Best Slang Names For Dames

A case could quite easily be argued that women have been dealt a bad hand by the vast majority of rap songs, but I say otherwise. Let’s just consider how many timeless terms of endearment have been created to describe the “good-time gals” that most people get into the music game to meet:


Some 80’s lingo that even had it’s own theme songs courtesy of Whodini and The Egyptian Lover.


Dr. Ice and the Kangol Kid were big fans of this phrase.


Sandy and Cheryl tried to turn another one around on the fellas and call-out the skanless guys. Nice try but…no.


Name-checked as far back as 1986 when a young Tragedy named and shamed the “Stunt of the Block”, while Diamond D kept it live after including the term in the title of his highly regarded debut.


Hardly a hip-hop exclusive, this one goes way back but can’t be discounted due to the run it got during the Miami Bass era.


This shit crossed the fuck over a long time ago. Thanks Springer!


Remember when Byches Wit Problems and Hoez Wit Attitude tried to flip these words into terms of empowerment? Fail.


One of those “cover-all-bases” terms that can be used for just about everything, but most amusing when applied to broads.


Lasted for exactly as long as people were checking for Grand Puba solo albums (see also: “stink box”).


Project Pat ain’t never lie.

What's The Best Thing To Call Women Who You Aren't Related To?

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Triflin’ hood heffa…

Comment by Dave 06.02.09 @

slutbag, slutmuffin…

Comment by nessnice 06.02.09 @

You Forgot About Slore….

Comment by Prince 06.02.09 @

i always liked epmds rendition : skeezoid

Comment by Mercilesz 06.02.09 @

Skeezer is highly underrated.

Comment by haroon 06.02.09 @

Chickenheads (keep cluckin’) is still very sexist and very funny.

Comment by Antonio 06.02.09 @

Two (maybe too obvious) overlooked classics:

Too Short’s: Beeitch! and Snoop Dogg’s reinterpretation: Beeotch!

[My favorite slang name for a dame however would be “Yak” (originated by wrestler Stevie Ray, formerly of the tag-team Harlem Heat)]

Comment by skinnyjoe 06.02.09 @

“strumpet” never really got much shine in hip-hop lingo

Comment by Trakball 06.02.09 @

Scalawag ftw!

Comment by KellEl 06.02.09 @

“Remember when BWP and HWP tried to turn these into words of empowerment? FAIL.”
LMAO!! Great line, and yeah, that failed well.
Trim(That’s kinda like Skins, which I voted for even though that’s more of a term for the actual sugarwalled product)

Comment by verge 06.02.09 @

@Trakball- “Strumpets”- That’s great, I don’t remember that one. Sounds like a UK remix of Stunt.

Comment by verge 06.02.09 @


Comment by duhDAN 06.02.09 @

this made me realize that i don’t remember ever seeing a female post a comment on this blog.

any females out there?

Comment by eric 06.02.09 @

^”Any females out there?”

Comment by Robbie 06.02.09 @

Yall have obviously not consulted The Bay. Try these on for size: Beezy, Brizzleton, runner, ripper, bop

Comment by Coolhand Luke 06.02.09 @

Always favored the term “SLOSHA”!!! It describes a woman who can be taken advantage of when she’s drunk!!! Works esp. well when accompanied by the word “DIRTY”. Example: “What a dirty slosha!!!”

Comment by Brock 06.02.09 @

slore hands down is the best. listen to how it roles off the tongue (pause).

that chick is a slore.

Comment by th!z 06.03.09 @


Comment by beatlover 06.03.09 @

“any females out here?”

yes. i’m here. i’m sure i’m not the only one. i love hip-hop but this post disgusts me. i put up with a lot of bullshit in hip-hop and somehow make it through, but this is just inexcusable. it has gathered a list of sexist terms against women, many of which often accompany physical violence and/or sexual abuse. and the blogger asks “which is best to call a woman who is not related to you*?” and men respond like this is a brainstorm session for misogyny. there is no critical commentary. just open forum to further abuse. it is really disappointing and disturbing. i would hope some men can also play their part and stand up against this.

