Rap Remakes Pt. 2 – Updating Your Old Hits
Friday May 15th 2009,
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Running a little low on creative inspiration and have an album to hand in by the end of the week? Don’t sweat it – just update one of your old hits with a slightly updated version of the original beat and/or lyrics and throw on a ‘2K at the end and you’re good to go.

Just-Ice – ‘Freedom of Speech ’88’

Pretty much just the original break being cut-up with some bonus movie sound effects thrown in for good measure…which equals another winner for Sir Vicious.

Big Daddy Kane – ‘Raw ’91’

One word: filler.

EPMD – ‘You Gots To Chill ’97’

They couldn’t even bring themselves to tweak the beat in their excitement to remake this old favorite for their first re-union album. The rhymes are a step backwards also.

QB’s Finest (MC Shan, Tragedy, Nas, Cormega etc.) – ‘Bridge 2001’

So what if Shan had to have his rhyme written for him? Where else are you gonna hear Capone, Cormega, Mobb Deep, Nas, Nature and Tragedy Khadafi on the same song?

AMG – ‘Bitch 2001’

Squeeky-voiced ignorant LA rapper remakes his hit, minus the catchy beat and amusing raps.

Scaramanga – ‘Mine IC Mine 2005’

Sir Melanaik gets dumb over the drums for this worthy update of his Showbiz laced banger.

KRS-One & DJ Premier – ‘Criminal Minded 2008’

Better than ‘Illegal Business 2004’ but that doesn’t make it right. Even the C. Martin co-sign can’t save this one.

Common – ‘The Light 2008’

If you ever feel the need to listen to rap with your grandmother, Com’s got you.

Q-Tip – ‘Midnight 2008’

Replacing the original track with this euro-beat fueled synth-fest is wrong. Tip’s uninspired delivery is even worse.

Sadat X – ‘One For All ’09’

Fuck it, this comes off. ‘New York – don’t put the South in ya mouth!’

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didn’t infamous mobb use that preemo beat for krs?

Robbie wrote:
“If you ever feel the need to listen to rap with your grandmother, Com’s got you.”

LMAO!! U wrong for that

Comment by dj blendz 05.15.09 @

*dead at the Common comment*

Yet, I agree in full

Comment by Nthnjmsngyn 05.15.09 @

What about RUN-DMC’s “Its Like That (Motherfucker)” from thier equally woeful ’91 album Back from Hell.

Comment by jake 05.15.09 @

i’ve said before i’ll say it again, i fucking hate common and my g-mas have passed on both sides, so the only way i’m listenin to his shit is when i’m dead

Comment by gstatty 05.15.09 @

Resurrection is one of the great rap albums, but barely anything Common’s ever done since has been worth a damn. From the late ’90s onwards he’s been getting worse and worse, to the point where he’s so excruciatingly terrible nowadays that he’s compromised his status as a great rapper altogether.

If that “Criminal Minded 2008” hadn’t billed itself as a remake, if it had removed the references to and elements of the original and just been a normal rap song, it would have been one of KRS’ freshest songs in years.

The Sadat X joint is official but I still ain’t buying South-baiting when Bun B raps circles around most of NY.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 05.17.09 @

Sadat is not “South-baiting,” he is simply saying “New York, do you.”

Comment by chuck 05.17.09 @

@ Supreme Neck Protector:

Bun B aint worthy enough to tie Cam’ron’s shoelaces let alone “rap circles around most NY”


Comment by dj blendz 05.18.09 @

Truthfully, if my 9 yr old son wrote some shit like this from Bun’s “Draped Up”:
“Well it’s big Bun B now, baby, Mr. Woodgrain/With diamonds up against them balling through your hood mayn
And I’m smoking on some good mayn, the color purple/Not the movie, but the kind that have you going in a circle
Chrome, looking more classy than the Transco Tower/Car drippin’ candy paint like it just came out the shower”

I’d slap his ass with a math book, a digital scale, or a basketball and tell him he ain’t getting out the hood via rhyming! Qrush the DreamKiller! LOL!

Comment by Qrush 05.20.09 @

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