Asher Roth’s Guide To Frat Rap
Tuesday April 21st 2009,
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According to Rolling Stone, this Asher kid is “a spacey stoner who practices yoga and enjoys musing on politics”. The first thing that springs to mind is “hippy douchebag”, right? Sure, but he’s not the first example of Frat Rap. Come to think of it, he was never actually in a fraternity, but since Steve Rifkind offered to wash my car if I covered Kid Roth, I thought I’d let Asher check out some of those who paved the way for the College Rap movement (including founder of The Source magazine, Jon ‘Sultan MC’ Schecter, pictured above), since he was in day-care when half these songs came out.

Asher Sez:

“This guy is an effin’ dork! Plus the chicks in my video are way hotter, dude. Although I like how he put a few random black guys in the video to try and make himself look like a bit less of a dork – you know, like one of those dude’s who’s a complete doofus but a couple of half-cool guys let him go to the burger spot with them so that he can pay for the meal.”

Asher Sez:

“Woah! Was this girl married to MC Hammer?”

Asher Sez:

“This guy’s a total fag! Err…not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you’re a dude who digs dudes, you should still buy my CD.”

Asher Sez:

“These dude’s are Greek? I don’t geddit. Psyche! I totally had you going there, didn’t I? If I was on Twitter right now I’d type ROFL. Dude, I’m not even kidding!”

Asher Sez:

“Cool. I love Run-DMC.”

Asher Sez:

“Awesome. Back to the old school! I think I saw this on MTV back when they used to play videos, which they stopped doing around my tenth birthday.”

Asher Sez:

“Old rap videos really suck sometimes. Can I go now?”

Asher Sez:

“On some Secret Squirrel shit – my next video is an ‘ironic’ remake of this. Just waiting for Ted McGinley to call my manager back. It’s gonna be sweet.”

Asher Sez:

“Is that the fat guy from K-9? I freakin’ loved that movie, dude. If anyone says that the dork in the brown sweater looks like me, I’m totally gonna kick their ass! Or go and do yoga. I’m kinda random like that.”

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Asher Roth blows, but BMOC were decent.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.21.09 @

LOL, well done as always Robbie.

And on a semi-related note, Asher Roth is to rap what “Fighting” is to cinema.

Comment by Jack 04.21.09 @

Wow,I love a good laugh first thing in the morning. I had heard about that BMOC joint back in the day but never saw it anywhere – better than I expected.

Must add to this list – Surf MC’s

Don’t think they made it to college (or vocational school for that matter) but nobody does it cornier…

Comment by Frost Gamble 04.21.09 @

wow.. ya pulled out the Nerds!

Lamar.. hahaha..

why didn’t you put any Beastie Boys?

Comment by CENZI 04.21.09 @

Raise the Roof by PE was my frat rap anthem…
funny to hear an out of “Nation of Millions…” context Chuckie D spittin, “When the weekend comes I’m down with the greeks.. (WTF!!) the zetas, deltas, the akas, women that keep me in a daze… ready aim fire then i blow it up
aint done by sons strikin matches with daughters, but done by scratchin so save that water

Comment by DANKWEED 04.21.09 @

I like homeboy from harvards digital watch. gangsta

Comment by drethizzle 04.21.09 @

stick ’em for ‘is cake with a rusty 22.

Comment by pig bodine 04.21.09 @

don’t forget about the college boyz!

i actually remember checking out street beat on power 99 in philly one sunday in the early 80’s and lady b interviewed BMOC and debuted their single.
they were down with ‘the singin mc breeze’ from philly

Comment by kgb 04.21.09 @

Did you peep the credits on the BMOC joint? Nile Rogers (of CHIC), and that tool Brett Ratner (director of such gems as Rush Hour series and the abortion that was the last X-Men film.)

Comment by fosterakahunter 04.21.09 @

no surf mc’s your slippin rob !!!

Comment by mr bsta 04.22.09 @

Yeah part two coming up.

Comment by Robbie 04.22.09 @

@ KGB:

Good call on the College Boyz! Hollywood Paradox….

Comment by BIGSPICE 04.22.09 @

that third video… whoa

but Icy Blu was a cutie for real

Comment by lifers crew 04.25.09 @

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