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Friday April 03rd 2009,
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Ten BDP/KRS clips as we continue to celebrate/question his title as the GOAT.
(Not included: ‘Love’s Gonna Get Ya’ and ‘My Philosophy’, featured previously).

‘We In There’ – captures KRS at the peak of his powers – classic ‘take no shorts’ BDP.

‘Rapperz R N Danja’ – this album was the beginning of the end for KRS’ winning run. Strong outside production but starting to get gimmicky with his delivery.

‘I’m Still #1 Freestyle’ – The number one set and sound!

‘Duck Down’ – Hard-as-nails, hit you with a barstool rap.

‘You Must Learn’ – What’s effing with stone tablets turning into records?

‘Jack Of Spades’ – Dapper Dan in full effect.

‘Step Into A World’ – Something about this track screams ‘Meh’.

‘I Get Wrecked’ – KRS blacks-out and tears the comp a new one.

‘Outta Here’ – Rarely has such an incredible song been matched with such a shitty video.

‘MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know’ – Spot the former BDP weed carriers.

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The video labels are misplaced.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.03.09 @

thank u robbie…people have short memories

Comment by Mercilesz 04.03.09 @

MAAAAN I remember running out to buy BDP’s album when I saw “You Must Learn”… then being pissed the fuck off when it wasn’t the same version… It took at least 4 years to find the Video Version.. I think it was on Audio Galaxy. Best P2P network ever (RIP) :(

I also remember when I heard King Tee’s “Ruff Rhyme” and they sampled “It’s not done, its not done” from “You Must Learn”. Dope era.

BTW, I will never forget the first time I heard “FRIEND”… KRS opened up a MAJOR door for a million Mc’s with that track…


Comment by CENZI 04.03.09 @

no 13 And Good video? they had one right?… just for ignorance sake I thought maybe it shouldn’t be overlooked… souls of mischief in the outta here vid, ha, surprised E-40 wasn’t in there, wasn’t he on Jive by then too? good shit Robbie, I had forgot that the beat for We In There is retardo funk, yessss.
bdp weed carriers who fell off roll call:
Jamalski the beadmaster
Channel Live
Mad Lion
who else???

Comment by DANKWEED 04.03.09 @

LOL after watching that Obama Deception bullshit on Youtube and seeing KRS on there I was like whatever with this clown. Not the GOAT, ridiculous political views aside.

Comment by Marc Oz 04.03.09 @

KRS was also in Shabba’s video “The Jam”. Right?

Comment by Dave 04.03.09 @

What was wrong with The Obama Deception? Take you head out of your ass and see what is really going on.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.03.09 @

Dave wrote:
“KRS was also in Shabba’s video “The Jam”. Right?”

yes sir he was..

Comment by dj blendz 04.03.09 @

no fuckin doubt robbie… lames wanna complain thnx for this video excursion into bdp history… truly appreciated who givs a fuck if they mislabelled…

Comment by er4se 04.03.09 @

obama deception is kinda paranoid but raises a lotta good questions and shows just how fucked neo classical economics and wall street/washington really are… fuck the fed!

Comment by er4se 04.03.09 @

man yall buggin, aint no gimmicks in that delivery, its called versatility/ charisma/ experimentation. he killed the shit outta rapperz are in dainja. and step into a world brought him out to the next generation of hip hop fans, far from ‘meh’. KRS is on a short list of ‘GOATS’, if not THE ‘Goat’

Comment by RBi 04.04.09 @

Thanks Robbie, some great videos there. Watching “I Get Wrecked” reminded me of all the terrible radio/ video edits needed for airplay (the song is completely butchered) Of course some songs like FAYBAN by Screwball make a virtue of it (the radio edit is brilliantly done) and some like “I get wrecked” are just sloppy. There was a hillarious DIY radio edit of “You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin’ Mind” by Fat Joe made by KISS FM London (might as well have just played the whole track backwards !) Any other suggestions for worst radio edit ?

Comment by cratedigga78 04.04.09 @

Yo Robbie do you remember the Source magazine commerical with Krs, Ced-Gee, and Ice Cube? It ran around 90/91. The Source use to hace a the pic from the commercial on the subscription add inside the magazine back then.

Comment by Marc Davis 04.04.09 @

Wow… this is the first time I’ve ever heard KRS’ ’95 stuff referred to as “gimmicky”. I think his level of gimmickry has little to do with his flow, but more to do with his “do as KRS says/likes/does or you are not hip-hop” stances.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 04.05.09 @

That said, KRS on his A-game >>>>>> most of the game.

And cosign on “Outta Here” having one of the shittiest videos to go with it. I heard that song and thought for sure the video would be on point. Then I saw it… and if it had been bad, it would’ve been an improvement from whatever that piece of shit was.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 04.05.09 @

I can listen to sex and violence a million times and never get tired of that album!

Comment by JP 04.05.09 @

All I wanna ask is…what’s up with Grandmaster B, aka Bud Bundy, aka David Faustino in the video…was he what was goin on in the streets, haha.

Other than that, great songs, great MC…the GOAT….definitely possibly.

Comment by JB 04.06.09 @

That outta here video is the shit i dont care what no one says…..The Polo they rockin in that video goes so hard….I see a couple items I used to have when i was a teenager….Its a lo thing u wudnt understand

Comment by Mercilesz 04.06.09 @

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