Vote For Rap’s G.O.A.T.

Now that 100 MC’s have crowned Rakim as the Greatest Rapper of All-Time in the final issue of HHC, I thought it would be worth polling the internets (and more specifically, the esteemed readership of Unkut Dot Com) as to who you think deserves the title. Sure, it could be argued that there “is no best”, but try and play nice,kids. Here’s the deal – cast your vote in the comment section, along with a brief reason why you picked ’em. As soon as the 100th200th vote is cast, the results will be sorted and the winner announced as TEH KING OF TEH INTERNETS RAP DUDES, or something like that. In the likely event that it doesn’t reach one hundred votes cast within the near future, I’ll just flip an effin’ coin.

Just to make things clear, I’ll set it off myself…

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Kool G Rap.

His whole persona brings together street-level wit with the verbal aptitude of a bookworm, bridging the gap between high-brow lyrical nerds and head-nodding tough guys in a manner that has yet to be duplicated effectively – all with a lisp that would end the career of lesser mortals before it even began.

Comment by Robbie 03.19.09 @

Cosign. G Rap holds the title, followed by a close Rakim.

Comment by floodwatch 03.19.09 @

I think if you equally weight influence, longevity, stage presence, freestyle ability, and number of classic recordings… it’s pretty hard to top KRS-One.

Kool Keith is the other guy who is well-rounded and really evolved with the changes in hip hop. I would give him #2 GOAT status.

If you say Rakim is the GOAT, then why did his career end after like 3 years? Rakim was certainly the most influential MC… I won’t argue that. I think pretty much everyone can agree on that.

But the GOAT has got to be more than most influential or most respected (or the one you happen to like the most… c’mon… by popularity, then Vanilla Ice is the goat).

Comment by eric 03.19.09 @

chuck d. A career as long as LL”s but he was never caught slippin’ makin tracks for the bitchez (no disrespect). not my favorite of all time but if you’ve been to a PE show you know he’s the greatest. #2 BDK. #3 KGR. #4 Vanilla Ice (dont front).

Pig B.

Comment by pig bodine 03.19.09 @

Kool G Rap.

His technique has influenced almost every rapper from the 90s, most notably the oh-so-celebrated Big Pun, while his lyrics were full of an imagery that (unfortunately) would’ve been exploited by almost everybody from 1993 until now. Oh, and what about his storytelling?

And, by the way, aside from being the GOAT lyricist, I also believe that he’s been as influential as Ra if not more.

Comment by reiser 03.19.09 @

I was going to say Kool Keith for keeping a dedicated fanbase and for coming wit it through those Ultra Mag years. My GOAT vote, goes to Jersey: Redman, for being the most consistent weedhead rapper ever, for crossing genres, solid lyrical word play, and a dope album every 5 years or so. NJ all day.

Comment by Camilo 03.19.09 @

Never bummy, sip rummy, get money
When I hit honey she felt the dick in her tummy
On the le-low I see dough from here to Rio
Flamboyant Records, C to the E-O……WHAT?!

Comment by Hassle 03.19.09 @

I’m gonna go against the grain slightly and vote for Chuck D. If it wasn’t for his booming voice as a complement to the hard driving beats that the Bomb Squad laid down people would still be taking rappers for a joke, a passing phase or even a hoax.

Shouts to KRS-1

Comment by Dallas 03.19.09 @


I have a longwinded answer to that here:

And you can get the re-up of that Blaze magazine 50 greatest MC’s here:

They even voted for producers, breakdancers, etc.

Comment by Vincent 03.19.09 @


Lyrics, voice. More classics in two albums than others on this list who’ve had 20 year careers. Influence for days.

Comment by Adam 03.19.09 @


Comment by dee 03.19.09 @

Cant call it less i spoil it…
Rakim/G-Rap = Dead Heat.
Lemme delve deeper…

Comment by Big Hock 03.19.09 @


-3 Classic albums (RD, BP & TBA)
-Appeals to a broad audience
-Influential since mid-90s and will still be relevant 10 years from now

… He gets my vote.

Comment by Dom Corleone 03.19.09 @

G Rap without a shadow, then Allah, then KRS 1.

My 2 cents, will probably change again next week, well at least order wise between my 1 & 2.

Comment by Brad Strut 03.19.09 @

i put Akinyele, G-rap, Rakim, Kane and Finesse on a shared #1 spot.

Id find it impossible to pick the greatest… :)

Comment by RowanB 03.19.09 @

Kane. He is the best live rapper I’ve ever seen.
I’ve seen him rap Raw, Wrath and other songs recently without problems. And he still writes new hot metaphors.

But if we consider GOAT on a broader scale. Like succes, appeal and longevity, I gotta go with Jay-Z.

But ‘Pac #3? Boooooh!!!

Comment by SeventhSun 03.19.09 @

KRS all day. Nobody made as many albums or even survived the changing of the guard from juice crew era to bcc era but him. No one said anything as relevant as he did to whats going on in america and overseas. No one made a live rap album before him and he didnt lipsynch or rap over his own vocals a la Rakim. No one wanted to battle this dude cuz he would shut u down with the quickness. All praises due to the mighty KRS he is truly the GOAT.

Comment by Mercilesz 03.19.09 @

Grandmaster Caz.
He pioneered in the 70s and made the leap to complex styles in the 80s. Check his stuff with Ced Gee on Tuff City.
Everyone favored in above comments is hard to go past though, as is Melle Mel.

Comment by PR2 03.19.09 @

Blastmaster KRS-ONE imo the most consistent & original

Comment by mustard 03.19.09 @

Lord Finesse

“‘Yo Finesse you paid?’ Thought I wasn’t when I was.” And he should get extra points because his production is so fuckin’ nice. Biz Markie is in this elite class as well and ‘Lil Fame will carry the torch.
From the Patterson Projects Battle video:
LF: “You can’t have your man helpin’ you out like that.”

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.19.09 @

although I hate the man, I think he is the most arrogant and most annoying man in hiphop…. KRS is by FAR the best MC>

Comment by cenzi 03.19.09 @

I have to say Rakim.His emergence into HipHop caused a”lyrical-Climate-shift”in ’86.Kool G.Rap credits Ra as an influence on his ryhme style,Kane credits Ra with exposing him to the Nation Of Gods and Earths,Chuck D and the entire Strong Island family credit Rakim’s sucess as the”proverbial”door being kicked open for Long Island emcees.And KRS gave an interview back in the days to EGO Trip magazine about hearing cuts from Ra& Eric’s-Paid in Full one night chilling with Scott la rock and Eric B,and realizing he and Scott needed to step things up with”Criminal Minded”.
I love the majority of HipHop Kings that have been listed above,and I AM A DIE-HARD KANE fan for the record,but-IT GOES TO RAKIM!! If the God had not”spit ryhmes”out-side-of the-box,HipHop would have become stagnant,drab..OH wait…basically what HipHop is today.

