Are EPMD Going Senile?

So I checked out this EPMD show the other night, and it was pretty entertaining for the most part. Getting drunk and shouting along to ‘It’s My Thing’, ‘Headbanger’ and ‘So Whatcha Sayin’ is never a bad way to pass a Friday night, but there was one major fly in the ointment…the massive ENCORE FAIL that left me and the crew on some ‘Fuckouttahere!’ train of thought. Erick and Parrish made seven albums together, plus three solos each and whatever else you care to include, and they step back out on stage to perform the same two songs they did at the start of the night! And not classic EPMD tracks either, we’re talking about ‘Da Joint’ and ‘Richter Scale’ from that forgettable fifth LP! In a set that skipped over gems such as ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Total Kaos’, the whole incident verged on some ‘never forgive’ action, like writing ‘WAR’ through Fat Albert.

The obvious question this raises is are PMD and the EE Double losing their minds as a result of some kind of degenerative mental disease? How else could anyone explain two veteran performers making such a bizarre decision? Until I get to the bottom of this, the question I’ve got for everyone out there in the internets is:

What is the most effed-up thing you’ve ever seen happen at a rap show?

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yeah, was pretty random hey.
encores are wak anyway, I’m not down with the whole drama of it. But yeah, that shit was weird.

most f#cked up thing at a rap show?
maybe… Red & Meth @ Festival Hall in ’05. Bets rap show I’ve been to. The stage manager started freaking cos they ran late. Dude was trying to drag them off stage. He was on the verge of crying. To make things worse for the c#nt. Once the set was finished. Red and Meth kept running back on stage and throwing random things into the crowd. COme to think of it, they didnt even finish their set properly, it just degenerate into them walking around shouting over the top of random songs that weren’t even their’s. All this was happening while the lights were on. Shit was reaching boiling point.

Rahzel’s performance that night was weird as fuck too. Totally condecending to the crowd.

Comment by sheriff rosco 04.22.09 @

I would haft to say it was a incident at St. Andrews in Detroit prolly around ’99. D12 where performing sans Eminem until they brung him out as like a “special guest” about 20 mins into their set. No sooner then he hits the stage some drunken idiot is screaming at the top of his lungs “Battle Me Battle Me!!!!” while trying to get on stage and almost getting pounded out by what I believed to be Em’s bodyguard a couple of times. About 5-10 mins go buy and the drunken guy is still at it, and obviously annoying Em. All of a sudden I see Mr. Mathers who had been straddling a Budweiser Tall Can during the performance take a long “we about to be out” swig from his brew. Instead of digesting the fine American Hops tho he proceeds to spit a Birmingham fire hose stream of Beer at the annoying patron.

As much as the guy in the front row was being an ass, I kinda felt certain way towards Em for a min cuz I don’t think anyman should be spit on, let alone a mixture of beer and spit

Comment by ILLAIM 04.22.09 @

“I don’t think anyman should be spit on, let alone a mixture of beer and spit”

^ Ha! That being said, anyone who tried to ‘battle’ Rakim, the GZA, Kane or G Rap while they’re performing should prolly just kill themselves.

Comment by Robbie 04.22.09 @

I have seen many, but there are two that stick out in my mind. The first was in 1998 at the DMC regional dj finals. This thuggish DC cat gets on stage and is trying to rhyme. He is shouting out SouthEast D.C. and his hood. It was completely out of place, expecially at a dj battle. Grandmaster Caz had to calm things and get him off the stage.

The second was when I saw the Living Legends in 2004. You could tell that there were some problems going on in the crew; probably someone ate another cat’s sandwich on the bus. LuckyIam kicked the Grouch in a playful manner in the butt, which was a gesture that it was his turn to rock the mic. After that, Grouch looked like he wanted to fight. I guess there was also some sound issues, and Grouch eventually grabbed the mic and chucked it as hard as he could at the soundbooth. He could have seriously hurt someone, since he was throwing it trough a crowd of people.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.22.09 @

Da Joint was played twice…and I didn’t even realize they did Richter Scale again??? I was ripped off my head anyway.

I didn’t see ya there Robbie, would’ve bought you a few Heinekens…I was sorta half way in the “pit” with a bunch of other dudes

And word to Rosco…Red N Meth show turned out RETARDED towards the end…

I was standin there talking to Marcus Timmons from Melbourne Tigers, and he was tellin me stories of how Lanard Copeland smokes too much weed. Tripped me the fuck OUT…I hardly remember that show

Comment by AFFEX 04.22.09 @

EPMD @ Rock The Bells 2006 in Toronto. After like a 3 hour wait DJ Scratch comes out to start setting up and getting ready. All of the sudden I see a Heineken bottle flying through the air from some where up front and hitting Scratch, spilling all over him, the turntables & mixer etc.. He takes off his shirt throws it out in the crowd and asks whoever threw it to man up and come backstage. Of course no one confessed and everyone around must have been too pussy to point him out altho the dude kinda hosting the shit says I know who did it too so he must have been too pussy also as he wasn’t sayin who did it. Scratch said in all his years and all the places he has been he has never been disrespected like that. So he walks off says fuck that I’m not performing. Another while goes by and finally EPMD comes out on stage, no DJ Scratch, so one of the Toronto DJ’s scramble to find whutvea EPMD Instrumentals he had and they performed like 2 songs. EPMD made it very clear they don’t rap over vocal versions unlike the god Rakim so that was it. Never saw so many pissed off hiphop fans coming out of a show…

Comment by Andyman187 04.22.09 @

What is the most effed-up thing you’ve ever seen happen at a rap show?

