Five Cheap-Ass Videos
Friday April 24th 2009,
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Hip-hop was never a great medium for video clips, and considering that most of those shot before 1995 cost less to make than a Happy Meal, there have been some shockers. Now that major labels are pretty much dead, it looks like we’re returning to that low budget style, which is good in that it requires more creativity, but most of the time it just comes of cheesy. Here are five prime offenders:

Somehow I missed this one when I posted the Wizard Wiz interview. The budget for this was a pack of Tic Tacs.

The only costs here were the weaves and tacky matching outfits that Missy and her weed carriers sported.

Wild Pitch did Kim and Has dirty once again. First with that bootleg ‘Blue Cheese’ puppet, and then this? No wonder Stu got smacked.

Rapping in a Chinese take-out box is not what’s up.

Justin hearts Q-Tip. Why pay for a flashy set when you can walk around your apartment and hang up an empty picture frame and some crystals?


Great track, but does the Amalgam Digital budget only consist of lending it’s artists a cheap handycam?

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Did you see Serch rock the Daniel-Son crane kick??

Comment by BIGSPICE 04.25.09 @

Justin looks like an extra from The Warriors.

Comment by farns 04.25.09 @

haha the crane kick !!
what is serch wearin??? looks like he came from a job interview and put a cap on for the video shoot.

Comment by mikki dee 04.25.09 @

Bonus Bonus:
“Girls I Got ’em Locked” by Super Lover Cee/ Casanova Rud just popped up on Youtube recently:

Comment by keatso 04.25.09 @

‘The budget for this was a pack of Tic Tacs’ – that’s fuckin funny homepiss, i like your style. The Kurious shit is great no doubt but what the fuck???! Yo, maybe I just missed the point but then no, hold up, now I look at it again and see ‘KADI’ on the hook, this calamity is some horrible shit.

Comment by AO 04.25.09 @

Who remembers “Rabbit Stew” by Raw Breed?

I remember “Outta Here” by KRS-One was the most low quality bizarre thing I had ever seen at the time.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 04.25.09 @

Mr Warfield I love this track but……U know we all thought u were Q-Tip the 1st few times they ran this on Kiss and Bls.

Comment by Mercilesz 04.26.09 @

I loved the “season of the vic” loop of Sly Stones’ “caught me smilin again”

Comment by keatso 04.26.09 @

yes i remember raw breed as well…sorry that was late.

Comment by Mercilesz 04.26.09 @

Serch is overrated. and fuck him for not knowing if he wants his cap on or off. fuckin tard.

Comment by CENZI 04.27.09 @

btw I doubt both UMC’s and Fu Shnickens was a “cheap” video… they just paid out their ass to make it look cheap. but for the record, I like both videos. Both KILL Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin.

Comment by CENZI 04.27.09 @

Lakim Shabazz and King Sun videos come to mind. “Necesita fuego? NADA!”

Comment by Dave 04.27.09 @

“Black Is Back” by Lakim Shabazz was the first video that came to my mind. It didn’t matter though, that song was incredible!

Comment by Lamar 05.02.09 @

Wild Pitch did not make the U.M.C’s video. I did. It’s a fan video, constructed, in the spirit of Hip-Hop, from found footage and media people don’t use anymore. It was made with no budget at all, from my bedroom. There’s a German claymation film in there, “Black Samurai” w/ Jim Kelly, a school project some kids made using modeling clay and a cartoon from the 40’s. It’s even dated 2008 in the credits. You think Wild Pitch was making videos for a 90’s rap group in 2008? In your attempts to be snide and witty, be careful not to mislead your audience. “Uh-eeh-uh-huh-uh-hoo-huh…I can’t be your lover.”

Comment by Chris 10.25.09 @

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