Comment by R.Jones 03.19.09 @

Without a doubt, The God Rakim!

Comment by JP 03.19.09 @

#3-Kool G Rap
#4-Chuck D
#5-Big Daddy Kane

Honorable mentions:
Masta Ace, GZA, Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Biggie, LL, Common…

Comment by Veredicto 03.19.09 @

Kool G Rap

Co-sign on the reasons above, plus dude never fell off. Rakim is the greatest pure lyricist – but ‘The Master’ had some weak moments. Every album G put out was fire and he’s still grinding on features and mixtapes.

Comment by Frost Gamble 03.19.09 @


(c) (late) 80’s baby response

Comment by nation 03.19.09 @

Gotta Be G Rap…..Come on. he’s been at or near the head of his class since he dropped over 20 years ago, he cooked the whole Queens on the posse track with 50, LL, the Mobb, etc, and he’s on the afro samurai soundtrack murdering right now…

Comment by OhExtraMoney 03.19.09 @


I know, I know, I know. It’s not a very original one, but he has never left that spot to me since I was first introduced to “Ready to Die.” No hip-hop artist has had such a big impact in such a short amount of time, and nobody else probably will. His music is timeless and sounds even better over time…

Oh, and 2Pac is overrated. KRS, Rakim, and Lord Finesse are the runner-ups.

Comment by Jerry Nice 03.19.09 @

jay-z— hands down fellowed by 2pac then big!!!!!

Comment by rich black 03.19.09 @

Big Daddy Kane. Dude brought as astute yet street aesthetic to the game. Served as the blueprint for Jay-Z, BIG, the Wu and just about all of the skilled mc’s who came out in the early 90.s

Impressive vocabulary, unique flow, conceptually rich songs, and he knew that he was that dude.

Everybody wanted to put the daddy theme into their names after him. Father MC, Grandaddy IU, Big Poppa.

He raised the skill level of the game, with agressive, skilled compositions that rocked the world of hip-hop.

Comment by MEl Blunt 03.19.09 @

I can’t pick one.

A 6 headed dragon forming like Voltron of Rakim, G Rap, Kane, KRS1, Pharoah Monch and Kool Keith is as close as I can get.

Just to make a choice I am going to say KRS 1 because he is the most well rounded. He isn’t my favorite though.

Comment by bobd 03.19.09 @

Top 5, in order:

Kool G Rap
Krs One

Comment by Soul C 03.19.09 @

G. Rap for the simple reason that age hasn’t seemed to cramp his stee. He still spits with gusto. I was a huge BDP fan so KRS is no question in the G.O.A.T pantheon. Rakim, BDK and Chuck D. round out my top 5.

Comment by Robocop 03.19.09 @


Comment by DRLROCKWELL 03.19.09 @

cant pick just 1… Rakim, Kane, Slick Rick, Common, Mos Def, AZ, Red Man

Comment by nessnice 03.19.09 @

ll cool j is the g.o.a.t (lyrical ish, bangers and first rap’n’b ballade )
krs one is the spirit of hip-hop, blastmasta ternt teacha ; chuck d the political massacre
biggie smalls was the strongest emcee, big l the lyrical murderer, big pun the lyrical punisher
pac the thug live icon, scarface the south emperor, bun b the (underground) king of south, before it was rakim then Nas is the best lyricist alive. Before it’s was Big Daddy Kane… now Jay is the best rapper alive. G Rap the first gangsta rapper, Raekwon’s The Chef, Ghostface Killah has one of the best career. Eminem a genius and of course busta rhymes the most underrated rapper along with az, jada and styles

Comment by greums 03.19.09 @

add cube best from the west, common best poetic thing and of fuckin’ course the whole real hh heads, very good rappers or emcees for their contributions to this : Music !

Comment by greums 03.19.09 @

“My lawyers only see the billboard charts as winning, 4gettn, Nas the only tru rebel since the beginning”

“I’m Jessie Jackson on the balcony when King got killed. I survived the livest niggaz around…”

Comment by Mika 03.19.09 @

I love the knowledge he brings to the game and a master of words adn expression

“As far as rap go, it’s only natural, I explain
My plateau, and also, what defines my name
First it was Nasty, but times have changed
Ask me now, I’m the artist, but hardcore, my science for pain”

Comment by FRAZE 03.19.09 @

This is tricky since so many cats were influential, but not necessarily my type. I swear though, Kool Keith circa 1995-1999 was just the top of the pack. Not a battle rapper or a freestyler…but for pure lyrical insanity and crazy flows he was unmatched. My personal GOAT.

Comment by Finally 03.19.09 @


Comment by noz 03.19.09 @

2pac – More of a myth than a man, Pac embodied all of our hopes and dreams. His shortcomings mimic the shortcoming of hip hop itself. He was, and forever will be, a work in progress.

Comment by Incilin 03.19.09 @


The perfect bridge between old and new, while remaining as one of ours…

Comment by Deen 03.19.09 @

2pac for art, Rakim for technical, Lauryn Hill honorable mention

Comment by Canyon Cody 03.19.09 @

Tie between Rakim and Kool G. Rap

These are the two mc’s who give me the chills on every single verse they spit. Their rhymes are consistent and they never sound wack, even on minor quality tracks. Their records are milestones and they inspired the career of many rappers who followed.

Big Daddy Kane would be on the same level but he dropped some weak stuff at a certain point of his career (the album that contained “In The PJ’s”).

KRS and Chuck D are also close but sometimes lack the intensity of Ra and G.Rap.

By the way, these above are my top five mc’s with an honorable mention for Big L.

Comment by ceedub 03.19.09 @

if you arent voting for NASTY NAS
idk what youre saying

Nas made arguably the best hip hop albums of all time
there’s no need for explanation

Nas has the crown until Blu inherits it
(Lupe just isnt hip hop enough)

Comment by keemer 03.19.09 @

Jay-Z. Break out the albums and go song for song. There isn’t anyone close with the amount of hits (not just singles) that he has.

Here is my ultimate test- if there was a hip hop attack from Mars, and we had to pick one rapper to go win to save Earth- be it with a song, an album, a dis track, a ladies track, a battle- whatever- who do you take? Hov.