*because our sisters and mothers are different from the women down the block? why?

Comment by H 06.03.09 @

maybe because its taa daaa “A TRIBUTE TO IGNORANCE”

Comment by Mercilesz 06.03.09 @

not an excuse. this blog is better than that. i thought.

Comment by H 06.03.09 @

think again

Comment by Mercilesz 06.03.09 @

this post is a fail

Comment by ill_natured 06.03.09 @

i ranked third by naming my fellow female members of my family chickenhead’s… no purpose in this tho !?

Comment by its_justin_vint 06.03.09 @

There are some people pouting about this post. Shit is funny to me. Instead of moaning, just come up with some funny words for men. I don’t know about any one else on here, but if the shit is funny, ima laugh regardless.

Comment by chuck 06.03.09 @

Don’t sleep on “piece of strange” or “slurry” either.

Comment by Robbie 06.04.09 @

what about “slutbucket”??

Comment by dj blendz 06.04.09 @

“Slore” is my new shit… I love that one.

But “freak” has always had a place in my heart- because it can mean either good or bad, or sometimes both, i.e. “Yo, she might be a freak, but she’s a FREAK! I love her lil’ slore ass.” See?

Comment by DanjaMania 06.04.09 @

wizened old bint – never made rap but still a great to start
to a love letter.

Comment by AO 06.04.09 @

FLAPS… that is hands down the best term for a piece of pussy I’ve ever heard

Comment by zues 06.04.09 @

gee, i wonder why there is so much family dysfunction in the black community

Comment by eric 06.04.09 @

i’m a dude and i read this blog often, and i pretty much hate this post and the comments on it. i’m going to have to go with H on this one. in particular to Brock, taking advantage of a woman when she’s drunk is maybe the most common form of rape, so that is a really shitty comment.

Comment by steven 06.05.09 @

If you are offended by this post does that make you a bitch? I think this shit is funny. Don’t take it too serious, just conversation. “Grand Puba is the one who makes your stink box wet.” I am going with Stick Box as a term that should be used towards women in general. Sorry H, just saying.

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.06.09 @

for the ones that’s offended why u here then? just move on to anotha post,it’s that simple..stop tryin to play high and mighty

Comment by dj blendz 06.06.09 @

I am pretty confident that few people commenting on this post would stand by and allow a white racist to call a black person a nigger. But somehow that righteousness doesn’t extend to women.

Family dysfunction might well be the biggest problem in Black community. And if you think only racism is to blame for that… ha! Then you really are a tribute to ignorance.

Comment by eric 06.06.09 @

‘smut’ been my favorite for a while now.

Eg: “We went to the cub to pick up some smuts.”

Comment by tres 06.06.09 @


Comment by tres 06.06.09 @

Since we’re on the topic, can someone from Miami tell me what a “Bangle Slut” is? thanks.

Comment by lord thunder nuts from utah 06.08.09 @

smut <—– my fav

Comment by BlueHayze 06.08.09 @

if a gurl has camel toe I made up that it equals shes Jocking Jay-z lol

Comment by E-MECCA 06.08.09 @

not everyone is black on here. tadaaa microcosm

Comment by Mercilesz 06.08.09 @

cant believe no one’s co-signin on FLAPS, shit’s funny

Comment by zues 06.08.09 @


you’re absolutely right. what a beautiful scene this is… a white man helps creates the ultimate post on derogatory terms for black women.

gotta love diversity!

Comment by eric 06.09.09 @

@eric What, I can’t call a white girl a jump-off now?

Comment by Robbie 06.09.09 @

these ‘high & mighty’ crowd is annoying..wont ya just go back to the okplayer blogs and light some all for being ‘aware’ but jeez dont beat ppl. ova the head with it like a jehova’s witness

Comment by dj blendz 06.09.09 @

it’s not high and mighty. but shouts to eric and milo. it’s actually kinda simple. wherever i am, i stick up for people. the difference between me and most of the people up here is that I do it for all types of people, not just my own narrow demographic. and if you don’t like it, then YOU go to okayplayer. i’m here for the music, not the retrograde gender views.

