Hip-Hop Connection Digital Hits The Internets
Wednesday April 15th 2009,
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Issue #001 of HHC Digital just hit the mean streets of the internets. Grab the free download here. I’ve got new back-page column titled Unkut Presents: Bacdafucup! and contributed a couple of other bits as well. Still not convinced? Check a section of their awesome DOOM interview:

HHCDigital: Can we talk about a few of the rappers you’ve worked with over the years?

DOOM: Sure.

Let’s start with Kurious.

King Jorge! We call him Davie Bowie, ‘cos he’s the star of our crew. That’s Rockstar Jorge! I met him the same time I met Bobbito, both of them were working up at Def Jam. Jorge was working in the mail department. I think Bob got him the job, and he himself was working as the radio guy who promotes shit on radio. The first time I went up to the Def Jam office Pete Nice and [MC] Serch introduced me to everyone up there. This was ’89, right before ‘The Gas Face’ dropped, before 3rd Bass’s first album came out. Jorge was in the mail room, but he always rhymed. Jorge has been rhyming since then, a rhymer by nature. Met him in ’89 and I’ve been his motherfuckin’ partner since then. I’m on his next record, think it’s called ‘II’. I’m a plug that.

What about that guy Earthquake, from ‘Stop Smokin’ That Shit’?

Oh, Quake, he was a cat we knew locally. I had a spot in Manhattan at the time, but he’s from the town that I went to school out there. Everybody knew I had a record out, so some motherfuckers take it with a grain of salt like, ‘Fuck that nigga.’ But some of the others are like, ‘Yo, I rhyme too. How can I get on?’ And they humble with it. Quake was one of them dudes that was humble with it. Real nice on the mic. I did a couple of demos with him, and he was on the KMD record. I don’t know what he’s doing now but I’m sure he’s still rhyming.

And Megalon?

Oh, Mega, yeah, that nigga crazy as hell! He my dog though. A lot of emcees motherfuckers never hear, but a lot of niggas rhyme; they’re born into it, but nobody hears them ‘cos they not on the mainstream.

He was doing that whole quick rhyme style thing.

Yeah, he was nasty: we called it the rapid fire style, he had it down pat. Gunn, that was his other name, Tommy Gunn; Megalon was his alias for Monster Island Czars. So Gunn: nasty, street emcee. I lost contact with him too, I guess everybody’s not built for the business. But I’m the type of cat to always extend to my brothers in the street who rhyme. I’ma give them the plug and hopefully they can run with it. They’re all like, ‘Biggie’s the best!’ or ”Pac’s the best!’ But there’s mad niggas that’s nice like them – and niggas that are probably nicer! The range of emcees people never heard of is amazing. I’ma continue to do that throughout my career.

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Damn, should have asked about Lord Scotch Aka Keo

Comment by keatso 04.15.09 @

It’s so disposible. I read it in about five minutes, and won’t ever think back to it. Like the rest of digital culture, it is microwave-style.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.15.09 @

Microwave mayo!

My arse you read even this blog post in five mind though!

Comment by Stringer bee 04.15.09 @

To tell you the truth, The Top Choice Clique post took longer to read than the HHC Digital. Plus, I will actually remember the post on here, as opposed to the disposible HHC. Propr to Robbie for posting the best part of the issue though.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.16.09 @

im getting tired of this dopey mask. it was ill at first now it time for something else.

Comment by whatfgfg 04.16.09 @

like how he basically says ‘megalon is a criminal’!

Comment by Just-Ice's Mom 04.16.09 @

Marley Marl on WBLS back in 1988:


Comment by step one 04.16.09 @

Good read, especially the Paul c stuff. Unkut column top notch too. When’s the next one?

Comment by Jungle strength 04.17.09 @

The doom interview was fantastic. People dissing this magazine are strange ; why talk ?

Comment by Geo 04.18.09 @

fat boss. magazine goat. learn ya history, suckers!

i’m out.

Comment by Boosie 04.23.09 @

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