Comment by G Off 03.19.09 @

Jay-Z, I concur with Dom Corleone, all good supporting points. BIG’s spirit lives through his music.

Comment by Da 03.19.09 @

I’m going with my gut and voting for Kane.
At his best he held his own with Ra and G Rap, was able to balance the pimp/tough guy thing while delivering clever punchlines and being a lyricist.
He is the father of both Biggie and Jay-Z’s Bklyn styles.

Comment by keatso 03.19.09 @

if you arent voting for NASTY NAS
idk what youre saying

Nas made arguably the best hip hop albums of all time
there’s no need for explanation

Nas has the crown until Blu inherits it
(Lupe just isnt hip hop enough)

Comment by keemer 03.19.09 @


Co-sign to death..

inlcuding the Blu comment..

he’s gonna get the thrown once Esco is gone

Comment by UnkleAnt 03.19.09 @

How can u not say Jay-Z ? song for song.. trend for trend..crossover ability…hov hands down… not to meniton lyrics and best flow or flows of all time.

Comment by steelzkitchen 03.19.09 @


Change the game, made it bigegr than ever and is still the greatest lving rapper. huge talent, best sotries, talent en masse no ghetto garbage. real shit, no fantasy trash.

Comment by The King 03.19.09 @


LL has been relevant longer than any rapper you can name. 13 albums and still relevant?damn

plus hes a queens niggga haha

Comment by corneilous 03.19.09 @

Rick Ross

Comment by simon 03.19.09 @


Comment by Casey 03.19.09 @

Nas is clearly the GOAT. dude has constantly kept lyrics on point on all of his albums. close behind is GFK who could fill up a dictionary with all of the slang he’s innovated.

Comment by fetus_jones 03.19.09 @

I take 7 MC’s..put em in a line…….
Then i crown Rakim the greatest of all time.

Competition is none, he remains at the top like the sun….mic’s down

Comment by The Mechanic 03.19.09 @


Kept it going for longer than anyone else and crafted what’s seen as the GOAT album. I’ll probably change my mind in like 30 seconds but meh.

Comment by Craig 03.19.09 @

This is an argument that will last till the end of time but I have to go with KRS for the simple fact he is a lyrical monster, battle emcee, off the head marksman, he’s had countless CLASSICS, he incorporates breakin and graffiti in his videos and his live shows are a study in PANDEMONIUM! All of this combined and the fact he’s still doing it, there really is no argument. Peace to Kool G. Rap and Rakim.

Comment by se7enthirty 03.19.09 @

Big L

Lamont Coleman had it all: witty lyricism, clever rhyme schemes, and a dark nihilism that even Mobb Deep couldn’t touch.

Comment by Dick Rambone 03.19.09 @

kool keith, although not the first abstract MC
(see T La Rock), his lyrics, attitude and rhyme
patterens from ‘space is the place’ in ’85 til ‘dr doom’ have never dissappointed me which is more than i can say for any other MC.

btw, i’ve never heard a 2pac song i’ve liked.

Comment by i the t 03.19.09 @

When I started reading this I didn’t really expect to see many agree with me. Smart reader’s on this site I guess
G RAP all day!

Yo When the gats reveal
You cats get peeled and that’s the deal
Fuck a bitch-ass that switch fast niggas that lack the real
When the slugs burst
G.Rap be aiming at your mug first
Niggas is blood thirst
We’ll see who get plugged worst
We dug earth
The place you put the nickel-plate is to your facial
Bullets ain’t racial kid the only hate you
My nine will seem like it’s a time machine B.C. date you
Jacking you more than ripper
My fifth’s an organ shifter
The human organism lifter
You’ll be hearing organs
If ya leaving orphans, If ya
Let these fours hit ya where the law split ya
A fork pitcher
To bump heads with those that dump lead
Accurate shot in back of your knot
Leave you one dead G.Rap,Havoc and Prodigy
Let’s put these bitch niggas where bodies be dun
Yo if it gotta be,it gotta be

G Rap is raw lyrics for the street and hip hop heads. He’s steady been one of the illest bar for bar for more or less twently years. Who can say that? G Rap will eat your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Comment by BurDenDEr 03.19.09 @

Big Pun

Pun was the illest MC to grap the mic. his lyricism, punchlines and flow are untouched to this day & never got the love he should’ve gotten. niggas needa know what pun brought to the game.

Comment by NYCplatinum05 03.19.09 @

G Rap=KRS=Rakim
I envy anyone that can actually pick one from these three

Comment by goldenera92 03.19.09 @


Mainlii because he is da onlii one with apresence to spit da real things that most people don’t always wanna hear but have to hear…people need to learn to have knowledge of self…also i look to him as the perfect image of an MC who has the perfect mix of old and new in his music…he’s influenced alot of the rappers that are rapping right now

Comment by Counter drugs 03.19.09 @

KRS is my sentimental fave, but Nas encompasses the best of all the aforementioned emcees…I gotta go with Nasir.

Comment by bronxbred 03.19.09 @

co-sign on Kool Keith as the G.O.A.T. hes probably not gonna take it, its obviously either gonna be Rakim or Kool G. And if Robbie has his way he can continue to be the unoffical jock strap of G Rap, haha jk and its almost cliche nowadays to say that 2pac and Biggie are the undisputed G.O.A.T.’s

Comment by gstatty 03.19.09 @

My Top 5:

1. Ghostface Killah
2. KRS 1
3. Kool Keith
4. Big Daddy Kane
5. Robbie Ettelson

Comment by End Level Boss 03.19.09 @


Lyrically, you can’t see him. Creativity? Dude wrote rhymes backwards, about his birth, 3rd person, historical, intellectual, ignorant ish.
Best album AND best dis track.

“I was born to use mics.”

It’s true, vote for Nas.

Comment by DC 03.19.09 @


Comment by 2Gutta 03.19.09 @

Choosing the G.O.A.T. is actually not possible.
Because every rapper/MC was great in it’s own time period and time frame.
There are a couple of artists that’ve influenced the whole game (and that made people step their game up)
Those are:
Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Nas, B.I.G, LL Cool J, Wu-Tang.

Anyone that says Jay, get the fuck outta here, i can also recite B.I.G.’s lyrics.

Comment by homieBtothaJ 03.19.09 @


Comment by Stef 03.19.09 @

Cant believe only I said Akinyele and only one other person said Lord Finesse.
For me jay-z doesnt even come into it and i gotta say after reading all your opinions and bumping a bit of “rated xxx” again that i’ve also come to the conclusion that the G.O.A.T. can only be Kool G! :)

Comment by RowanB 03.19.09 @

It has to be Jay-Z.