Plenty: mc’s throwing promo vinyls in the the crowd: hitting people in the eyes.

Best show: DITC in ’97.

Jedi Mind Tricks: Vinnie Paz only performing one verse of every joint. Too fat to finish his sentences as he was out of breath after every 2 second.

Group Home: Nutcracker was locked up so he couldn’t make it. Lil Dap showd up on stage, drunk, high, couldn’t even remember the lyrics to Supastar. Crowd booed him off stage.

Comment by KrewzKontrol 04.22.09 @

What is the most effed-up thing you’ve ever seen happen at a rap show?

Plenty: mc’s throwing promo vinyls in the the crowd: hitting people in the eyes.

Jedi Mind Tricks: Vinnie Paz only performing one verse of every joint. Too fat to finish his sentences as he was out of breath after every 2 second.

Group Home: Nutcracker was locked up so he couldn’t make it. Lil Dap showd up on stage, drunk, high, couldn’t even remember the lyrics to Supastar. Crowd booed him off stage.

Best show: DITC in ‘97.

Comment by KrewzKontrol 04.22.09 @

seen many weird things happen on stage.
bahamadia was the worst. bitchin bout pictures
being taken.then that she ain’t got nuff attention(?)and at least tried to kick us out cause of smokin blunts in the front row.crazy ass diva.
also seen rugged man almost raped a girl on stage.
but that was kinda great though.circus maximus.

Comment by swordfish 04.22.09 @

living through a teriyaki boyz set in order to see doom and then doom cancelling. that was effed up.

Comment by 04.22.09 @

Dead Prez – They asked all the white people to please towards the back of the hall and to let the REAL hiphop people (aka black folk) to the front.

After a couple of minutes Stic Man screamed “It aint a fuckin joke, white people got to stop fuckin up our culture, y’all can get the fuck out” or something like that… most uncomfortable 5 minute shuffle ever… a few people left asked, for their money, but the show started like it never happened and they killed that joint!!!

Comment by CENZI 04.22.09 @

F’ed up things:

Doitall smacking a dude in the front row with the mic, for trying to steal the mic stand.

Redman doing a stage dive, but landing on the floor, because the crowd was too thin to really catch him.

Wu concert: Ghost just stood at the back of the scene, while he should have been rapping his part of Gravel Pit.

Game @ Roskilde Festival playing most of The Documentary, and then playing like the first verse of all the songs one more time. Like he didn’t have any other material.

and basically countless times where US rappers, not used to the european hash, get on stage too high to perform. Or get too high from some joint thrown on stage.

Comment by SeventhSun 04.22.09 @

1. KRS-One cutting a show off after about 3 songs because he was mad at the “sound-man”. Waah!

2. UTFO singing only the first 30 seconds of each song and then proceeding to chat it up on stage before starting another 30-second clip of a song. Ugh.

3. LL Cool J dancing on stage like Bell Biv Devoe during the Nitro tour in the 80s. Nuff said.

Comment by Dave 04.22.09 @

Coolest things I’ve seen:

1. Biz Marlie walking through a HUGE crowd at a HUUUUGE venue singing “Vapors” into a wireless mic and asking people to join him in the chorus. What a nice guy!

2. Willie D telling a Houston club crowd to “lick his black ass nuts” because they weren’t responding well to his set.

3. Seeing a Das-EFX/Onyx show at a small club and watching all different race people enjoy the show and “SLAM!” without fighting or attitude issues!

Comment by Dave 04.22.09 @

Its all about the money you get what you pay for so in other words the promoters must have got then to sing for a cheap price and so they agree they only sing what they want.

Comment by Knowledge101 04.22.09 @

@HipHopHistorian: Hahaha, I remember that, I was there. I have a picture of that too of dude with Caz trying to calm him down. He was from that crew The Woodzmen.

Comment by P-Matik 04.22.09 @

KRS ONE at the Roxy in 2008. AMAZING SHOW….has the whole crowd rocking to his array of classics. Then all of a sudden stops the show to say “THIS IS THE FUTURE!!!” and brings out some video-ho he’s trying to bang or something who proceeds to belt out some R&B number about “bein’ up in the cluuuuub!” while KRS performs song after crappy R&B song with this wench.

Entire crowd stops and just stares in disbelief. After a few songs, I realize the show is over and leave.

Comment by Finally 04.22.09 @

Most effed up,hmmm..probly 93 when Tribe, De La and openers the Liks were touring.THey came thru U of MD at Ritchie Coliseum.Long line.No Liks(still dont know whY), No De La ( I think Pos was sick) and though Tribe ripped it,sound was not good and there was a rack of fights. Ive been blessed to see some dope shows.
KRS’s name comes up alot. I have a story about him too. One of the best shows Ive seen but the Teacha was like 3 hours late for a show at the 930.The DJ was spinnin records and talkin to Kris evry 20 minutes as he drove from Connecticut to DC! When he finally he shows him and his dancers ruch the stage to StepInto A world , throwin Vinyl and he runs thru the reportoire and history is made.Nobody was even trippin by the end of the night!

