The Best (And Worst) Rap Remakes
Wednesday May 13th 2009,
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Joell Ortiz did a top notch job on his new Covers The Classics mixtape over at OnSmash, but not everyone is worthy of putting their own stamp on classic hip-hop staples. As Ricky Bobby‘s pop told us, if you’re not first, you’re last. Here are five rap remakes that win:

Buckshot – ‘No Joke’

The first (and still the best) interpretation of Rakim’s declaration of MC supremacy. The BDI Thug doesn’t get too ambitious here, but manages to pay tribute to the classic in a suitable respectful manner.

Ill Bill – ‘How To Kill A Cop’

Before the Non-Phixion album, Bill unleashed his own version of Redman‘s blunt-rolling anthem and made it a thousand times more hardcore.

Pete Rock feat. Large Professor & Kool G Rap – ‘Truly Yours ’98’

How can you lose with this line-up? Plus Pete fires a well-aimed shot at the non-DJ mixtape dudes at the start of his verse.

Royal Flush – ‘Gots To Have It’

Everybody knows that Ed OG beat – even Mary J. used it on some shit. Flush reworks the track with an unmistakable Flushing flavor that hits the spot.

Big Pun feat. Fat Joe – ‘Twinz (Deep Cover 98)’

Best. Remake. Ever.

And five remakes that need to be buried deep below the surface of the earth:

Mr. Cheeks feat. Journalist, Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Reminisce 2003’

This is horrible on every level. Taking one the most popular and recognizable beats ever and adding some shitty rhymes and a weak chorus is never forgive action. Getting Pete and CL to cameo doesn’t excuse the crimes committed here.

Ali Vegas – ‘Story To Tell 2007’

I appreciate what he was trying to do here, but the execution really lets it down. This is what being out of your depth sounds like.

P. Diddy – ‘PE 2000’

You know how people get drunk and think they can sing at karaoke bars?

NORE feat. Kool G Rap – ’40 Island’

Great idea on paper, but just doesn’t work. Even G Rap sounds a little off here.

Rampage – ‘Flipmode Enemy #1’

Remember this guy? He was Spliff Star V.1.0. Another example of why trying to mess with Public Enemy songs is effin’ retarded.

Next up, we’ll look at at rapper’s remaking their own songs.

More Remakes:

The Symphony Remakes

The Bridge Remakes

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“He was Spliff Star V.1.0”


Comment by Ninoy Brown 05.13.09 @

JoEll Quickman Ortiz

Comment by R 05.13.09 @

FLipmode did an “I Got ya Opin” .. ugh.. Mos def’s children story was pretty cool.. Ruff Ryders remake of “headbanger” sukked too

Comment by dolo 05.13.09 @

Word is bond Robbie and don’t forget about that horrible Busta “Shut Em’ Down” remake or The Black Star “Children’s Story” either!!!

Comment by neilnice 05.13.09 @

My 10 faves :

Beanie Sigel – No Glory
Jazzy Jeff & Peedi Crakk – Brand New Funk 2k7
Snoop – Lodi Dodi
Melle Mel – White Lines ’89
Biggie – B.I.G interlude
Black Rob – Thug Story
Z-Ro – Man Cry
M.O.P AKA Marxmen – 9 And 2 Clips
De La Soul – Excursions ’09
B. Legit & UGK – The Corruptor’s Execution

Comment by MF 05.13.09 @

Whoooa whoooaa

“Rikers Island” is a banger.

Co-sign MF’s list though. That Black Rob is just as exciting as the OG.

Comment by TC 05.13.09 @

I love how Flushing, Queens gets so much love on this site. I can tell you, ‘Coming to America” got it right when they said “If there’s one thing Queens has got a lot of, it’s “common parts.”

Comment by keatso 05.13.09 @

I was slightly puzzled by Rikers Island being in the dud section too as i always liked that.

Comment by MF 05.13.09 @

Besides the NY Mets, Flushing is pointless.

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.13.09 @

By the way, got to agree that the Big Pun and Fat Joe cover is the best. And didn’t Rampage just get on because he was Busta’s cousin or something? I hope not, because if he is that family produces some ugly looking cats!

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.13.09 @

^”on an MTV special featuring artist’s mothers, Busta’s mom said that they were only really close friends who grew up together”
BTW whats up with dudes name? I always wondered if it was because he really was a boy scout like when they were 16 and he got clowned for being the last boyscout.

Comment by keatso 05.13.09 @

I think there was some sort of remake on that Snoop album “The Last Meal” on No Limit. Now that I think about it, that nigga that was on Death Row who sounded just like 2Pac remade Cinderfella (The Realest). Horrible shit man!

Comment by R.E.D. Inc. 05.13.09 @

tame one – moment i feared
redman – beat drop
everlast – children song
snoop – snoopafella/paper’d up/vaporz
beastie boys – slow and low
necro – i need drugs
cypress hill – busted in the hood
ratm – renegades of funk
non phixion – thug thunin’
devin – poor georgie
sadat x – it’s a demo/pee-wee’s dance
pharoahe monch – welcome to the terrordome
mop – hilltop flava
beastie boys – sucker mc’s live
everlast – shook ones live

lil’ wayne & jay-z – hello bk 2.0
q-tip – it’s yours
ll – doin’ it
busta – shut ’em down
jurassic 5 – radio
puffy & mase – can’t nobody hold me down
lil’ kim – hold it down
nas – if i ruled the world
the compilation “in the beginning there was rap”
high & mighty – illadel jackmove/weed/rock the house/how to rob an actor
cam’ron – bout it bout it
def squad – rhymin’ with biz
smut peddlers – talk like sex (feat. kool g rap)/my rhyme ain’t done

next up section:
a whole epmd lp!

Comment by grizzle 05.13.09 @


Comment by stoolthrowa 05.13.09 @

What about “Self Construction 08”? I dont even think I listened to it..

Comment by keatso 05.13.09 @

necro’s ‘i need drugs’ was dope imo..who but necro to put a demented twist to a love song

Comment by dj blendz 05.14.09 @

I’ve always thought Snoop’s cover of ‘The Vapors’ was right up there personally, stands up on it’s own merit rather than just a straight kareoke cover.

Comment by Hooligan 05.14.09 @

“Rikers Island” is a banger.

^ Correct. NORE’s remake isn’t.

Comment by Robbie 05.14.09 @

What about Jay-Z’s re-make of Ice T and Brother Marquis 1993 classic “99 Problems?” bums me out I can’t put that in the shitty list, ‘cuz Rubin’s beat is so gnar-gnar, but Jaz’s boyfriend is still just Jaz’s boyfriend.

Comment by DANKWEED 05.14.09 @


Comment by Mercilesz 05.14.09 @

Robbie Ettleson’s “10 Twitter Commandments”

Comment by keatso 05.14.09 @

MOP’s “9 and 2 Clips”


Comment by eric 05.15.09 @

oh. and what’s with the reversed pics?

Comment by eric 05.15.09 @

^ It’s some illuminati fuckery.

Comment by Robbie 05.15.09 @

Can’t forget about Madd Skillz – Lick The Balls. He killed that shit!

Comment by Andyman187 05.16.09 @

10 Tape Commandments – Doo Wop
Down Wit Us – Redman (on the How to be a Player Soundtrack)
Rappers Delight – Def Squad
Sucker MCs – Wu Tang

Comment by 5 Grand 05.16.09 @

No one mentioned Master P’s ‘Ghetto Dope’ remake of Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Make Em Clap to This’ yet? So ignorant and so good!

Comment by End Level Boss 05.17.09 @

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