Comment by p 03.19.09 @

Cant believe only I said Akinyele and only one other person said Lord Finesse.
For me jay-z doesnt even come into it and i gotta say after reading all your opinions and bumping a bit of “rated xxx” again that i’ve also come to the conclusion that the G.O.A.T. can only be Kool G! :)
Comment by RowanB 03.19.0

Didnt’ mention Finesse and AK but they are definitely in my top ten as are Masta Ace and Pos from De La Soul. Also, Q-Tip has to be mentioned at least for the shit he did when he was with Tribe.

And I agree with the Jay-Z comment.

Comment by ceedub 03.19.09 @

yes yes yall ya don’t stop KRS ONE!!

Comment by 357 NYC 03.19.09 @


He did in two albuns what no other rapper has ever done… it’s gotta be him

Comment by Aquaman 03.19.09 @

Nas-Because I have listened to illmatic so countless times cover to cover.

Comment by AitchEs 03.19.09 @


Comment by AitchEs 03.19.09 @


Comment by Bjorn 03.19.09 @

Pharoahe Monch

Comment by Eastern_Digital 03.19.09 @

1. Rakim
2. Chuck D
3. Krs 1
4. Kane
5. G Rap

Comment by Bang 03.19.09 @

The God Rakim

Comment by tone 03.19.09 @


Hov is the illest

Comment by Mr. Hayes 03.19.09 @


Comment by Liam 03.19.09 @

We are assuming you’re talking about the greatest LYRICIST of all time?

in which case it must be one of the following five:


In Their prime, they were all great.

Comment by The Elders 03.19.09 @

kool g raps.

(i dont understand what all the confusion is about… cop any of his albums)

Comment by - keka - 03.19.09 @

1. Ghostface. Greatest storyteller, abstract artist, and syllables, rhymes, wordplay.

2. Nas
3. Andre’ 3000 – The illest content ever. Takes the Krs shit to another level.
4. Kool G Rap
5. Tie between Rakim, Inspectah Deck, Redman, Meth, Rae, and Blackthought

Comment by Silo 03.19.09 @


Lyrically, you can’t see him. Creativity? Dude wrote rhymes backwards, about his birth, 3rd person, historical, intellectual, ignorant ish.
Best album AND best dis track.

“I was born to use mics.”
Also NAS has writin da best metaphorical music eva Ex: I gave u power, ProJect Roach, Fried Chicken, money is my bitch, Who Killed it?

Comment by Some music 03.19.09 @

if it ain’t Fat Joe then it must be Lord Finesse

Comment by Ap 03.19.09 @

Snoop Dogg…wrote the 1st chronic!sold over 50million albums, almost 20yrs at the top of the game..stil rated one of the 5 hottest MC’s..lik he just debuted!’when u know what to do with it, I’ll be done with, come with it’He is HIP HOP period!Over 10yrs after the death of 2pac…He is stil in the Top 5 MC’s alongside Newbies: lik the impressive T.I…etc

Comment by The One 03.19.09 @

andre 3000…takes krs shit to the next level? cmon now…..

Comment by Mercilesz 03.19.09 @

Top 10+1 Greatest Of All Time.


Comment by The Elders 03.19.09 @

Plus 1 More


Comment by The Elders 03.19.09 @


Say what you want about him. He may not be as sharp as he once was and he may not have the same acuity with picking beats…

And I’m a 80’s baby dun duns

Comment by sooch 03.19.09 @


The second his rhymes entered the public awareness, the whole hip hop genre changed. There was the hip hop prior to him, and a whole new genre the day after.

Comment by Thun 03.19.09 @

Acronyms Suck peepee. Who want’s to be a goat?

Comment by Swag Diesel 03.19.09 @

KRS One without a doubt..
he got all the bases covered

Comment by dj blendz 03.19.09 @


He was twenty years ahead of his time as far as lyrics and rhyme style go. His shit from 20 plus years ago sounds current today!

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.19.09 @

Gotta be the R!

Comment by warchild 03.19.09 @

KRS-One hands down

Comment by yoyo0909 03.19.09 @

My vote, KRS-One. And I agree with the guy who said Q-Tip should be mentioned. Freddie Foxxx and Method Man get my nod for G. guest appearance O. A. T. Too bad Jeru doesn’t have more I’m the Man moments. Anyway…I have said too much.

Comment by turtle 03.19.09 @

“brings together street-level wit with the verbal aptitude of a bookworm, bridging the gap between high-brow lyrical nerds and head-nodding tough guys”
Could also be applied to Kane!

Plus he had the LL-type playa thing cornerned, as well as a dope live show (dancers and one of the illest REAL DJS (unlike Polo/Eric B).

His exaggerated punchline delivery definitely influenced the likes of Finesse and Big L.

He was also ahead of the curve with the whole ghost writer thing (cough BIZ), and he was known to battle dudes.

He also managed to keep it a good time, had a sense of humor and didnt over think this shit/ take himself too seriously like a Nas or a KRS..

No Kane=no Biggie, no Jay-Z.
Enough said.

Comment by keatso 03.20.09 @

Rick Ross
Comment by simon 03.19.09 @
hahahahahahaha lmfao
Nasty Nas hands down

Comment by Rob LBC 03.20.09 @

What does it take to be the GOAT?
1)Lyrics (spittin’ fire, storytelling, sayin’ something)
2)Underground appeal (the headz know)
3)Crossover appeal (the preps know)
4)Blowin’the stage (an MC)
5)Influence (changed the game)

My tops are Kane, G-rap, BIG, Jay-Z, Nas, KRS-1, Plug 1, Eminem, Rakim.

All of these dudes hit all the points. If we were to rank them in every category:
Kane 1)4, 2)4 3)2, 4)5, 5)5 Total:20
G-Rap 1)4, 2)5, 3)1, 4)3, 5)5 18
BIG 1)4, 2)5, 3)5, 4)4, 5)3 21
Hova 1)4, 2)4, 3)5, 4)5, 5)3 21
Nas 1)5, 2)5, 3)3, 4)4, 5)4 21
KRS 1)5, 2)5, 3)4, 4)5, 5)5 24
Pos 1)5, 2)4, 3)3, 4)4, 5)3 19
Em 1)5, 2)4, 3)5, 4)3, 5)3 20
Ra 1)4, 2)5, 3)2, 4)3, 5)5 19

KRS gets it for GOAT, even if I take a point off his Lyrics, he still wins. Ask most non-heads and they’ll at least know the name if not have an album. You can’t deny the influence, and of course underground till the end. The end.