Comment by chronwell 04.22.09 @

Brand Nubian back in ’93, small city venue in Denmark. Crowd is off the wall, big bass beats from recently released “In God We Trust”.
Show lasts 20 minutes, tops. Everyone is real disappointed – rumors had it the stage and 2nd floor was about to collapse ’cause of people jumping.

Comment by Rasmaestro 04.22.09 @

Worst effed up thing seen at a rap show…

Almost all of last year’s Brooklyn Hip-hop Festival

Case in point: Mickey Factz on stage

Mickey Factz: “I know some of y’all think I can’t rap. Who out there thinks I can’t rap?!”

Some random girl standing near me: “I don’t!”


Comment by P-Matik 04.22.09 @

Oh,yeah – by the way.
Roskilde Festival 1995 during a rocking Ice-T / Bodycount show. It takes me 2 minutes to realize that a drunk idiot is mistaking me for a tree and pissing down my leg into my left boot.
So much for dancing.

Comment by Rasmaestro 04.22.09 @

Awww man too many to mention, but this one sticks out in my mind.
” D.J. Alladin “, fresh off a bid at ” Scratchcon ” 2000…. All jokes aside, I still got love and respect for dude…Alladin vs. Miz ( Classic )

Comment by shamz 04.22.09 @

In ’93 I won tickets from a SUNY Albany (state university) radio show to see Wu Tang perform in what must have been one of their early regional shows, before they started blowing up. I think the show was in a local Holiday Inn MOTEL.
My tickets were not there for me as promised, so as I am waiting around ouside the MOTEL the entire group is just hanging out, smoking, bitching about how the shit is wack, they didnt sell any tickets, they arent getting paid, the promoter sucks, blah blah blah.
No one was really fucking with then because they were a random bunch of (then) unrecognizable dudes. I was quite sad, really.
They never took the stage, but at least I got to see them.

Comment by keatso 04.22.09 @

2006 Deck The Halls in SoCal. During the Wu final set, which was a tribute to ODB, they bring out ODB’s moms and the whole clan does shimmy shimmy ya. Then Meth, high as fuck, brings out Steve-O from jackass, who proceeds to get buck naked and do a standing backflip. Meth is giggling into a live microphone the whole time while pretty much the rest of Wu and all their carriers who were packed on stage (as that rock the bells was one lame ego-trip) turned around or looked away so their faces wouldn’t melt from the sauceage. After Steve-O got dressed, Raekwon, fuming, stopped the show and made Steve-O apologize to ODB’s mom for the disrepspect or whatever. The show ended after that, obviously.

Oh, Badu was also the special guest at that show and she did like 4 songs at a stupid fast BPM, it was technically impressive, but really lame to watch/hear. She was also wearing sweatpants, like costco brand.

Comment by bkbs 04.22.09 @

Kool kieth once happened at a live show.
Shit was weird.

Comment by Dan 04.22.09 @

1. 1990 at the State Building in Harlem – King Sun getting booed off the stage because the record skipped twice.

2. Same event in 1990 – One of Kool G Rap’s carriers throwing vinyl in the crowd like a frisbee as well as a blow up doll that he was humpin’ while G Rap performed Talk Like Sex.

3. 1994 or 1995 at SUNY Tech or MVCC in Utica, NY – Nice & Smooth was scheduled to perform. Smooth B shows up about 1 hour late and does his verse from Dwyck and then bounces. Another hour passes and then Greg Nice shows up does his verse from Dwyck and then bounces. Leaving everyone with the urge to start a riot.

Comment by DRLROCKWELL 04.22.09 @

I can’t vouch for this cause I wasn’t there, but I heard Canadian MC Choclair got so drunk at one of his shows that he forgot the words to his own rhymes! – That’s pathetic!!!

Comment by DJ Bozo 04.22.09 @

Lets see…The one time at the Blackstarr book benefit in NYC when they had to stop the entire show to escort a heckler out of the building…

Lauryn Hill at Jones Beach crying babbling into a mike for about a half an hour and not performing ONE song from Miseducation…

Speaking of encores, BEST one ever…Common at summerstage, after Like Water for Chocolate had just dropped. Let the whole crowd start to leave before returning to do 6th Sense “I thought Hip-Hop don’t stop in NY..” Classic

Comment by BIGSPICE 04.22.09 @

@ Rasmaestro:

What’s up with Christiana?

Comment by BIGSPICE 04.22.09 @

P-Matik, that was also the longest battle I have ever been to. I was standing on my feet for hours.

