The Unkut Guide To Cowboy Rap

Rap and the wild west – it seems like a logical combination, right? Both feature fitted hats, burners, a constant stream of curses and a whole lotta whores, so it was only a matter of time until MC’s started trading their Jeep Cherokee‘s for horses. Here are some of them most memorable combination’s of beats, rhymes and leather chaps.

*Pours straight whisky into a dirty glass and shuffles a deck cards*

Not really a big stylistic stretch for Moe Dee, who was already a big fan of Western-style hats and leather trench coats from way back. This was easily the most popular Cowboy rap single ever.

Chuck D famously declared “Motherfuck John Wayne!” but a few years earlier the idea of making records as a rhyme-obsessed John Wayne charactiture seemed like a winner. Even Biggie was a fan of Duke, duke.

Ever see ‘Posse’? Yeah, it sucked. At this point I’d be pretty happy if Mario Van Pebbles fell into a pit of lava. No corny showdown tales here though – Trag is determined to school the deaf, dumb and blind to the history of black cowboys and…that’s about it, actually.

Sadat managed to do the impossible and make a dope album based around his Wild Cowboy crew. With all-star D.I.T.C. production and Money Boss Player guest shots, there was nothing dusty about this record. He also wasn’t try to look like a damn fool trying to ride a horse in the video…

A fan video of the Beastie’s timeless Cowboy Rap classic, made entirely from World of Warcraft footage? So bad that it’s good, and then really, really, really bad again.

A quality showcase of The Outsiderz makes this worthwhile. Jeru’s diss track ‘Black Cowboy’ doesn’t qualify other than for the title.

Worth including on the strength of the video, even though the song itself has nothing to do with saloon brawls. Good to see that stupid fat dookie ropes were popular back then.

Not a fan of Moe Dee’s version? You will be once you witness this clusterfuck. I think I’m gonna hurl.

The alpha and omega of this Cowboy Rap shit. Respect the architect.

Def IV – ‘Outlaw’

No video for this one, but this is easily Top 5 Cowboy Rap status, just because he rhymes ‘Pony’ with ‘Sony’.

Are there any rap gimmick’s you’d like to see return in 2009?

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great.yeehaw sadat and money boss did it well.
like to see da old wordchoppin i arrange my skills
body language (mastered by treach) again.

Comment by swordfish 05.06.09 @

Didn’t Flipmode’s Cha Cha Cha have some sort of western/Mexican theme? I could’ve swore Rah had on a sexy tight saloon dress! LOL!

Comment by Qrush 05.06.09 @

Clever post. Does Jeru’s ‘Black Cowboys’ qualify? How about Malcolm McLaren’s ‘Buffalo Gals’ – uh, maybe not..

Comment by Frost Gamble 05.06.09 @

Has Sadat ever put anything out that was weak? He can take retarded concepts and make them dope.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 05.06.09 @

what about that beasties song that samples the good the badd and the ugly theme that they did “live” in toughter than leather, that shit had fuckin’ bass, what was it called? desperado?
I remember now, it had some whispering shit like “mike d is the deperado…” anybody know if that’s on wax? anybody got THAT rick rubin instrumental? I don’t think the verse lyrics had much to do with cowboying but the chorus and theme sho did

Comment by DANKWEED 05.06.09 @

No Rappin’ Duke? (no Rappin’ Duke)

Comment by P-Matik 05.06.09 @

Okay, reading fail on my part, sorry!

Comment by tumbledore 05.06.09 @

no “Bone Thugs N Harmony – Ghetto Cowboy”….?!?!?

Comment by sb 05.06.09 @

Good work–as always. Though the list could use a little Mo Thugs “Ghetto Cowboy,” if nothing else to make fun of Powder P.

Comment by Jeff 05.06.09 @

I always hated Kool Moe Dee’s “Wild Wild West”. Shit is and always has been hot garbage.

