Att: Def Jux – Stay Off The Dick!
Thursday June 18th 2009,
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P Brother‘s The Gas was the best rap album released in 2008. Yak Ballz is some third-rate Fondle ‘Em alumni who no one gives two shits about, but seems to enjoys ripping-off cover artwork.

Spotted by zeus.

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word to p bros- yak ballz iz a clown, so is def jux el-p…esoteric ripped em all with one song!

Comment by mii2 06.18.09 @

not really relevant to this post but this el-p remix is my favorite track of the year. i wish raekwon would rip this.

Comment by spotrusherz 06.18.09 @


Comment by LJK 06.18.09 @

Raekwon??? GTFOH, you buggin right…that shit is wack shit for wack emophobic homos…

Comment by DeezNutz 06.18.09 @

LOL that P Bros. cover is wack. Why would he bite that shit?

Comment by Marc Oz 06.18.09 @

maybe he thought that the good reception “the gas” recieved was purely due to the cover… :)

Comment by RowanB 06.18.09 @

>LOL that P Bros. cover is wack. Why would he bite that shit?

Agreed. Album was half ass too, sorry Robbie. and wtf is a yak ballz?

Comment by Klepto 06.18.09 @

he’s violating straight up… how could def jux have their heads so far up their western shirt wearing asses to not be aware of an epic like “The Gas”? (assuming their going to plead innocence and coincidence as their excuse)–bitches! teenage and 20- something wiggas who discover punk and alternative rock in their early-thirties and attempt a rap hybrid with that shit because they are now embarrased of being wiggas, are officially NOT TO BE TRUSTED! Shoulda kept the gold fronts Cage. Nottingham Bronx stand up!!

Comment by zeus 06.18.09 @

at least P bros. was on some low-fi sci-fi throwback Dr. Who type shit…
that other wack shit looks like the milky way screen saver that comes with the mac… groundbreaking graphic design losers…GTFOH with your squiggly colored smoke and geometric web shit, ghey
Your shirt looks like a dish rag…
your shirt looks like a curtain…

Comment by zeus 06.18.09 @

bite or no bite… both covers are pretty wack.

Comment by eric 06.18.09 @

was yak ballz part of Mhz? i can’t remember. a good name change would be to goat testicles, ox nards, (cannibal ox anyone?) beef nuts, bison sac, buffalo nueces (for my spanish speaking peeps) or just plain bovine scrotum

Comment by gstatty 06.18.09 @

hah robbie… you put me onto the gas man… and yeah now that you mention it, his shit does look like p bros cover… eff this clown but i will say this — funcrusher plus and cold vein are certified dope… but who the eff is gonna say the gas isnt fucking bangin? newjacks…

Comment by er4se 06.18.09 @

that ain’t biting, come on.

two distinct covers. both have space backdrops with some abstract shit in the middle, but that’s where it stops.

don’t sleep, yak used to have some jams back in the day, too. T.C.K., Flossin’, etc. etc. That whole Homepiss EP was dope. I have never heard of the P Brothers, but I’m going to check ’em out. Peace!

Comment by J. Pitts 06.18.09 @

Raekwon??? GTFOH, you buggin right…that shit is wack shit for wack emophobic homos…


emophobic? lol. think about it.

Comment by spotrusherz 06.19.09 @

the covers are minor really… def jux kills it despite 1 or 2 borderline releases and if u heard el-ps comeback dis for esoteric ‘revenge of the nerds’ you’d know exactly how bad that soggy middleclass pussy who desperately wants it to be the mid-90s again got fucked up proper thats wot u get for frontin on a legend… how emo is cage now tho…

Comment by mattalogic 06.19.09 @

both covers are pretty lame…and only bear passing resemblance to each other…definately not a bite.

i agree with mattalogic, el-p murdered esoteric on ‘revenge of the nerds’

Comment by KQ 06.19.09 @

^^two distinct covers. both have space backdrops with some abstract shit in the middle, but that’s where it stops.

What about the fuckin word “GAS” in the titles you fuckin lame???

How could that not be considered a bite?

P Bros. album was out a year ago, they came widdit first, they got bit… meanwhile Def Jux has been catering to 14 year old girls and new jack hip hoppers who act as such (and battling other people doing the same– aka: fame desperate losers), and across the pond Nottingham’s been building in the ways of the old masters to evolve this shit on the humble… once a again bigg up Heavy Bronx

Comment by zues 06.19.09 @

since all u dudes who aint never came out ur house or made a record or got played on 89.9 in the nineties is talkin shit. Ima say whass up. Yak was in the clubs at tramps and Nuyorican and Vinyl and all the shows on the underground scene in the late nineties. The rest of yall….never saw u anywhere. fall back cuz Yak did his thing….none of yall did shit.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.19.09 @

nottingham? cmon now…if u arent from america and ur names not slick rick or monie love(or tony bones) don’t RAP please.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.19.09 @

mercilesz you been sleeping!.. a lot of UK guys spittin hard these days. :)

Comment by RowanB 06.19.09 @

Merc you definitely sleeping…
Most everybody who raps on The Gas is from New york actually.

tramps, nuyorican and vinyl exactly…

why weren’t y’all up in the tunnel tho?

Comment by zeus 06.19.09 @


Comment by shamz 06.19.09 @

@Mercilesz: Lucky they’re DJ’s then, huh?

Comment by Robbie 06.19.09 @

Absolutely, the best hip hop album came out the UK last year. I was mad surprised at how dope that P Bros was. Modern day classic.

Yakballz was great on the Fondle ’em joints. Now, I don’t know.

Comment by verge 06.19.09 @

yak ballz a third rate Fondle ‘Em artist, Robbie?

damn i’d expect that comment from the newjacks

Comment by dj blendz 06.19.09 @

^ I never really liked his shit. Sue me. (c) Dr. Ice.