Comment by Genesius 03.20.09 @

those who said eminem or canibus should kill themselves.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 03.20.09 @

Big Daddy Kane
Black Thought

Thinking on longevity, ability to rap on different subject matter (not always on that gangsta shit, not always on some consious stuff)

Comment by drugmatrix 03.20.09 @

3.G Rap
5.Gza- there should be more gza love, dude didn’t spit one wack verse on all of swordz

Comment by Jason 03.20.09 @


Comment by brd 03.20.09 @

No doubt in my mind, it has to be KRS-One. Crucially, I think there’s still another classic album left in him (especially if this collabo with Premier happens)
Lord Finesse is right up there too and also Slick Rick (Great Adventures … is incredible)

Comment by cratedigga78 03.20.09 @

A rizla paper width seperates Kane, G Rap & Rakim but Kane shades it for me. He had the lyrics, the voice, the flow and he entertained with it. How many other rappers could throw in a few dance steps and still be taken seriously?

Comment by Hooligan 03.20.09 @

1. Kool G Rap
2. Rakim
3. BDK
4. Tie between Masta Ace, Edo G, KRS, Nas, Lord Finesse, O.C., Big L
5. Planet Asia.

“if it ain’t Fat Joe then it must be Lord Finesse”

Comment by Ap 03.19.09 @ <—Good one Ap!

Comment by KrewzKontrol 03.20.09 @

Add GZA to spot 4.

Comment by KrewzKontrol 03.20.09 @

Melle Mel…..
only 1 mention in the comments???
he influenced all of the above….

Comment by Lethal 03.20.09 @


Comment by ANU 03.20.09 @

the R is definitey one of my favourites and greatest of all time, but he cancelled his last london shows and i still aint seen him! Mos Def gave a couple of th ebest shows i’ve seen and ha sa great body of work but for me it’s gotta be the Big Daddy Kane, he’s still as tight as his first lp which is 20 years old!

Comment by khy boogie 03.20.09 @

thanks for all your comments, but the correct answer is actually.. Thirstin Howl III.

Now I know he’s hardly never even gone wood but
he is actually the best and being as I understand more about rapping than everyone else in the history of western civilisation, what I say counts.

Obviously I don’t expect you to believe me, but it’s still true.

Listen to Skillionairre.

Comment by i the t 03.20.09 @


Comment by rondo 03.20.09 @

No other artist has moved me in the way Ras Kass did, with joints like Interview With A Vampire, Ordo Ab Chao, The Seance, Van Gogh, The Evil That Men Do, and his numerous other uncelebrated classics!!! It’s a shame he dumbed down his material so much in recent times before heading to the pen for the umpteenth time. The Game fiasco also tainted his legacy somewhat!!!

Others that merit the title would be Rakim, Chuck D, G Rap, and Kane!!! If this were 1989 again, I would be really hard pressed to pick one of these four over the other. Joints like “Lyrics of Fury”, “Men At Work”, “Welcome To The Terrordome” and “Wrath of Kane” gave me goosebumps. No other artist moved me like they did .. until Ras dropped in 96!!!

Comment by Brock 03.20.09 @

Marley marley & Krs one’s hiphop live: tribute to NAS!!!

Nasty Nas’ Illmatic,
Nas Escobar 4 Commercial Achievement,
Nastradamus 4 His Legacy,
Nasir Jones The Street’s Disciple 4 Da Relevant Ish
God’s Son 4 His Legend !

“Still In Musical Prison, In Jail For the flow”

Do I mean it like a slave master, nigger?
N.o I.’m G.angsta, G.otta R.appers

I’m a hustler in the studio
Cups of Don Julio
No matter what the CD called
I’m unbeatable, y’all !

Comment by greums 03.20.09 @


Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Black Album
Consistent great material is your favorite rappers fav rapper. he sets the trends an has stayed relevant for a decade with music not just hype BP3 will be classic

Comment by king blair 03.20.09 @

5)kool g rap

Comment by KQ 03.20.09 @


Illmatic, Stillmatic, God’s Son
Consistent great material is your favorite rappers fav rapper. he sets the trends an has stayed relevant for a decade with music not just hype. The Tenth will be classic

Comment by greums 03.20.09 @


Comment by bkbs 03.20.09 @

Rakim. He defines what the MC is.

Jay accomplished the most in his career, but Ra made the deepest and greatest imprint.

Comment by 456 03.20.09 @

The R.Period

Comment by antipop 03.20.09 @

KRS-1. He had the lyrics, the voice, the presence, the storytelling. He could educate, entertain, and issue a beat down all in the same song (extra points for running up on PM Dawn). The winner in one of the best all-time beefs. The Self Destruction and Stop the Violence movement.

Comment by Adam 03.20.09 @

Ice Cube
Notorious Big
Big L

Comment by Fritz 03.20.09 @

the R is an abstract MC like Keith really but cause he has a serious voice, un-self-educated people seem to think he’s prophetic. But what, I ask you – has he really said that really MEANS anything or is anymore profound than “it ain’t where you from, it’s where you at” (an unfortunate line that allowed all manner of rednecks to feel justified in their existence)?

G.Rap is better, even though he himself is a mere crime writer with no physical hood stripes.

Kool Keith is the correct answer, why are you still debating ?

and before someone emits shit –

What Would Any Of You Know About Anything Anyway ?

Comment by i the t 03.20.09 @

Ras kass


Talib kweli

Comment by thekurupter_ 03.20.09 @


Comment by psy 03.20.09 @

KRS, no one can touch him in total mic control: creativity, longevity, history, personality, philosophy, culture, freestyle, written, battle, and live & direct…

Among the living and the dead, if there was a battle for it all right now, he’s the champ!

Comment by george washington 03.20.09 @

I start to think and then I sink
into the paper, like I was ink
when i’m writing i’m trapped in between the lines
I escape when I finish the rhyme,
I got soul.

Comment by The Elders 03.20.09 @


Kane, Chuck D, Kool G Rap, Nas, Andre 3000, Pharoahe Monch (!), Eminem, Jay-Z, 2Pac, B.I.G., GZA, Ghostface, etc. come close. But every time I listen to ‘Lyrics of Fury,’ ‘Casualties of War,’ or ‘Juice (Know the Ledge,’ I realize that I don’t really have much choice.

Comment by Gary 03.20.09 @


Comment by bbatson 03.20.09 @

I won’t be suprised if I catch a little heat for this but, so what…

…It’s Melle Mel

This was the early ’70’s, yet if you listen to his old live tapes today his lyrics still stand the test of time on par with anybody mentioned in this post. He is the father of all intelligent and socially relevant rap and he is the first to do ryhmes that actually make sense and ryhme all the way through.