Comment by keatso 05.06.09 @

How can you leave out The Symphony video? Juice Crew? c’mon now…

Comment by bigcrite 05.06.09 @

worst gimmick ever.

and i’m glad you forgot about sir mix-a-lot’s square dance rap.

Comment by CR 05.06.09 @

oh, and kurtis blow – way out west, but that one’s actually pretty dope!

Comment by CR 05.06.09 @

I have always been intrigued by raps allure with the wild west/cowboy “rap”. Looking back further you have Trickeration “Western Gangster Town” (’80), Crash Crew “Breakin Bells (’83), Disco 4-Country Rock & Rap, and there’s some Im missing. I have a list of this somewhere…don’t ask why…ha. Also, The Posse movie may have been bad but the track is good and I went to movie premiere with Tragedy and Dolemite!! so that made it good to me…ha

Comment by kevin beacham 05.06.09 @

what about Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs:

Comment by dizastix 05.06.09 @

haha great post.

Here is a link to a great one hit wonder 12″ I have with this theme.

Earle the Poet ‘High Noon’ , the cover has him decked out in some very fruity chaps.

Comment by bobd 05.06.09 @

I refuse to post anything involving Bone Thugs…

Comment by Robbie 05.06.09 @

gotta say datty x and boss money w/ diamond and buckwild on prod that shit was crazy… rocked that shit in my walkman all day…

Comment by er4se 05.06.09 @

thats right grade 10 mofuckers…

Comment by er4se 05.06.09 @

Does ‘Space Cowboy’ by Jonzun Crew count?

Comment by KQ 05.07.09 @

What about MC Solaar “Nouveau Western”

Comment by keatso 05.07.09 @

“How can you leave out The Symphony video? Juice Crew? c’mon now…
Comment by bigcrite”

^ Reading fail.

Comment by Robbie 05.07.09 @

lemme find out we got some undercover bone thug fans here :)

Comment by dj blendz 05.07.09 @

“But you can’t be any geek off the street. Gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn ya keep.”

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.07.09 @

By the way Robbie, thanks for being anti Bone homo thugs. Have always thought they were the worst rap group in the history of the game. Had a clown at work last month try and tell me Bone Thugs was better than Wu-Tang and I had to be physically restrained.

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.07.09 @

^^ on the real u shoulda been given a raise and “employee of the year” for that

Comment by dj blendz 05.08.09 @

@BIGSPICE I pretty much lost all respect for Biggie after that ‘Notorious Thugs’ fuckery.

Comment by Robbie 05.08.09 @

Wheres Bone Thugz’ Ghetto Cowboys? Posted already? if not i might have to not check the site no more man

Comment by WTF 05.08.09 @

I know a dude who was going to U of Arizona when then filmed Posse in Old Tucson, and he banged the girl that has her titties out when Debo’s little buddy is oogling over them– teeth look like she’s been chewing rocks. Real Talk. His name is Parrot, big up the dog, he’s shameless.

Comment by DANKWEED 05.08.09 @

DANKWEED may be referring to Paul Revere!
“Now here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell
About three bad brothers, you know so well
It started way back in history
With Adrock, M.C.A., and me, Mike D.
Been had a little horsy named Paul Revere
Just me and my horsey and a quart of beer
Riding across the land, kicking up sand
Sheriff’s posse on my tail cause I’m in demand”

I remember everyone saying Sir Mix A Lot stole their cadences and voice! Can’t front on that reversed 808!

Comment by Qrush 05.08.09 @

@ Qrush – funny you metion Mix A Lot … gotta have the ‘Square Dance Rap’ mentioned in here for the cowbowys to dance to. Can’t wait for Miley’s remix version.

Comment by ED209˚ 05.08.09 @

naw that shit in tougher than leather is a whole different song yo

Comment by DANKWEED 05.08.09 @

Crucial Conflict not being mentioned in this drop is a travesty !!!!

Comment by Real Talk 05.11.09 @

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