Comment by HipHipHistorian 04.22.09 @

ayo i got this… kool keith touring on sex style and he fucking starts throwing out packages of processed ham to the crowd… wtf? dude is fucking certified but you cant beat the early andeldust pcp raps of the ultramag

Comment by er4se 04.22.09 @

“never forgive action” that’s why I love this site, it speaks my language… I used to say that shit all the time.. Still got “Style Wars” on VHS.. Classic material never gets old.. “The King of what….the King of Styyyyyllllee”

Comment by Edubz 04.22.09 @

Off the top:

1996–I went to see Jeru off his 2nd album tour. great show. Afterward, he invited several decent looking chicks backstage, and I actually heard some of the fans in the audience get upset because “he’s supposed to be righteous and respect women!” I feel like they were white chicks, but I can’t remember.

1997–I was amped to see Rakim. He started and something seemed off. Got close to the stage and found out he was lip synchin. I later found out that he did this regularly. At the same show, this 45-50 year old fluorescent wig wearing woman who went to every local rap show tried to get close to Rakim. As she tried to push her way onto the stage, she fell in what seemed like slow motion, losing her wig in the process. Even though we know it was wrong, the audience laughed like crazy.

1999–GZA show. He came with a bunch of the WU hype men/carriers. A couple of assholes in the balcony kept throwing water or beer down on the stage. GZA was polite the 1st time he asked them to stop. He was annoyed the 2nd time. The 3rd time he was threatening (and some of the carriers had snuck off stage by then). The assholes were loving the attention, talking mad shit. Out of nowhere, we saw them get snatched up from behind and stomped by the carriers plus security. The crowd erupted in cheers.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 04.23.09 @

In ’94 at a concert with one of the weirdest lineups ever- Wu, Nas, Nice & Smooth, Super Cat, Big Mike from the Geto Boys, and N-Tyce… Nas no-showing that after niggas asked “y’all ready for Nas?” between every performance was pretty got-damn wack.

BUT the most random shit I’ve ever seen was Just-Ice a couple years back at this Old School legends show. He came out like he was about to do his thing… proceeds to do half a verse of “Cold Gettin’ Dumb”, does “Goin’ Way Back” TWICE, does one verse of some new song that sucked, then leaves.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 04.23.09 @

Yeaj, the EPMD show encore was kinda bizarre, but the crowd seemed to love it.

I got a whole bunch of photos and videos from the side of stage you can check here:

As for messed up gig experiences go, I guess seeing Biz Markie perform ‘Just A Friend’ @ Essential Festival a few years back and forgetting the words to the second verse and rapping ‘duh, du-duh, du-duh, duh, du-duh, du-duh’ for the whole verse was kind of strange.

Also, at the last Public Enemy show I saw in London, somebody threw an open can of beer on stage, that hit Griff. They stopped the show and urged the crowd to point out the culprit and push him up on stage so that Griff could knock him out – nobody seemed to see who threw the can, so the show just stalled for what seemed like ages.

Comment by Mark 563 04.23.09 @

At a shitty GZA concert at the Arches in Glasgow Scotland. Genius starts slapping high fives with the crowd when a typical Glswegain Ned steals the rather large Rolex watch from his wrist. haha he wasn’t happy. Eventually he got it back and the show continued, there was then about 3 fights between various audience members that were better than the show.

Comment by bobd 04.23.09 @

I was there Robbie,

I saw some cat in an Unkut top and thought that might be you, but it was hard getting through the crowd, I heard that the repeat encore was the DJ’s fault and that E & P wnated “Get The Bozack”, did they really do “Richter Scale” twice, I was hoping for “Boondox”, “Manslaughter”, “Can’t Hear Nothing But The Music”, “It’s Going Down”, “I’m Mad”, “Rap Is Outta Control”, “Hardcore” and maybe a “Jane”…but I was very happy with what I got.

Comment by Jaz 04.23.09 @

O.K Here we go:

1984 Syria Mosque Pgh PA -Mr. Wave from the New York City Breakers kicks a guy in the face who tries to rush the stage.

1990- WestChester University- RedMan cusses out and scuffles with soundmen and show is stopped.

2007- Biz Markie forgetting the whole second verse of “Just a Friend”

Mid 90’s Pittsburgh. Fuckin Fat Joe does 5 songs leaves to boos, then screams “what ya want from a nigga.” More songs you fat bastard!!

1985 Fresh Fest Pittsburgh PA. After the concert downtown Pittsburgh was looted and rap concerts were banned for years.

Comment by C Style 04.23.09 @

Beatnuts show – Melbourne

Talking to Ju Ju near the bar, and some random chick trying to flirt with him starts flicking ice at him, straight out of her glass.

Three dudes had to stop him coz he was about to “stomp that bitch”.

J-Zone @ Revolver – dude starts pulling out condoms out of his pockets during a song…can’t remember the name now..and the chick standing next to me says to her friend..”this guy is sooo sexist & disgusting” and leaves! hahaha wtf??

Public Enemy – Metro Nightclub…it was actually before the show…hoooours before the show…some kids were kickin in with Chuck D out on Bourke Street…

I went to say whut up, and talk to the legend himself..when he saw my Air Max’s and said “them kicks is evil my know what you’re REALLY wearing??”

He had Pro Keds on.

