Lord Finesse Live In Tokyo + Vintage Press Kit

Sure, I’m a Finesse fan. He’s the only rapper I ever asked to sign anything, so when I had a chance to get my hands on the original press kit for his seminal Return of the Funkyman, best believe I went in.

You know how everyone always talks about the Purple Tape? I feel that way about the Funkyman tape, which included the incredible, exclusive bonus cut below…

Lord Finesse - ‘Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut’

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  1. All the party people say ‘is’nt he somethin’!!

  2. Is this a Showbiz production? Sounds like it, and he name-checks him, but does it specify in the liner notes?

  3. I was actually at this concert — happened to be on Tokyo on business, figured out I’d catch Finesse. But I mostly went because Kane was there (BDK my personal favorite). Kane killed it, Scoob was there, he did a dance routine, then came back out at the end with Finesse and the band. Unfortunately they didn’t allow any pictures or video. It was a great show all around. Thanks for posting.

  4. I love Finesse ’cause he says ‘shit’ more than ANY other rapper…and he flows better over Scooby Doo loops than anyone ever. Ever.

  5. Great Post & Great Track (thanks for sharing that Robbie)

  6. Daaammn!!!!!Italy will never be ready….D.I.T.C. 4 life!

  7. Lord Finesse Is a REMARKABLE artist.HE DEFINITELY IN MY TOP 10 lyricist of all time .fuck your best 50 mc’s.He also produced some of the illest beats for biggie,dre,trends culture,shorty long,and the NEW FREESTYLE PROFESSORS “CONFUSE A FEW”DAMN he caught a body on that TRACK!