Comment by Robbie 06.19.09 @

Robbie didnt get ur joke…Rowan ur good money Ive have caught my zs but u know i like british artists just dont like young people who dont know real hip hop or r and b or blues talkin shit. My dude Ink and Yak and House of Reps and C rayz Wallz and Wordsworth and Pumpkin head and Ken Boogs from We be Foolish yes Siah and Yeshua were gettin it in early at Nuyorican when I was a kid and none of yall did shit. thats all. put out a record i can critique.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.20.09 @

oh the tunnel wouldnt let me in I was a kid…the other spots had all ages like tramps and i would sneak in to the other shit. i was like 15 when this was happenin dude. I went to fat beats first album release party wit my homie Ink and I was a sophmore in highschool. Rockin the latest polo jacket from the cella dwellas video perfect match and smokin mad weed i got to see crackajacks jugaknotz arsonists…cmon shelly

Comment by Mercilesz 06.20.09 @

you dudes is kidding yeah??

The P Brothers are DJ’s/producers from The UK…amazing producers at that.

And 2008 Album Of The Year has emcees such as Roc Marciano, Milano, Sam Hill, Boss Money Gangstas, etc..on it

Shit is ridiculously dope, and Yak Balls is a fag.

WTF is Yak Balls anyway?

Comment by AFFEX 06.21.09 @

both guilty of ripping off space,hardly an underused backdrop. both shit covers. i’m guessing p brothers will be the better album although the first yak ballz had one or two good tracks on it.

Comment by penrith 06.22.09 @

I think reaching is right – the two aren’t that similar. Well slightly, insofar as they both suck, although The Gas cover sucks more. Way overrated too – the gas would have been better with a lot less Milano. He’s terrible on that album. In fact, he’s terrible on everything except his own first single. If it had been Roc Marcy on every track, then we’ve got an album…

Comment by Drew Huge 06.22.09 @

@Mercilesz: You said that anyone not from America shouldn’t rap – P Brothers produced an album feat. MC’s from New York.

@Drew Huge: Not a Money Boss fan? The only skip for me is ‘Digital B-Boy’.

Comment by Robbie 06.22.09 @

I like Money Boss a lot, but just don’t think the beats are that exceptional. Digital B-Boy is a definite skipper. I like the LP, but it’s a 6/10 at best.

Comment by Drew Huge 06.22.09 @

robbie u made a post called if ur not from ny dont rap. just startin static to start it.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.22.09 @

yea NY rappers do have the best flows & voices out of US rappers i agree,.. But theres alot of foreign rappers bringin it as well, like: OSTR Rodney P, Jehst, Phi-Life Cypher, Fleapit were hot a few years ago, NTM, Supa saiyen crew, Million Dan, Gunshot, the list could go on indefinately :) and they all heavily lyrical…

Comment by RowanB 06.22.09 @

p bros was last year top 5.
so stop frontin.
and the cover is funky.
yaks is ugly.

Comment by swordfish 06.23.09 @

emophobic? lol. think about it…

/\ /\ /\….lol, I was caught up in a moment of rage…but it speaks volumes…

Comment by deeznutz 06.23.09 @

here’s a p bros quote on the situation:

Comment by dj blendz 06.27.09 @

Well, the P Brothers know me, so I assume they mean me. Not that I give a fuck – my opinion is my opinion. I support what they do when i think it’s good.

Comment by Drew Huge 06.29.09 @

Oh he bit the galaxy background? P bros. R DOPE! But I think
Yak must have stole ya chick or someshit. He aint bite in my
Opinion.ya reachin.

Comment by brutalLee 06.29.09 @

Y@k aint even know who the P-Bros is, you should ask the designer (Graff Legend Ewok One).
Y@k is lame nowadayz though. But P Bros album wasnt even on my top 10 of the month it was released let alone best album of 2008. They shoulda used cappo a bit more than second rate NY emcees, and more shit in their earlier style, cos that album wasnt hot. i been buyin uk hip hop since faze one, and US hip hop since 83. Ivory and paul get my respect, but P Bros compared to EL-Ps beats??? cmon you fuckin kiddin me.

Comment by Whiteteefbeef 07.01.09 @

YO. My name is Adam R G. I am the designer whom Yak trusted to design the cover of this EP. I study music, art, design and hiphop history, and I do all that I can when I work with independent artists to not only properly reflect their music, but make sure that the album artwork distinguishes itself from a lot of the other contemporary bullshit out there.

Yak gave me complete creative freedom for this artwork, and the cover idea (and blog header at came from a Ray Bradbury story. The typography reflected the electronic, slightly-80s feel of the beats, and the cover comes from the overall feeling that I got from the lyrical tone. As for the crystal-like form in the middle, it’s based on a crystal-pattern piece of architecture that is a piece of the Bradbury story.

I have never heard of the P-Brothers nor this album, but now that I have I’ll check them out.

I’ve done hundreds of album covers in my day, and I know my craft. All of my covers are based in truth and uniqueness, while reflecting the music and the artist’s demographic.

Adam R G

Comment by Adam R G 07.14.09 @

the two covers look nothing alike.. unless you think the P Brothers invented the space background?

that p brothers album is mediocre at best too.. the production consists of lazy 1 bar loops that we’ve heard a million times.. gary numan, come on that sample was already played out in the 80s??? (and for a site that hates on “indie rap” that track is the biggest cannibal ox wanna be – digital b-boy?? LOL) and that dionne warwick sample was real innovative.. the list goes on

at least Yak did his thing in NYC in the late 90’s.. yeah, kinda stopped paying attention to him these days but…

Comment by john 09.22.09 @

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