EVERY SINGLE MC that EVERYONE has named above looked up to Melle Mel.

Mel has dropped rhymes about knowledge of self, poverty, braggin, females, crime and he can rock a party better than everyone mentioned above except perhaps KRS and Kane. Melle Mel has covered all bases successfuly.

Mel lost some battles once he got old and showed himself to be falible, but so does everyone else with time.

A VERY close number two has got to be KRS-ONE. I want to put him first but I need to be objective about this.

Absolutely no MC has a body of work that matches up to KRS, not even Melle Mel. But I still put KRS at 2 because (like most on this site) people have been locked in debate for decades on who was best from the late ’80s onwards. In Mel’s era there is very little debate despite heavy competition from some of the other greatest like Caz and Moe Dee who are both on par with Rakim, G-Rap and Kane (sure I’ll catch hate for saying that too!).

Mel became a victim of his success, drugs, and the change in times but he still more than held his own against all comers from the generation that came after him.

I think people have short memories or just don’t bother to expose themselves to the old school if they were too young to experience it. I understand this but it doesn’t change history.

Comment by Ausar 03.20.09 @

Nasir Jones

Comment by Guy Fawkes 03.20.09 @

Ausar is tellin that truth right now. applaud this man.

Comment by Mercilesz 03.20.09 @

it is true…

Melle Mel is the only MC that’s ever made me cry
(Beat street Breakdown – No Homo).

Comment by i the t 03.20.09 @

Gotta mention the enigmatic DOOM f.k.a MF DOOM f.k.a Zev Love X of KMD. I also agree with the heads that mentioned GZA. He dropped some futuristic type gems on that first Cold Chillin’ album and he’s been killing it for years…..

Comment by Robocop 03.20.09 @

Snoop Dogg is the goat in my opinion. lyrically everyone knows what he has and can bring to the table. his body has worked has touched a wide area of styles. He remains relevant consistently through the years while you see legends like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and Nas struggle to push the numbers. Theres no enough respect for him and he probably would get it if he started to claim is. Anyone who does get the nods usually self nominates themselves but I think real should recognize who really is the goat and give up to snoop.

Comment by GT 03.20.09 @

i feel what your saying about Melle but i’m assuming you didnt listen to “Muscles” hehe :)

Comment by RowanB 03.20.09 @

How many other rappers could throw in a few dance steps and still be taken seriously?

Comment by Hooligan 03.20.09 @

Couldnt have said it better myself
Big Daddy Kane

Comment by zteinarr 03.20.09 @



Comment by dollarmight 03.20.09 @

GOAT = relevant with “Lyrics”
GOAT = relevant wit “Lyrics, Flow & Music”

Melle Mel has classics cuz he fathered the HH
with old school legends but not in the sense of Blueprint, Illmatic, …
Melle Mel was a great emcee but let emcee from our/my generation to have also the 20 years career and then we will see the facts.

Comment by greums 03.20.09 @

Rakim Allah

Comment by yoot 03.20.09 @


With Nas a close second.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 03.20.09 @

Snoop remains relevant consistently through the years while you see legends like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and Nas struggle to push the numbers ??
Jay is more than 30 millions, Snoop 30 and LL and Nas more than 10. But Now Snoop last album is not gold like LL and Nas is gold. Jay Platinium.
Snoop Is Top 5 west.o.a.t and Top 10 alive.

Comment by greums 03.20.09 @


For the curious (or furious).

Comment by greums 03.20.09 @


Comment by Seppo 03.20.09 @

2Pac Shakur
it’s simple, he made soul music. and soul lastes forever.
the rest are just rappers, nothing more, nothing less.

Comment by funky funati 03.20.09 @

I’m going with NaS because he changed the game so much when he started. He told amazing stories that made it seem like you were there seeing it all. He used words that people did not even know the meaning. As he got older, he give people inspiring tracks to help them in their daily lives in addition to making great change. Personally, if it was not for NaS, I would not be where I am today.

Comment by DJ Daddy Mack 03.20.09 @

The dude made the best album evar. that is Illmatic. Anyway he stays thinking up great ideas, changing and influencing MC’s. And the reason that is above all. That rapper has incredible technique of rhyming, you can’t deny that. Besides, the respect 4 other MC’s.

“Name the rapper he ain’t influenced”

Comment by kodjo 03.20.09 @


Comment by bennerh 03.20.09 @

I’m from Brooklyn, but I gotta say Nas

Nas it is

Comment by BrooklynzFinezt 03.20.09 @

hey yo Robbie, if you are gonna do the G.O.A.T. rapper you gotta do the Cr.O.A.T. rapper, and no i don’t mean Croatian rapper of all time, i mean the crappiest rapper of all time, or would that be C.O.A.T.? whatevs, just run that ish dukes, i bet there would be so many funny responses and links to prove why they are so terrible

Comment by gstatty 03.20.09 @


Comment by boyooo 03.20.09 @


Most consistent
Longest run
Most classic albums
Most classic singles
Can switch from God Emcee to pop rapper in a minute
Voted most unlikely to succeed in Hip Hop High
Reps Brooklyn. What!?!

Comment by Combat Jack 03.20.09 @

If it’s on who is the greatest to me, then MF DOOM! Can’t sum it up in words, but everything the guy’s done has been gold to me. I don’t wanna start a riot because maybe it should be Rakim or Kool G Rap etc. but for me personally, it’s MF. All the way back to the KMD Zev love X days. Not forgetting the classic Madvillain.
I’d probably call him joint GOAT producer with Premo and the other obvious candidates. The beats on Doomsday & Food….!!!

Comment by JCB 03.20.09 @

Kool G Rap

because after all these years he is still topping out my walkmans-discmans-ipods most played list

Comment by Ash 03.20.09 @

Three Six Mafia … Hustle and Flow??? ()Don’t Front)

Comment by JJL 03.20.09 @

THE BLASTMASTA. Classic albums. Livest stage shows. Cypha/Battle/Freestyle/Conciousness…You are not just doing HIPHOP You are HIPHOP!!! Knowledge Reigns Supreme

Comment by ESEUNO 03.21.09 @

BIG – his ability to do both street and party joints, his storytelling ablility, 2/2 in terms of classic albums

honorable mention: jay-z, eminem, big pun, big l, nas, big daddy kane

Comment by jb 03.21.09 @

Nas…He has the best catalog of albums in Hip-Hop!