Comment by AFFEX 04.23.09 @

In Atlanta, Jeru opened for DJ Shadow (@ The Masquerade) in like 1997, and then he opened for Tricky (@ The Roxy) some time later. I guess he was working that 2nd album, Wrath Of The Math. Anyway, Jeru is mad late for his set at the Shadow show, like half an hour. Nothing too bad. But the show was already starting at like midnight. So the promoters have to keep things moving. Jeru shows up, tries to do his set, gets maybe 3 songs into it before he gets his sound & lights cut. Jeru curses up a storm as he makes his way off stage, but that’s all. Half the crowd is like “Boo! Let him play!” But that was the end of it. Jeru sounded good, but his performance was hardly noteworthy.

Fastforward to the Tricky show. I was hoping to see a full Jeru set since the earlier debacle at the Masquerade. But the same sh!t happens at the Roxy. Jeru is half an hour late, hits the stage, gets about 3 songs in (the same set as earlier), and gets booted, cursing up a storm as he exits the stage. This time, rather than half a crowd of boos, he was met mostly with antipathy. It really left a bad taste in my mouth, though.

Looking back, at least he did “Come Clean” both times.

Comment by queazy 04.23.09 @

@Dan. I saw Kool Keith in like ’99 or 2000 at the Masquerade in Atlanta. He tossed out little Ziplock bags of fried chicken. I think I got a thigh piece, which was really f’ing tasty at like 2 AM after standing in all that weed smoke.

Comment by queazy 04.23.09 @

“Rahzel’s performance that night was weird as fuck too. Totally condecending to the crowd.”

yeh i seen him bein mad disrespectful in ireland,dissing the crowd for being drunk…..hello??

Jeru,generally grumpy at every show…..walks off stage to take a piss but keeps his mike on and talks from the bathroom.also has been using the same effin records for his live set since the 90’s,burnt to eff…..and always moans about film cameras.

Theordore Unit (cough! weed carriers) throwin full bottles of heineken into the crowd.

seen ice bue on sunday…..he killed it !!

Comment by mikki dee 04.23.09 @

Ive been to three shows all wu related RZA, GZA, and Wu the RZA show had a terrible rap rock opening act the GZA show was sweet top to bottom the Wu concert had a terrible rap rock opening act as well plus Ghost only ricked 3 verses and played on his sidekick halfway thru the set but I found that part funny and wasnt pissed more pumped Ghost was there

Comment by Web Conn 04.23.09 @

1. saw Jeru headlining at DNA Lounge (S.F. CA) and the set lasted for literally 20 minutes

2. saw Ghostface at Fillmore (S.F. ca) and he started singing R & B songs while bringing the ladies to the stage and dancing with them. fun for him, a waste of time for the crowd.

Comment by JP 04.23.09 @

1999- NYC.. Gang Starr was doing a “hometown show” at S.O.B.’s shortly after Moment of Truth dropped. M.O.P opened for them, and there were plenty of hip hop legends in the crowd, O.C., RZA, Inspectah Deck, etc. Well they brought Nice & Smooth on stage and rocked DWYCK. The crowd loved it and everything was cool. After the song, GURU was like “Let’s hear it for Nice & Smooth”! Everyone cheered, cool. Then, all of the sudden, Greg Nice was like, “That shit was hot. Who wants to hear it again?” The crowd was like “ok”. It was obvious that Premier and Guru where ready to move on with their set- Primo had even put the DWYCK record away. But whatever they played it again (in it’s entirety again).. It was like 12 minutes of DWYCK…

So I’ve not only seen a group play the same song twice at a show, but I’ve seen it back to back.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 04.23.09 @

Fuckin Nice & Smooth & DWYCK…holy shit, they never get enough of that shit lol…Artifacts reunion at RSC last year..Tame was crazy wet, didnt want to be there…El tried to hug the dude n shit but he wasn’t havin none of that…Even if it wasnt great it was still the Artifacts in the Bricks..LOTUG wrecked it too…all around dope ass show…Artifacts reunion who fuckin never missed a step & killed it!! even Fat Joe got down & KRS did the thing as usual

Comment by 357 NYC 04.23.09 @

my bad meant to say an Arsonists reunion…these guys gotta get back together..never missed a beat..the showmanship was second to none!!

Comment by 357 NYC 04.23.09 @

being a white kid at a smif n wessun show, the ONLY white kids (me and homey joey) in Redhook. Tek and Steele were dope but Dead Prez opened. called out Whitey… got love for Stic Man and M1 but apparently they didnt love us. oh well.

A week later at the Olde English show, which was supposed to be Black moon and Scarface, two personal favorites, its was announced once we were all inside that Scarface would be replaced by Twista… hahahaha. Sway was hosting and had to constantly remind the crowd to respect Twista, who came on stage with an iced out ipod piece around his neck. unforgivable.

Black moon killed it though and 5ft made up by dancing with every dudes girl.

Comment by filthy ritch 04.23.09 @

Seen Biz do the same shit with “Just a Friend” at the University of Minneapolis, pre basketball season free show. Didn’t know that was par for the course.
DJ Jazzy Jeff was supposed to be there, didn’t show, which sucked.
And the Kane kicked “Half Steppin'” to a completely unresponsive crowd. As in, they had never heard the song before.
It hurt, but I guess you get what you pay for!

