Raekwon and Ghostface Interviews
Thursday May 14th 2009,
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Catch me chopping it up with these two Wu-Tang troopers in the latest edition of HHC Digital.

Robbie: You’re doing your thing on Twitter. Is that another way to reach out to the fans?

Raekwon: It’s just all about interacting. I want my fans to know that outside of music y’all can still be close to me. There’s so many different, new, modern-day technology shit that’s going that we gotta coincide with. To me, I think it’s good ‘cos it gives you a hands-on with your fans – even more closer than them just waiting to hear you on the radio or waiting for your album. It’s like, ‘Yo, you can catch me in the lab, nigga! What’s good? I’m making me a turkey burger right now. How ya doing?’ I think that shit is hot right there! [chuckles] I think that’s live! Word up!

Somebody may call me and be like, ‘Yo! Tomorrow’s my birthday, kid!’ I wanna hit a nigga back and be like, ‘Happy birthday, man! Enjoy your day, this is what you should go do.’ Or if you having a bad day, if it’s something I could help you on, that’s what I’m here for. I mean at the end of the day, y’all made me who I am, so I feel like it’s owed to do that to the fans. Especially at times they wanna be heard from – I appreciate that.

So you can confirm that you’re writing your own Twitter updates? You don’t have someone typing it for you?

Nah, all that shit is in the phones right now, so you know it’s not a problem to just say something real quick or whatever, whatever. After I found out a long time ago – like maybe four years ago – that it was like two or three other Raekwons acting like they was me, I had to really step in and really fix that shit. ‘Cos I would hate for fans to be lead by somebody else and not know that they talking to the wrong person. So I had to come in and really fix that situation.

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Good Issue! Lookin’ forward to the next one.
My personal highlight was the Bacdafucup at the end, Funny Stuff!…

Comment by RowanB 05.14.09 @

robbie love you man… rae and ghost=legends… but seriously eff twitter… shit is LAME i dont give a fuck which bitch diddy is up in or what brand of yogurt mc hammer is eating… fucking tweets

Comment by er4se 05.14.09 @

just give a pound a say whut up – don’t follow the next man on twitter.

Comment by skip tromblay 05.14.09 @

@er4se: Don’t know about you, but I plan on asking Rae what shots he recommends when my birthday hitsn to see if his word is bond.

Comment by Robbie 05.15.09 @

“There’s so many different, new, modern-day technology shit that’s going that we gotta coincide with”

classic wu

Comment by Jacks 05.15.09 @

yeah the fact that rae and ghost are up on twitter makes me want to get on my account more often, muhfuckas need a iphone though for sure

Comment by gstatty 05.16.09 @

Liking how it sounds like Rae’s just, you know, discovered the computer!

Good interview.

Comment by North Star 05.16.09 @

love raekwons music could care less bout his turkey burgers. but hey its up to the individual if they want to jump on that ship*


Comment by gx 05.17.09 @

sew your asshole shut, and just keep feeding you and feeding you…

Comment by DANKWEED 05.17.09 @

yea fuck twtitter and you bich asses on it! get back to rapping not twatting!

Comment by Boosie 05.18.09 @

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