Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 4

Whether it’s turf talk or tough talk, these MC’s don’t need to talk trash. Actions speak louder than words as we continue to search for the Grandmaster of Gully.

Melle Mel

Check The Resume: Pioneer MC who combined lyrical tactics with social and political topics when most of his peers were just rapping about broads.

Tougher Than Leather: Last album was called Muscles.

Mortal Combat: After doing push-ups on stage, Melle grabbed Mikey D’s NMS title belt before a packed crowd and walked out with Grandmaster Caz, virtually unchallenged. When Big Daddy Kane stepped up to stop him, he got pushed down the stairs for his troubles.

Yo Kid, Run That Jacket: According to Silver Fox, was often involved in sticking-up crowds at his own shows (with a little help from The Cassanovas)!

Shirt Factor: Hasn’t been seen in public dressed above the waist in years.

Anger Management: Recent footage of his live show can resemble a ‘roid rage incident.

Just-Ice aka Sir Vicious, The Original Gangster of Hip-Hop

Check The Resume: Combined advanced brag-rap tactics with 5% science and a strong reggae influence to produce some of the hardest records of the late 80’s.

Tougher Than Leather: Dropped a record called Gun Talk.

Mortal Combat: Was arrested in Washington, DC in conjunction with the murder of a local crack dealer, but was never officially charged. Also decided to declare war on the Go-Go scene while he was at it.

Yo Kid, Run That Jacket: Legend has it that Just took a bullet in the leg defending the honor of a young lady at a house party.

Shirt Factor: Doesn’t play that beefcake shit.

Anger Management: AllHipHop.com: “You come off like you always ready to bust someone’s head at any moment.” Just Ice: “It can happen”.

Verdict: While Melle rhymed over a Trouble Funk Go-Go break on ‘Pump Me Up’, Just was waving a pistol grip pump at punk’s in DC. Where Melle broke away from Grandmaster Flash over record label issues at Sugarhill, Sir Vicious rushed his label offices with heavy metal in hand. Nah Touch The Da Just.

Pause on this entire clip:

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nah touch da just.

Comment by swordfish 04.07.09 @

sir Vicious all day

Comment by Mercilesz 04.07.09 @

murderer when it comes to a rhyme…homicide…never doin no time!

Comment by the sheik 04.07.09 @

just will wax and mame rappers who proclaim to be the epitomy of this game

Comment by sooch 04.07.09 @

Yo how about School D

Comment by Lex Diamonds 04.07.09 @

…about a decade ago there were raves at homebase in oakland,of course there were multiple stages some hip hop,long story short,a homie was performing,so we came in with them,so there was a vip parking area,as we entered,we watched some teenage kid wearing a security uniform telling melle mel he couldn’t park his rental where it was!…melle mel fuckin flipped out and was screaming in this kids face!”do you know who the fuck I am!?!?”…the security kid answers back,”I don’t know who you are,and I don’t give a fuck who you are,you still can’t park here”lol…dude got so mad he was bustin out of his shit like the hulk,super roid raged out!…we never saw the outcome,later we watched him and sugarhill gang lipsynch/rapping over the hits.

Comment by j.jordan 04.07.09 @

Melle Mel is the reason why yur favorite rapper’s favorite rapper’s favorite rapper spits…..
Muffukkas was just too scared to tell Just he was just aiight….LOL

Comment by Da PartyStarter 04.07.09 @

This Mel clip is incredible. I just interviewed Just Ice for the current issue of XXL. Check it:
Dude actually stopped the interview for a minute so he could take a dump. How hardbody is that?

Comment by Jesse 04.07.09 @

anyone that can stick up his own fans(pause)at his shows is the gulliest to me

Comment by dj blendz 04.07.09 @

Funny ass dope post. Never knew Kane got shoved down some steps by Mel trying to defend Mickey D’s honor. The mental visual alone is giving me the giggles!!!! Great series my dude. Honorable mention would be MC Hammer who had a real hit out on MC Serch for dissing his momma back in the day!

Comment by Combat Jack 04.08.09 @

thats justice for just-ice! :)

Comment by RowanB 04.08.09 @

just-ice is the mofuckin man… straight up… even mantronix looked hard

Comment by er4se 04.08.09 @

Just-Ice is the reason Unique Studios in Times Sq. installed bullet-proof glass in their reception/lobby area after he, I believe, beat down a receptionist or held them up (can’t remember exactly how the story told to me goes now).

Comment by ian 04.09.09 @

Yeah, Schooly D versus Steady B.

Comment by turtle 04.09.09 @

Just Ice, Yes, coz he is the hip hop gangster!!

Comment by blufoot 04.11.09 @

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