The 90’s Files – Kool Kim of UMC’s

“We used to all work at the Statue Of Liberty – it was me, U-God, Method Man, Deck and Hass – and that’s where I met Hass. Me and Meth used to go to public school together, back when he was just Clifford Smith and I was just Kim Sharpton. Me and him used to play trumpet together – he modeled his trumpeting style on Clifford Smith, the trumpeter, ‘cos our band teacher used to say he reminded him of him – which was pure bullshit. When I heard the real Clifford Smith I was like, ‘Get the fuck outta here!’

“Son used to enjoy Clifford The Big Red Dog books… I’ma show you how well I know this cat. But son was in Stapleton – I wasn’t no hood dude like that, so I wasn’t gonna rock with him in Stapleton. And I knew Rakeem [RZA] from back when he used to rock with this dude Forest, who calls himself Ishem now. Rakeem and Forest, they used to have they thing, ‘cos Rakeem ain’t no emcee. He wack! He a wack rapper, kid. But Cappadonna, who used to be called Original God at the time, he was ridiculous. Back then, Cappadonna was the Slick Rick of Staten Island.”

Grab the first free digital edition of The Original – which was the old school mini-mag from the back of Hip-Hop Connection that I contributed to in the paper and ink era – for the full interview.

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shit.. I read his interview and thought the dude was straight garbage. Full of hate. I hope RZA pop’s him in the mouth for talkin that shit.

Comment by can'tstopwon'tstop 05.04.09 @

haha he definitely not a ‘politically correct’ emcee

Comment by dj blendz 05.04.09 @

This is that Blue Cheese dude? Like RZA could have ever been more wack than that song. Fuckouttahere!

Comment by Frost Gamble 05.04.09 @

OK, so now I’ve red the interview – this is NYOIL? That dude is dope! How can this possible be same cat from UMC’s? Like some hip-hop transformers shit….

Comment by Frost Gamble 05.04.09 @

umcs was dope they ruled dance floor in 91….that joint he did with essence from natural elements was classic 2. ummmm either people werent there or they have short memories.

Comment by Mercilesz 05.05.09 @

Kim is dope (that Skillz R Amazing 12 inch was bangin), but I dont see what he’s trying to accomplish by airing out the Wu. On some staten island gossip bullshit, gtfoh

Comment by Maul Pooney 05.06.09 @

word up i remember a old interview where he said Nas wasn’t all that so he known for speaking his mind

Comment by dj blendz 05.06.09 @

Plus Nas jacked ‘What up my Wigger Wigger’ wholesale

Comment by Frost Gamble 05.06.09 @

Kool Kim is NYOIL? Son really stepped his game up. NYOIL is not playin!!

This article don’t sound like no hate tho. Dude jus sayin they go way back.

Comment by Hot2Def 05.08.09 @

nyoil is not better than KOOL KIM…his original incarnation should be taken into context from a 91 standpoint… i said they wasn’t there. UMC’s ruled in 91…sorry

Comment by Mercilesz 05.10.09 @

Why do you stay on this “you wasn’t there UMCs ruled in ’91” stuff? They sold a lot of records to the mainstream but they were not widely respected by hip-hop heads – people thought they were soft/corny (whether that’s right or wrong).

If you’re saying UMCs had a dope record and people made a mistake by sleeping on it – cool, I’m listening. But acting like everybody thought it was hot is pure BS.

Comment by Frost Gamble 05.12.09 @

Umc’s? Classic! Anyone who did sleep on the album or thought it was soft, is not hip hop! They all down with the Wu. Hass G is “Phantom of the Beat” he made “Candy Shop” & “Apollo Kids”, beats for Deck and he doin shit with Ghost still. I used to see Kim out on Franklin Av., coppin smoke, eyes always bloodshot, always ready to poly, good dude. Don’t sleep on they second album either.

Comment by Lou_Minoti 10.31.10 @

kool kim hass g was the best rappers out of staten island and nyoil is still one of the best rappers in the world and he does things u wish u could do he has a allstar rap group p.e.m.g and they r better then any one out now and they was fronted on cuz they wasnt on some hood rap mess so they fronted on and called happy rapper but i know lets some one come out there face to one of them its over but that is besides the fact umc s , p.e.m.g , nyoil r and will alway the best rappers in the world

Comment by b-marvel 01.18.11 @

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