Comment by Stieflkater 03.21.09 @

Nas all the way!!!!

Comment by ER 03.21.09 @


debut album went 6x platinum in 99′

Thong song!

Comment by Derek 03.21.09 @


Comment by fats 03.21.09 @

Masta Ace has not put a foot wrong in his long career.

Comment by aberration 03.21.09 @

For the best Rapper I have to go with Big L! Just think of his part on the yes you may remix!!!!!

Honorable Mentions: Rakim, Finesse, Biggie, G Rap, Kane, Nas

three six mafia? :) gotta be kidding!!

Comment by Seebär 03.21.09 @

Re: Nas, as for the best hip hop album, Illmatic comes in a close second to PE’s Nation of Millions-still the most important hip hop album ever made.
As for Melle Mel, we all know The Message is crucial, but if you listen to that Beat Street Theme its still mind blowing in 2009 “And Don’t be a slave to no computer”. Holy fuck what happened to hip hop…

Comment by keatso 03.21.09 @

Black Thought as of right now, to me, is the greatest and probably most versatile mc. I am basing my opinion on the fact that he has been spitting heat, straight heat!, for the past 16+ years. Check his catalog and you will hear nothing but heat.

Comment by Edub 03.21.09 @

Let it role, get bold, I just can’t hold back or fold, cause I’m a man with soul, in control, in effect, so what the heck, rock the discotech and this groove is what’s next…


Comment by J Smalls 03.21.09 @

Kane and G-Rap don’t appeal to me these days. I’d say Melle Mel above those guys. Nas never meant much to me. From the main parties I’d say KRS or Rakim but my true votes would go to:

1: Posdnous / Plug One – been way ahead since 1987?

2: El-P – wildstyle of rap

3: Myka Mica Mikah Micah Mika 9 – style, albums, trendsetter, duration, content

4: Jalal (Last Poets) – style, content, politics, imagery, history, poetry. Still burn.

Comment by rechade 03.21.09 @


Comment by J-Blendz 03.21.09 @

Big Punisher

Big Pun’s first album, Capital Punishment, is stacked, beginning to end, with the greatest lyrical composition ever. Big Pun was the total package: unmatched lyrical dexterity, a commercially charismatic persona, and the respect of the folks in streets.

“Dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle man that didn’t do diddly.” RIP

Comment by skinnyjoe 03.21.09 @

lord finesse……….big l…………

Comment by 88k's 03.21.09 @

So hard to say, so many have had such an impact. We would have to mention each changing of the guard so that each generation has a fair shot. All I can say is, these are many so called GOAT’s for their time, based on Originality, Lyricism and Impact on each timeline. Overall, it would have to be KRS-One. No one can fuck with the Teacher, not even G. Rap, and G. Rap is fuckin nuts.

Comment by Redstarr 03.21.09 @

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. And that one is… Prince Whipper Whip.

Comment by Money Mike B 03.22.09 @

“if you wanna know why they call me Whip,
it’s cause i like all the ladies with the curvy hips”

^ illogical

Comment by i the t 03.22.09 @

Krs, GRap, RA and Kane was the four fantastic
then Pac, Big, Nas and Jay are the four iconic
but an important thing is that Jay, Ra and GRap
are 40 ! And Jay is still one the top, without 20 years of career ..? each year wit a great album with success. so if now, Nas Is the best emcee (lyricist) alive, Jay is the best rapper alive for real !

Comment by greums 03.22.09 @

Wit all due respect ,i agree that rapping,rhymin,battlin,performin all need 2 be thought heavily in this Question;there iz no greatest due to ones taste aint da same anyway 2 me just spitballin;RAKIM’tlarock,biggie,big pun,grap,nas,bustarhymes,bigl,lordfinesse,krs1 ;groups,epmd,rundmc,threexdope,wutang,redmananmethodman

Comment by ramz dalastpharoah 03.22.09 @

Pharoahe Monch

Comment by Dipak 03.22.09 @

I have to go with KRS-One

Whilst others might have more inventive momments, or greater influence on other MC’s from my perspective he embodies hip-hop, and i suprisingly dont get bored of him telling me so.

Biggie is #2 for pure skills, he is as dextorous (sp?) as Rakim but with a sense of humour.

Comment by ILF 03.22.09 @

KRS-One. All of his old albums are still great, and he makes music that is about more than just music.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 03.22.09 @

Greatest Rapper of all time

1. Blastmaster KRS-One
2. Rakim
3. Busta Rhymes
4. Kool G Rap
5. Just Ice

Most UNDERRATED rapper of all time that JUST MIGHT BE Greatest Rapper of All Time”

1. Smooth B
2. Scarface
3. T La Rock
4. Ice T
5. Ludacris

There’s a guy named Tim Smooth from New Orleans with a sick flow. Always liked his style.

Anyone saying Jay Z is the best probably has Lil Wayne and T.I in their top 5. Don’t you get it? Most hits doesn’t equal best rapper. Look at Billboard right now. Beats make hits. Lyrics and different styles makes hip-hop legends.

Comment by Dave 03.22.09 @

Nas. Easily.

Comment by Yohji Mane 03.23.09 @

busta rhymes

Comment by akuma 03.23.09 @

1Casey Tatum
2Steve Brule
3The Beaver Boys
5Uncle Muscle

Comment by Spaghett! 03.23.09 @

I admire G Rap, Nas and Rakim for droppin’ science, but before I’d name either of them I’d name two rappers who could alternate on different days as the GOAT: Ghostface Killah, and Scarface.

GFK because he’s hard as nails with street knowledge on some shit like “Criminology”, “Flowers”, “Mighty Healthy”, “Eye For An Eye”, “Yolanda’s House”, “Tony Montana”, “Barrel Brothers”, but he’s unafraid to totally lose it on some eccentric wordplay shit, with “Nutmeg”, “Buck 50”, “Ghost Deini”, “Ghost Is Back”, and so forth, he really takes language someplace nobody in rap takes it, then he’s also fearless about exploring emotions as with “Love”, “All That I Got Is You”, “I’ll Die For You”, “Save Me Dear”, “Wildflower”, the new one where he talks about Rihanna, his verses on Beyoncé’s and Ne-Yo’s and Amy Winehouse’s remixes, etc. etc. And he’s also restlessly creative with bizarre concepts and hilarious lines and ideas and such, with the mini-Elmore Leonard novel that was “Shakey Dog”, and the weirdness of something like “Walking Through The Forest” or “The Hilton”, and the hilarious awesome ridiculous imaginative madness of “Underwater”, mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts, SpongeBob bangin’ the Isleys ina Bentley coupe, the world’s bangin’est mosque filled with light, and on and on. Possible best line in the history of rap music: “The sun could never be pussy!”


