The 90’s Files: The Mighty V.I.C.

Photo: Alexander Richter

Name: The Mighty V.I.C.

Affiliations: A member of The Beatnuts until the Stone Crazy album, worked with Godfather Don as the Groove Merchantz and later formed Ghetto Pros with Mike Heron.

Claim to Fame: “G Rap used to live around my block, and I gave him the loop for ‘Truly Yours’. I remember playing the actual 45 to G Rap – he came to my basement, he heard it and he was like, ‘Yeah! Let me get it!’ And that’s how ‘Truly Yours’ came about. It’s funny ‘cos [DJ] Polo went around tellin’ everybody he gave the record to Marley.”

Current Status: Worked on Joell Ortiz’ The Brick: Bodega Chronicles and a track for his shelved Aftermath project (which is set to appear on Dr. Dre’s long awaited Detox album), and recently produced some cuts for Butta Verses. Provides musical scores for various MTV and E! Network programs such as Pimp My Ride, Punk’d and My Super Sweet Sixteen, and is developing his own music library company.

In The Trenches:
“I knew Ju-Ju from The Beatnuts for a very long time – not through music but through mutual friends. He knew I did music but he thought I did just dance stuff, and I used to invite him over to my house and tell him, ‘Hey, you should come on through and stop by. I’ve got a little studio’. He was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever’. But then he heard the Smooth Movement record [‘The Adventure’, which V.I.C. had remixed] on the radio – he had no idea it was me. So he goes to the record store looking for the record and he went and bought two of them. Then he shows-up at my place later on, ‘Hey! I didn’t know you did this record!’ I said, ‘I told you a long time ago – ‘come to my house’. He came over and that’s when I really started getting into full-force digging. It was kind of a trade-off – he didn’t have a sampler at the time – finally, he’s like, ‘I wanna get me a drum machine’, so I had an MPC-60 and he got an MPC-60. He was showing me how to chop beats and I was showing him how to use the machine. This is around 91, 92.

I met Kurious Jorge at a party, through Powerule, that Gangstarr were performing at. I wasn’t officially a member of The Beatnuts yet, but this guy Kurious Jorge came over and was waiting for Juju to play him some beats. He was like, ‘Do you think he’s coming? What’s going on?’ He was waiting there for about an hour, and Juju never showed up. So I ended-up playing some beats for him and that’s how ‘Walk Like A Duck’ came along. That’s when I became a member, they were like, ‘Are you gonna be part of this?’ and I say, ‘Yeah’. You may not know that I did that song, we never really separated the name with a member by saying, ‘This member produced it’. I also did ‘Mansion and a Yacht’ and ‘Uptown Shit’.

I rhymed on the [Beatnuts] EP and the album after that, but Juju wrote those rhymes and it took me about two hours to spit ‘World Famous’. When I first started rhyming it was like, ‘Man! Oh my gosh! Your voice is good!’ Then about an hour later, the excitement had left… another thing was, Jorge wrote the rhyme for me first, then Juju is like, ‘I don’t know….I want it to be more about beat-digging’. And who not to do a beat-digging rhyme better than Juju? So he rewrote it right there. When Fashion came back [from prison] I kinda stopped going to the sessions – I don’t know if he felt I was trying to take his spot in the group – obviously I wasn’t – but someone had told me that he was talking behind my back, saying that I was just trying to use them. Their road manager – Ric Man – he used to tell me, ‘You need to start coming back to the sessions. There’s really no direction – they’re just drinking, smoking a lot – a lot of work doesn’t get done. It’s becoming more just hanging out’. I’m telling you now – I did the A&R job that the A&R was supposed to be doing during Intoxicated Demons.

When Al’Tariq [Fashion] was recording his solo record he was a Muslim for about two seconds. He brings this little rug to the studio. ‘OK, fine. You’re gonna go in and pray in one of these rooms at a certain time? Then you go ahead’. Now the guy had his rug – I didn’t know he was in that room – I knocked, I didn’t hear anything. He’s getting up, and when I open up a puff of smoke comes out of his mouth. It’s dark in the room, but I saw the smoke! I’m like, ‘What happened?’ He’s like, ‘Oh no, nothing’. He thinks I didn’t see – he’s smiling and I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re either practicing religion or you’re not. You like to bring ya little rug in there and pretend you’re gonna go pray, and meanwhile you’re smoking weed! Which one is it?’ It was pretty hilarious.

The Groove Merchantz wasn’t like a production team where we had to do everything together, it was just a fun thing, like, ‘Let’s just do some beats together’. We got to do some remixes for House of Pain, for Nas…it’s funny ‘cos I get these cheques that say ‘Groove Merchantz’ on them from BMI and stuff like that, and it’s like, ‘OK, I can’t cash these – I don’t have a bank account called Groove Merchantz!’ [laughs] I’m tryin’ to get in touch with ‘em – ‘Listen, it doesn’t exist! It was just a name that I was using!’”

Five Essential V.I.C. Beats:

The Beatnuts feat. Grand Puba – ‘Are You Ready?’

The combination of a dope break and a killer cameo make this one of the stand-outs from the flawless ‘Street Level’ album.