Comment by Ruestar 04.23.09 @

Talking about senile rappers. Take a look at the Beatnuts getting their own discography mixed up:

Comment by Krisch 04.24.09 @


Place is getting “normalized” now – conservatives can’t stand it any more, so everything a re-development plan now.
However, last night someone threw a hand grenade into a crowd – so I doubt it’s ever going to be boring =)

Comment by Rasmaestro 04.24.09 @

The Game making the DJ play the instrumental for ‘One Blood’ about nine times whilst getting all the 13/14/15 year old girls out the audience and watching them shuffle arkwardly backstage where they’d been told to go and a few running back to the crowd.

At a Wu concert. Me looking up to see a sweaty Meth looking down at me with a screwed up face whilst a woman stood directly in front of me has her face in his crotch

Comment by Craig 04.24.09 @

Best Encore: EPMD @ Sunset House of Blues in Feb. 07. EPMD left the stage the lights went out, then someone steps onto the dark stage. Who is it? Redman! At the top of his lungs he screams NEEEEEGGGGROOOOOEEESSSS!!! I think I literally lost my shit. So yeah, they probably are going senile.

Comment by grape_ape 04.24.09 @

96′ at the hard knock life show where red and meth swung through the coliseum on harnesses and it looked like they were flying.

99′ at the Up in smoke tour, got to eat lunch with snoop, his uncle, tray dee, and mad stans, then got to go backstage at the show and met eminem who is like 4 feet tall, wc, kurupt, and nate dogg, didn’t get to meet dre because he is too cool for school, but can’t seem to drop any new heat *cough* ob4cl2 *cough*

1999 at the E40, too short, b-legit show, where too short was by far the best rapper of the night, and e40 proved that having 12 hypemen/carriers on stage all rapping incohrently at the same time does not make for entertainment

2000 at a beatnuts show where the arsonists opened for them minus d-stroy, and swollen members minus madchild

2003 at the Atmosphere, Murs, Brother Ali show where Brother Ali said what up to San Francisco, even though we were in LA, he got booed for that one, but came back with some crazy acapella freestyle for which he completely made up for his mistake

2005 at the hieroglyphics show where i totally thought a-plus was del and i said ‘what up del’ and he goes, i ain’t del, and i told him he was, he thought i was being racist, which is funny because i’m brown, and i told him to eff off because he was del, it was pretty classic

2005 at the louis logic, pigeon john, z-man, marty j show, got to kick it with louis logic, z-man, and marty j and share some brews which they brought with them and hooked me up with and pigeon john gave me some free stickers cause i was broke at the time

2008 at the Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt show where all keith did was rap the chorus from a ton of his songs, which was very weak seeing as how i usually love his shows, then after the show when i asked him to sign my kool keith trading card, he looked at it kinda quizzically turned it around and upside down and signed it, classic off-the-wall keith, probably never even knew he had a trading card out there

2008 at the red, meth, evidence, alchemist show, met the alchemist and tried to cop him some dro

Comment by gstatty 04.24.09 @

Went along with some friends to a jedi minds home coming show in philly (05) before their set could even finish, the club owners cut the power off midway through one of their tracks… Pretty effed up thing to do.

Comment by mike v 04.25.09 @

Oh shit, how could I forget, going to camden to see oc, diamond d, finesse and ag, only to arrive and be told the show wasn’t happening because the power had gone out! Not the promoters fault, but that shit was effed up! Something real recent, going to a ag show, billed as ‘ag performing all his classic hits” all I got was two young kids from the bronx, then ag got on did a couple of new tracks, then soul clap… That was the show! Party Arty (rip) was the only highlight for my 30 quid

Comment by mike v 04.25.09 @

I was living in NC.
Run-DMC was performing in some small arena (I don’t remember the place, I was 14.)
Me and my buddy Dave got tickets. It was my first show. We were the only 2 white guys there. We stood right in front by the stage. Some R&B act came out and opened, then another. Then nothing for like an hour.
Finally someone comes out and says that “something happened to Run’s wife” and the show was cancelled.
The place went nuts. A lot of pushing and shoving and screaming. Wack.
We later found out that supposedly they weren’t happy with how much they took in at the gate.
I don’t know if that was true though.

Comment by Jay 04.25.09 @

Had to be around 92 i think, whenever beatnuts came out with “reign of the tec” but they were at club Mahorn’s in Cherry Hill, NJ and xZulu (the nigga that got stomped out by Game’s peoples in DC) was hosting the club, the turnout wasn’t that great and xZulu was shittin’ on the beatnuts, basically he told them to get the fuck out of the club with their wackass single.. Either Ju or Les threw water on him after that statement, but outside the club, JuJu was livid, saying “don’t nobody disrespect my music” he was ready for war.. The funny thing is, not too long after that, they put out “Props over here”

Comment by edub 04.26.09 @

Jeru was totally shit when I saw him in So’ton UK I think in 2006… completely bollocks, was too drunk to perform, and spat many aborted freestyles sluring into the mic. piss poor.
did all this dated “righteous” chat about “sisters and respectin’ they self” and then spend the time after his perfomance drukenly stumbling around the venue trying to get off with white girls who wern’t really too keen on being within 3 feet of the boozy pot-bellied brooklynite…

Mate, you played yourself! completely shit.