The rest of my top 5 would be Ra, Nas, Andre of OutKast. Shoutout to Kane, G Rap, Pharaohe Monch, Redman, Method Man, Raekwon, Wise Intelligent, Bun B, Slick Rick, Cee-Lo, Percee-P, Big L, Lord Finesse, Q-Tip, Posdnuos, Jay-Z, Eminem for a minute there in 1999, Mos Def for a minute there in 1999…

I used to never include Black Thought but his work on the last few Roots records, especially the two most recent ones, is fuckin’ insanity. Those records made me see what so many have seen in him.

And I would shout out artists like Dres, Devin The Dude, Mystikal, Beanie Sigel, on some personal favourites shit. Beans in particular carries on Uncle ‘Face’s legacy in interesting ways. So does Z-Ro.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 03.23.09 @

Shit, I forgot to go into detail about Scarface. Briefly, his shit is emotionally potent beyond anyone’s. He sounds like he’s been everywhere, done and seen everything, and in the great rap voice he’s been given the way he talks about sorrow and suffering and death, and also about spiritual meaning and redemption, makes listening to The Diary or The Fix one of the most moving experiences anyone can have. “Who Do You Believe In?” has few rivals as the best rap song of the last five or so years, though Brother Ali (“Rain Water”), Killer Mike (“God In The Building”) and Beanie Sigel (“Feel It In The Air”) are among those who have joints that rival it.

I forgot to list AZ as being among the great rappers. And one could make a case for innumerable others.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 03.23.09 @


Greatest on the West Coast is an enormous challenge, because Cube or Ice-T would be the obvious choice, but both fell off hard. I never dug Snoop or WC overmuch, and the great West Coast underground lyricists have been too inconsistent, like Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Lyrics Born, or have fallen off altogether, like Aceyalone. I guess you could make a case for King Tee?

The South has ‘Face, Andre, Bun B, Big Boi, Cee-Lo, Devin, 8Ball, Mystikal, Z-Ro, Juvenile, in roughly that order I reckon. All among the greats, with Andre’s and Cee-Lo’s legacies compromised somewhat by bad side projects.

Illest lady is MC Lyte for sure or Lauryn at a stretch but I prefer listening to Monie Love, Lady Mec or Shortie No Mas.

Illest white rapper who ain’t Eminem is likely Aesop Rock, difficult to listen to his music ’cause his aesthetic is off-putting but he’s brilliant. And I have a soft spot for Bubba Sparxxx, that cat can write lyrics. But I know he’s a laughingstock for some. Is there anyone else to consider?

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 03.23.09 @

tupac emotion, krs1 consciousness, rakim lyricism
take the best interpolation between them : Nas !

Comment by greums 03.23.09 @

greats from east, west and south. take for
example: kool g rap, ice cube and scarface
best interpolation of these styles : Nasir Jones !
he has the best catalogue with the whole panoply of the emcee

Comment by greums 03.23.09 @

so hard to pick one

I’m going with G rap also. How many years doing it? and still kills single every verse he does.
KRS One also in there for all the reasons already covered.

Comment by Headlock 03.23.09 @

^lol… he said… “hard”…lol…

Comment by Beavis 03.24.09 @

Kool G Rap

Comment by grass 03.24.09 @

I never understand how you old heads can’t accept the new and improved. Everyone knows that Nas is the new and improved Rakim, and Jay-Z picked up right where Big Daddy Kane left off and took it to the next level. Hell, for arguments sake you can say that B.I.G was the new and improved Kool G Rap if he is the GOAT like alot of you seem to feel. As Hip-hop fans we have to evolve and recognize the new, that doesn’t mean you have to be a fan of some garbage like Soulja Boy or Laffy Taffy, to be able to say the legends of the 90’s are better than the legends of the 80’s period.

1. Jay-Z
2. B.I.G
3. Nas
4. Big Pun
5. KRS-One
6. Big Daddy Kane
7. Rakim
8. Kool G Rap
9. Redman

Comment by Josepth Egular 03.25.09 @

jay-z did not pick up where kane left off, he might have a ton more sales but he will never be as nice as the kane.

Voice is a big part of it and Jay’s voice is painfull to listen to, he is so whiny… :)

Comment by RowanB 03.25.09 @

jay an improved version of kane??
.. fuck outta here wit’ that..and yea im a fan of jay but to say he betta than kane that shit is blasphemy

Comment by dj blendz 03.25.09 @

Kane…I rest my case.

Comment by keatso 03.25.09 @

take kane, kool g rap, rakim and krs one
storytellin’ of G.Rap, lyricism of Ra, knowlegde of Krs and tha standing on the mic of Big Daddy ?
now who’s the best emcee on the 90’s generation
with a lil bit of each one : Nasir !
the afrocentric asian half man half amazin’

Comment by greums 03.25.09 @

hottest guest verse ever on “Stick to ya Gunz” best one,two punch in “Ill Street Blues” and “On the Run” (remix)
also best slept on song EVER “Crime Pays”

Comment by crusher 03.25.09 @

Ahead of his time and lyrical genius – RAKIM
Most influential rapper that most rappers wanna
be like (for better or worse)-
Dopest rapper holding down the crown nowadays –
Most underrated rapper – Pharaohe Monch

Greatest of all time….. damn thats a hard one but I’ll have to say Nas. When his first album dropped he was like the second coming of Rakim. Jay-z bit his style. Motherfucker has got some of the dopest hip hop quotables ever!!! There is a video with him, Kanye, De La Soul, Will-i-am, Mos Def and that corny dude Kid whatever and motherfuckers were going buckwild when he hit the stage as if they were in the presence of greatness!!!

Comment by Dza 03.26.09 @

yeah dat video was ill
“made you look” rocks the stage !
‘Nas is like’ was damn!
kanye enjoyed lol
dope video

Comment by greums 03.26.09 @

Too tough…

My 5 (like anyone cares)
1. Slick Rick
2. Rakim
3. Kool Keith
5. NAS

5 Could be shared with a lot of other rappers, but all the legends 1-4 can’t be moved in my opinion. Lord Finesse and Ice Dog get notable mentions.

Comment by farns 03.31.09 @

kool keith
i even like his new shit
tashan dorrsett
project polaroid
he dont quit. And his live shows are a trip

Comment by kutha juice 05.02.09 @

I’ll have to say KOOL MOE DEE cus listen and you’ll see.

Comment by tawa 10.21.09 @

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