8 Rap Pics That Make You SMH
Monday April 27th 2009,
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Sure, Biz is known for his wacky stunts but…..wow.

Hey Kim, can you mind the kids tonight?

Nas: ‘So, you like Biggie, huh?’

Jay: *nervous laugh* ‘What makes you say that? By the way, is that a sleeping bag you’re wearing?’

Nas: *blank stare*

“I like Timbos, but wait a minute…’

CL Smooth: ‘Our image is just two young, Black men that are not on the corner passing bottles around and collecting money’. (Actual quote from the interview that ran with this pic).

Half-naked broad having her ass spanked on stage? Good.

Weezy without shirt and in the process of removing his his jeans? ABORT!

I know the record was called ‘Carnival’ but ICP have ruined it for everyone.

Pause, King Asiatic. Pause.

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Kane. What the fuck?

Comment by A to the L 04.27.09 @

seriously. all the other pic’s have disappeared from my brain only BECAUSE of that Kane one! WTF…..

LMAO @ the sleeping bag…. you prolly had one too…

Comment by CENZI 04.27.09 @

Oh..my..fucking..god @ that Kane pic.

Classic Unkut.

Comment by MF 04.27.09 @


Comment by End Level Boss 04.27.09 @

that bdk pic should have never seen the light of day… wtf?

Comment by er4se 04.27.09 @

I have a sleeping-bag jacket over the back of this chair as I type this… It’s not shiny though…

Comment by Stef 04.27.09 @

LMAO LOL too funny …

Comment by whut 04.27.09 @

too much dirt being digged up on BDK lately HAH

like really……WTF!

Comment by kub 04.28.09 @

Kane was dressing like that early….I was at that Biz Show….it was at MSG I think. Long live this subculture that everybody else just got up on….

Comment by Mercilesz 04.28.09 @

Look at the cat on the very right. Who is that? Hope it’s not Fredro Starr…

Comment by Guy Fawkes 04.28.09 @

wow now that i look at that picture….digable planets and onyx chilling together….very ironic

Comment by Mercilesz 04.28.09 @

Lil Wayne used to be such a doof, I mean still is.

Comment by Hip Hop 04.29.09 @

what about those raekwon pictures where he’s posin’ with all his ‘hip hop’ paraphernalia?

Comment by Jesse 05.01.09 @

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