Stay Classy, New York
Saturday May 16th 2009,
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This hilarious 1981 TV special covering hip-hop taught me a number of things:

1. Sugarhill Gang dressed like guys who work at the bank, even in their ‘prime’.
2. Sha-Rock makes dressing like Little Bo Peep seem sensible.
3. South America is full of ‘white people’.
4. Kurtis Blow’s sideburns were no effin’ joke.
5. ‘Showdown’ was an embarrassment for all involved.
6. Ron Burgundy if the truth.

Part 2 follows…

Thanks to the Rap Radar crew.

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It’s amazing to see that and think about how far it’s come. It really reminds me how much of this shit we all tend to take for granted, from the kids to the oldheads to the “radioheads” to the “backpackers”. It’s really a great thing to see how it came from it’s humble beginnings to how now, people from everywhere are rapping and putting their own spin on things.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 05.16.09 @

wow that was a DOPE post! lotta chills ran thru my spine lookin at those videos. NO hip hop sites showcase the realness like y’all. keep holdin it down!

Comment by SUPERBADEMCEESOLACE 05.16.09 @

Direct links to the video so you can download the or in my case — not have to watch them in Flash because their computer is too slow for it:

Comment by bedouin 05.16.09 @

“not everyone can sing but anyone can rap”

its like they knew myspace was gonna happen.

Comment by step one 05.16.09 @

Don’t sleep on the “Preppie Rap” dude. He’s like the Kool Herc of Asher Roth Frat Rap.

Comment by Robbie 05.16.09 @

>> Don’t sleep on the “Preppie Rap” dude. He’s like the Kool Herc of Asher Roth Frat Rap.


Comment by Legend 05.16.09 @

all praises due to rapradar for this memorable footage… thanks for the link

Comment by er4se 05.17.09 @

eff those pushy jews on he upper east side nd

Comment by er4se 05.17.09 @

That was fantastic! Especially considering the time (and the enthnicity of the newspeople) it was really well done. They even included some Big Youth footage! Now that’s doing your homework. One thing I do take exception with is the “innercity kids learn rhymes in their street games.” C’mon… all kids, everywhere play rhyming games. Duh. White people.

I say not “Look how far rap has come”… but “Look far it has fallen.” While certainly the technical aspects of hip hop has had a lot of commercial success, the spirit has surely been degraded. I watch that video and I see all that positive, grassroots energy, and I compare it to the stale, commodified scene today…


Comment by eric 05.17.09 @

no to mention black people and peurtorican people dancing to the same music….very fresh…reggaeton doesn’t have that kind of power.

Comment by Mercilesz 05.18.09 @

Rap in it’s infancy… What happened? All Ceremony and no esscence.

Comment by radnuw 05.18.09 @

Wow er4se thats mad ignant…at least get your stereotypes correct- the UES is WASPy.

Comment by keatso 05.20.09 @

“Rap is sure to influence popular music for years to come….it has staying power” Wow!! That’s a far cry from the “They thought rap was just a fad” sentiment expressed.

Comment by Dee El 05.28.09 @

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