Unkut.com Presents DJ J-Red-The 500 (For The 90’s) Mixtape

Not to be confused with Jaguar Skillz 1979 – 2006 A Hip-Hop Odyssey or Chris Read The Diary (World’s Greatest Rap Megamix) mixes, this is a project that Australia’s DJ J-Red put together before either of those appeared. Since he never got around to releasing it officially, it seemed like the perfect time to throw this out there via thanks to the magic of the internets.

Unkut.com Presents DJ J-Red – The 500 (For The 90’s) Mixtape

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any chance of a tracklist? I don’t use up the 30 seconds download time on any old shite, y’know…

Comment by A to the L 03.23.09 @

^ Negative. When you hear it you’ll understand.

Comment by Robbie 03.23.09 @

I just thought the same thing and I’m only 2 minutes in (nh)…

However, I think for accurate ID3 tagging purposes (and for shits and giggles) we should still nominate some unfortunate cunt to produce a tracklist.

(I nominate bol btw)

Comment by A to the L 03.23.09 @

Oh, and its bloody good. Thumbs up all round.

Comment by A to the L 03.23.09 @

downloading now…Robbie wouldnt really put super bullshit up for dl, so I’ll give it a listen >_>

Comment by The Octacat 03.23.09 @

Looking forward to listening when I get home from work – J-Red is world class and always brings heat.

Good looking out.

Mark 563

Comment by Mark 563 03.23.09 @

Look forward to checking this when I get home from work – J-Red is world class and always brings heat.

Good looking out.

Mark 563

Comment by Mark 563 03.23.09 @

good stuff, downloading now

Comment by Headlock 03.23.09 @

Props Robbie,
dope as fuck tape from Australia’s best DJ.
Melburn stand up!

Shouts to Aussie’s finest is due too…Bob Balans, Trem and Strut…we need some new LC material, ASAP!

Comment by AFFEX 03.24.09 @

mix’s sick.
barbeque rotation guaranteed.

Comment by swordfish 03.25.09 @

This mix isn’t like all those other 90’s mixes I have heard over the years…Props for this, it sounds like it took a great deal of time to orchestrate this type of attack…Damn, somebody in Australia isn’t playing games….

By the way, whatever happened to DJ Dexter ?

Comment by shamz 03.25.09 @

Dexter never won a world dj final, J-red did,…

Comment by Rooster 03.30.09 @

This iz just great!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 03.31.09 @

Should uplode this agen ive lost my file of it

Comment by somebloke 02.01.13 @

Yo! I need this mix! Please re-up Robbie!

Comment by Yo! MTV is Crap 10.09.13 @

can u repost this plz or link

Comment by dugnitti 08.26.14 @

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