Comment by JonnySimps 04.27.09 @

1.Fat Joe 2006 concert: Fat Joe lip-synckin’ like Britney.

2. Masta Killa + Afu-Ra 2008 concert: Afu-Ra comes in, tries to perform 1 song (drunk n’ high as f#@k), then all of a sudden leaves the stage without warning…
Then… 10 minutes later, M.Killa comes in, performs 1 song, the mic volume is too low. He screams at the soundman, soundman doesn’t bother. M.Killah performs Da Mystery Of Chessboxing accapella, sreams Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! All crowd doin’ the same. He again warns the soundman who doesn’t bother to turn up the Beats and the Mic. Then he goes: “Fuck all this chit! Do you know who i am and what i’m tryin’ to represent here? Fuck you!” AND THROWS IS MICROPHONE ON THE FLOOR WIT ALL THE RAGE. Leaves de stage and the crowd went nuts. Screamin’ Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang!

Comment by Veredicto 04.27.09 @

Many effed-up situations in Rome live Hip-Hop history:

1)Wu-Tang show which was supposed to be the biggest Hip-Hop event ever in Italy turned out to be a total disappointment as the Wu line-up consisted of RZA,Masta Killa,Ghostface and Cappadonna with Ghost goin’ on stage for a total of 10 minutes and with a bottle of Chianti in his hands. The group didn’t seem organized at all,Masta Killa and Cappadonna were doin’everybody else’s verses (including the song Method Man and Ol’ Dirty stuff) and they let every local wannabe mc in the audience fuckin’up things. At least Cappadonna did a very long freestyle to close the show and that was a total winner.

2)KRS One was scheduled to play at a beach show at summertime, about half-a-hour outside of Rome.There were great expectations ‘cos he is a legend but he showed up on stage at 2 in the morning (he was scheduled at 10pm) and rocked just for twentyfive minutes. Turned out that he arrived that very day in Rome and the one who was supposed to pick him at the airport didn’t show up, KRS was so pissed he didn’ want to play anymore.

3)The PMD/K Solo/DJ Honda show was moved from a venue to another with a last minute decision.The new club was on the other side of town and people were so pissed off that half the audience left and went home. This also caused a huge delay with the show startin’ at like 1AM and it was a weekday.

4)The Beatnuts show consisted of JuJu only because Psycho Les was arrested in Stockholm the day before. JuJu somehow delivered a good show but all the songs were inevitably performed just for the half part.

5)B-Real from Cypress Hill who kept talkin’ to the audience askin’ for very specific answers not realizing that 75% of the people in front of hi spoke no goddamn English and could not understand his questions. He also talked for a very long time about his beef he had with Ice Cube back then. It was funny because people were booin’ asking him to play some music. But that was also a good show.

Comment by ceedub 04.27.09 @

not enough about kool keith on here.
went to a kool keith show at SOB’s in NYC a couple months after 9/11. ice-t showed up as a special guest. this girl gets on stage and tries to dance with ice and he’s looking her up and down, then she starts trying to get up on him and he pusher her ass off stage by the face. this is quickly followed by kool keith making a bunch of september 11 and anthrax jokes. the crowd was totally silent/shocked. my friend and i are busting up laughing the back. oh yeah, he was wearing a patent leather s&m style cop hat. he also ranted about going to the porno shops on 8th ave for a while. it was the best and most fucked up show i’ve ever seen. obviously he threw out chicken and juice boxes, which to this day confounds me.

Comment by j. 04.28.09 @

Blahzay Blahzay were a waste of time. They showed up mad late, performed “Danger” at least twice + two tracks from that EP they had just out on Game at the time and that was it. So I asked Outloud what the fuck that had been all about + he’s putting all the blame on the soundman.

Gangstarr Foundation. All beats were played off a cd with a little wikiwiki scratching at the beginning of each track. Guru + maybe Krumbsnatcher rapping. Nothing memorable. Pretty short set. The lights go on, people start leaving, the soundman puts on Guns ‘n Roses or some shit like that. Out comes Freddie Foxxx. First thing he does is a soundcheck saying that since people payed good money to be there, it should be done right. Don’t know why nobody came up with that idea when the club was still packed. Freddie did his thing, though.

Busta Rhymes asking the audiennce for weed + complaining about the size of the Rizlas. Instead of sharing his Hennessy with the people who hooked him up with weed, he just pours the rest of the bottle into the audience. He mostly performed verses of his guest appearances on other peoples tracks. It would have been fun in a mixtape kind of way if he had kept it moving, just going from track to track. He would have been done in 10 minutes but that would have spared me his endless talking between the few lines he actually rapped. He finished the show by asking the girls to turn around to check out their butts. Then it was “goodnight guys + all the girls with nice butts are invited to my hotel.”

Seeing Rakim diss Eric B + having him “say” “Eric B is on the cut” a little later was quite sad. It’s not like he’s got the lyrics to twenty albums to remember + so he could make an effort + actually rap. It’s weird to hear an mc perform the classics with a much younger voice than when he’s doing “Guess who’s back”.

Camp Lo were great. They ended the show with their dj cutting up doubles and Large Pro joining them to freestyle.