Missing Linx – ‘M.I.A’

Problemz, Al’Tariq and Black Attack rock over a catchy loop later made famous on Dr. Dre‘s ‘The Next Episode’.

Kurious – ‘Uptown Shit’

The Magician and his CM crew get rowdy over this breezy sure-shot.

Nas – ‘One Love (One L Remix)’

Although nothing was ever going to top Q-Tip‘s original recipe, V.I.C. and Godfather Don give it an eerie, tension-filled reworking, complete with an ill Sadat X hook.

Big Pun – ‘Boomerang’

The perfect melancholy backdrop for Punisher’s poetical terror, this sample was later utilized by Madlib for the first Quasimoto project.

Bonus: Smooth Movement – ‘The Adventure’ [New School Jazz Mix]

C$Money & DJ Chase ‘Ladies Can I Have Your Attention’ (an early V.I.C. production) is available through the Stones Throw store.

V.I.C. @ MySpace

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Great read, don’t forget his dope remix of Count Bass-D Violatin, destroys the OG

Comment by Cro 05.20.09 @

They gonna address the T-Ray interview?? VIC always seemed like a real humble cat . dope beatman too..

Comment by dolo 05.20.09 @

^ Yeah. That’ll be featured next week.

Comment by Robbie 05.20.09 @

V.I.C. Yo!
Uptown Shit? love them hi-hats and them horns, great music and memories!!

Comment by chronwell 05.20.09 @

Dolo: LOL!

Comment by P-Matik 05.20.09 @

yeah i can vouch for everything V.I.C. said in this interview with Robbie!! i was there at the sessions & hung out with V.I.C all the time.. I remember attending all the Kurious Jorge sessions & Beatnuts session too that was a good time in Hip Hop right there!! No protools just Ampex 456 2″ Tape!! if you fucked up on your vocals u did it again man!!

Comment by CUBAN 05.20.09 @

This kind of shit is why stays on top.

Comment by Soul C 05.20.09 @

Joell on Detox? GOOD SHIT

Comment by Legend 05.20.09 @

always liked that one love rmx better

Comment by dj blendz 05.20.09 @

VIC also got a song on the new Kurious album dropping next month called “II”.
its called “Back With VIC”
the video is on youtube.

Comment by ENIGMUE 05.20.09 @

Im gonna go bump uptown shit right now..btw, these dudes and their usage of the “next episode” beat BEFORE DRE has been completely swept under the rug.
That used to be called biting, no?
I guess its true, you cant own no loops…

Comment by keatso 05.20.09 @

I rocked “mansion and a yacht” and “Uptown shit” today at the gym! Good shit, good read

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.20.09 @

props to my man V.I.C!!
this interview is too short. I know Vic has so many more great stories to tell!

Comment by pmoney 05.20.09 @

Oh shit my dude Boomerang is my favorite beat off Capitol Punishment. Damn son thats a classic, good shit.

Comment by Tysonz 05.20.09 @

V.I.C. Yo

This kid has always been dope, I have always wanted to know more about him, Thanks Robbie.

Comment by Jaz 05.21.09 @

Groove Merchantz one love is iller. QTIP didnt do anything to that beat.

Comment by sjs 05.21.09 @

smooth movement(shuda played the original) and mansion and a yacht have the same loop. ALL the Flatbush girls love RICKETY!!!
ha ha used to love that song. Bls used to rock that one.

Comment by Mercilesz 05.21.09 @

“QTIP didnt do anything to that beat.”

he didn’t need to. sometimes you gotta know when to just leave ish alone and loop it!

Comment by BeatRabbi 05.21.09 @

Love his beats especially the stuff he did on the hydra beats instrumentals series…

A Legend on the boards and although well-known to proper heads he is definately a little underrated.

Comment by RowanB 05.21.09 @

Man, you seriously do some of the best hip hop interviews anywhere. These are always dope, this made my day.

Comment by DJ Multiple Sex Partners 05.21.09 @

absolutely legendary producer. keep it comin unkut

Comment by detta 05.21.09 @

Dope but madd short! I’ve beeen waiting to hear more about him since Deep Crates! The beats are fucking banging on that Groove Merchants – V.I.C. Beats EP that I uploaded on Strictly Beats last year! Hope to see a part 2 or 3 like P money was saying… Keep up the great work Robbie!

Comment by Andyman187 05.21.09 @

V.I.C. has been around for a very long time doing his thing on the production tip. He just never really got his props that he deserved. No Id introduced me to him along time ago. Nuff Respect!!

Comment by Marc Davis 05.22.09 @

that Smooth Movement joint was dope. i still have my 2 12-inch vinyls of this. it would’ve been nice to put the other version up to hear V.I.C rock that bassline that he ended up using in “Mansion and a Yacht”, which is such a dope record. see the parallels –the brother that sounds like Dotty in this joint, the same sample (don’t know the name of the original). interesting!

Comment by bitter monk 05.23.09 @

yo i did not know vic did them joints. uptown schit and mansion and a yacht. those were the dopest joints. mad love to vic.

Comment by eyeknow429 06.28.09 @

Did VIC do G Rap “My Life” too?

Comment by Boris 03.02.10 @

don’t have the god connections lp? you aint hip hop bitch! killyoself sap!

Comment by Lou_Minoti 10.27.10 @

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