.

Comment by digglahhh 03.15.09 @

True, he was talking with that 90’s inflection. I was in high school as well, when that came out.

I can’t stand new rap music. Underground, mainstream, down south, whatever you want to call it, it all just sucks. I’ve wasted countless days sifting through garbage music trying to find stuff I love, just to realize the music has become an advertisement.

Anyway, that’s enough for my angry old man schtick, thanks to Unkut, I love this site, you guys sift through the garbage and post the few gems.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 03.15.09 @

anonymous wrote:
“Anyone recognize that Bill Withers flip in the background during the interview?”

yea that’s withers/grover washington “just the 2 of us”

Comment by dj blendz 03.16.09 @

Bill Withers? I always thought it was a Barry White / Love Unlimited break? More interesting than listening to the Jigga anyway. What was wrong on the rap exchange that month – was Nas too busy to drop by?

Comment by farns 03.16.09 @

link down already. can anyone hook me uo with a re-up? props in advance

Comment by PeeEyeEmPee 03.30.09 @

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