Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 5
Thursday April 16th 2009,
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The search for hip-hop’s bare-knuckled champ continues…


Check The Resume: ‘Cold Gettin’ Dumb’ is top ten of all time status. Fact.

Trenchcoats n Ganksta Hats: Sported a variety of Dapper Dan’s finest custom-made Rasta-style Gucci hats.

Mama Said Knock You Out: Knocked-out Cold Chillin’ boss Lenny Fisherberg over a a few hundred dollars.

Eff You, Whitehouse! Tosses ‘Old Glory’ into the air in ‘Welfare Recipients’ video.

Run’s House: Claimed that Run-DMC were NY’s biggest drug lords in a 1989 interview with NME: “Everyone knows you don’t make no real money from making music. Them boys are making millions offa drugs. My man DMX told me that these guys come around his way to go to one of the crack spots to pick up the money.Them boys is running drugs heavy.”

No Govt. Cheese: Released a single and video to air out these characters.

Gentle Giant: Turned up on photopgrapher Janette Beckman’s door-step to show her the kitten he’d just adopted and named ‘Money Clip’.

Willie D

Check The Resume: As a Geto Boy, he told you to ‘Read These Nikes’. As a solo artist, he said ‘Fuck The KKK’. Who’s fronting on that?

Trenchcoats n Ganksta Hats: His leather fedora was as much a part of his trademark as his putting his Nikes sole imprint on your dome.

Mama Said Knock You Out: Boxing since he was eleven, D became the Golden Glove Champion for the State of Texas in 1985.

Eff You, Whitehouse! “I ain’t goin’ to war for no shit-talkin’ president!”

No Govt. Cheese: Often went on anti-welfare rants during his time as a talk-back radio host, and who can forget the timeless ‘Welfare Bitches’?

Run’s House: It’s fair to say Will was a huge fan of the trio from Hollis, adopting both their dress sense and their shout-rap delivery.

Gentle Giant: In an AllHipHop interview, Willie said, “Sometimes I call my son, ‘Love you, bye.’ I might just be callin’ to hear a friendly voice. I love them so much that I don’t think they’ll ever know how my heart beats for them. I blush when I think about it.”

This is the closest contest yet. Willie D doesn’t take any shit, but he also hasn’t terrorized as many record company executives as Just. Calling Run a drug kingpin > rapping like Run. And while there’s no shame in being a proud poppa, try telling Just-Ice that kittens are soft! Another victory for the The Original Gangster of Hip-Hop.

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Baldhead GALS?

Comment by gordon gartrelle 04.16.09 @

^ Yeah, effin’ radio versions!

Comment by Robbie 04.16.09 @


Just Ice takes on Record Execs… they have never scared no one!!

Willie D takes on the KKK!!!

Not only that but he takes on ANY hood in the world on “The World Is a Geto”. Plus.. he took on his whole Ex-crew when shit got ugly…

Nah… Just Ice is cold, but Willie D will shatter that.

I think you guys dropped this one ugly…

Comment by cenzi 04.17.09 @

Willie Dee is the hardest MC ever……………….. and he’s the clean-up man

Comment by RBi 04.17.09 @

Just Ice, Freddie Fox, and the rest are hard; but Willie D is granite.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 04.17.09 @

Is Just-Ice so gangsta that it’s OK to snitch on the Kings of Rock? Good thing no hip-hop police in ’89.

I’m gonna go listen to “You Talk Too Much”…

Comment by Frost Gamble 04.17.09 @

I know William. He is about five-foot-two in platform shoes. Luv ya Mr. Dennis but Just-ICE will eat your face.

Comment by Dave 04.17.09 @

What about Melachi “the Nutcracker” from Group Home?

Comment by MAAD 04.19.09 @

MADD Wrote:
“What about Melachi “the Nutcracker” from Group Home?”

he’ll “beat ur mother ova the head with a baseball bat” haha…

Comment by dj blendz 04.19.09 @

Melachi was featured back on Round One.

Comment by Robbie 04.19.09 @

naaa he aint snitchin….its true…my man from southside jamaica used to see them gettin money in the streets…how u think kurtis blow got his name? thats common knowledge in ny cmon man.

Comment by Mercilesz 04.20.09 @

Man, the Gentle Giant quote by Willie Dee is some of the realest, most heartfelt sh@t ever wrote. Especially if you have children. Just-ICE wins.

Comment by fosterakahunter 04.21.09 @

“I know William. He is about five-foot-two in platform shoes. Luv ya Mr. Dennis but Just-ICE will eat your face.”

^ See I ain’t never steer ya wrong, Nicky (c) Seen

Comment by Robbie 04.21.09 @

So I’m in Target on Saturday, and I see a 7 or 8 year old kid in a bright yellow JUST ICE T shirt. The shirt wasn’t old or adult-sized. It was a fresh shirt made specifically for a kid.

Didn’t make any sense.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 04.23.09 @

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