Comment by Tim 04.28.09 @

Kool Keith, fall 2001, he threw out the bags of chicken, each with a Capri Sun and a wetnap. He had the leather S and M hat on in Northampton, MA, as well. Kool Keith, fall of 2007 in Boston, Kutmasta Kurt’s mixer breaks. Keith freestyles accapella for about 15 minutes straight. It was actually mad impressive, but a bunch of the crowd left. Must have been there for the beats.
EPMD back in 97 after the 5th LP dropped, Providence, RI. They show up about 4 hours late, perform for about 20 minutes and jet.
Ghostface, Santa Cruz, 2006. Watched one of Ghost’s carriers nearly rape a fine ass girl onstage that went up to dance with Ghost. Way too many more to remember.

Comment by mike g 04.30.09 @

seen kool keith around of the best gigs
i’ve been to.had low expectations.he was spittin
(beside of i don’t believe u)throwin porn n bras
in the crowd an lookin fresh.seen jeru a few times
aight always.remeber when he was on stage wit dap
on a gang starr gig.before their alums performin
i’m da man at least 3 times.crowd was going bananas so it was okay.oc wit a 20 min.set was was there performin
monchs simon says.completely.strange.

Comment by swordfish 05.01.09 @

Publice Enemy @ NC A&T in the early to mid 90’s. Gangsta rap had begun its infiltration and consciousness was just a fad to some (anyone remember those red, black, and green Batman logos?!?!?!) So anyway, Chuck is up on stage talking about how we just wanna shake our ass and peole are getting antsy. But Chuck kills it by actually speaking, “They say I’m a fugitive causing all types of hell. It’s only because I rock so well when I..” ROCK! And Flav jumps out “GET UP UH GET DOWWWWWWWWN!” MiUZI wieghs a ton (get it)! We went crazy!!!! So I guess we just proved what Chuck was saying so he talks for a real long time. And they start booing him. Meanwhile Flava keeps yelling, “Kick that shit Chuck!” But he keep talking and they keep booing louder. I will never forget this 6’5″ grown ass S1W wanna be brother in fatigues and shit literally crying talking about, “Why my people gotta be like this!” Shit haunted me for years!

Comment by Qrush 05.08.09 @

Miuzi weighs a ton (hold it)<– From Kurtis Blows Christmas Rap not “get it”. Apologies!

Comment by Qrush 05.08.09 @

Yo Chronwell Kris did the same thing in Vegas in 2000 back when I lived there. Waited for about 7 hours because he was late driving from Frisco. When he finnaly showed up found out that he left Frisco the same time he was suppose to be on stage. Back then I was a Pizzo and HipHopSite stan. But that being said, now I live in Tampa and I saw him at this shitty club in Ybor City and he killed it for three hours straight. He even jumped in the crowd and started a cipher. At one point without the Mic. Gotta love the original Teacha! Fuck Vibz Kartel.

Comment by Junjo Irie 05.09.09 @

just friday night been-saw de la play in adelaide, for all intensive purposes it was dope…dres jumped up which was ill (only 3 tracks mind you)…then it get to that point of the show where the rap stars ask the ladies to get up and shake it on stage, hey im cool with that no worries whatever ya wanna do, but then all these dudes in as heltah skeltah would have you know “tight jeans sweater small” cats got on stage and just acted like absolute chesters…acting like they were rocking the crowd, as if it was there show just so they can go on facebook and post a LOL update about how they rocked the mic with maseo and pos…no no no…the night was flipped on its head,maybe i was raised different but what goes thru a mans head wen he makes the conscious decision to be a groupie…and yeah robbie caught that epmd encore…they did it in adl too, was wanting business never personal ish but ahh well

Comment by Dialect 05.09.09 @


yeah that happened, except choclair wasn’t too drunk, he was high as FUCK, his eyes were barely open, everyone was like “why isnt he wearing his glasses” squinting all over the place haha

Comment by dj hank jones 11.22.09 @

I saw CNN at the trocadero in philly a couple of years ago. Now having bad opening acts and having a headliner show up late are things that I’ve grown accustomed to, but never have I been put through such a poor performance. I think they only performed 4 songs, of which I knew more lyrics than either artist. I mean how can NORE forget “bloody money”. Then capone hops into the crowd to perform a song and NORE walks off stage. Truly a disappointment.

Comment by j the audiophile 04.25.10 @

Wackest performance I saw was LL Cool J in 1997.
Doing only the first 20 seconds of his Rock The Bells, I can’t Live Without My Radio, etc. followed by an uninspired set of boring r&b songs of which half of them he didn’t remember the lyrics from.
He was in bad shape, constantly out of breath and tried to get the girls in the crowd with him by doing some awkward sex moves and taking off his shirt.
He was supposed to do at least a 1 hour show but tried to left the stage when not even 45 minutes had passed.
He got boo’d hard and security forced him back onstage to finish his set.
He did Doing It twice and then left the stage again.
That’s when I knew a Hip Hop hero had fallen and would never ever regain respect again.

Comment by Crusher 04.19.12 @

After a ODB solo gig in a club, I stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Suddenly ODB comes walking down, mumbles to himself “Shit, I cant believe I’m sober.”

Comment by Robin 10.10.14 @

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