I don’t come here to argue. I come here for the music, cuz i’m hardcore. But if i see some ignorance, esp from Robbie, then I’ma say something. If Robbie got racist, I would say something and no one would get mad at me.

@Robbie… you can call a white girl a “jump-off” if you want to sound, not just ignorant… but really corny ignorant.

Comment by eric 06.09.09 @

^see but that’s just it,im not in here preaching knowing that Unkut is a “tribute to ignorance” in case u aint noticed..if u follow the site then u know what it’s about and u wont b surprised when a post like this comes along..anyway peace to u cause that’s all im gonna say ’bout it :)

Comment by dj blendz 06.09.09 @

A lot of the commenters on this blog like to hide behind the “tribute to ignorance” slogan. You think a slogan somehow makes it ok? If the tagline of this blog were “cracka ass rap paradise” and I started gettin racist on people… would the tagline somehow make it OK?

And as for the tagline, in general Unkut is far from ignorant. C’mon we all know the deal: Robbie is a big rap nerd and he drops the hidden knowledge. Anybody can see that. Only a tiny fraction of the content is “ignorant” and I’d like to see a video post of Robbie saying half this sexist shit.

There is no need to respond and be defensive.

Just reflect on it.

Comment by eric 06.09.09 @

@eric: You missed some sarcasm there.

“I’d like to see a video post of Robbie saying half this sexist shit”

^ Now that would be corny.

Comment by Robbie 06.09.09 @

NWA,BWP,HWA”I shot the Guinea in his Fuckin back”,Im puttin red dots on forheads and leavin MotherFuckaz Indians””Don’t interupt me while I’m whippin on my Bitch ass” “Bullets aint racial dude they only hate you” “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and Tricks””She swallowed it,it don’t matter just dont bite It””On yo ass Trick I’ll be damned if I go out like the last Bitch” meanwhile the catholic church claimed that Africans had no souls to save and slavery was okay and in the Oscar winning Godfather movie they said that it was okay to sell smack to the niggers uptown. In full metal Jacket the asian lady on the corner said “Oh me so Horny me love you long Time”(thats where sample comes from btw)Quentin Tarantino didnt see a sign that said “Dead Nigger Storage” and Huckleberry Finns best friend was name Nigger Jim in one of Americas most beloved novels.And your asking us to reflect on ur comments on this post about Rap MUSIC? I find that amusing…Microcosm…wake up…it’s entertainment and if u dont see that than I don’t know what u see.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.09.09 @

I love how G-Rap provided most of ignorance in that last post. Hes freakin Genious

Comment by Mercilesz 06.09.09 @


Comment by BIGSPICE 06.09.09 @

That Ed Norton clip is straight outta Do The Right Thing.

@robbie… ok. now i get the sarcasm. Ya, white girl might not even know what jump-off meant. and that’s sorta my point. Black misogyny has been outta control for a minute.

Comment by eric 06.10.09 @

Comment by eric 06.10.09 @

black misogyny? oh like Debbie does dallas and deep throat and Seka and Emmanuelle and Hugh heffner and Larry Flynt…they were all gettin paid offa that before anybody ever picked up a mic or scratched a record. stop being so preachy and look at reality.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.10.09 @

We can look at sexism/misogyny/exploitation on two levels: in the community and in the media.

In the community, it might appear that Black men treat women decently (and surely it must be better than Saudi Arabia). But when you consider that, in 1999, a single woman headed 45% of black families, whereas single men only headed 8%… damn, that’s cold.

My only point here is that Black women are the superwomen of our society, and yet rap culture suggests just the opposite.

And now that we are on the subject of popular culture and the media… only in rap music are women degraded to such an extent. Yes, porn is made primarily by white people. And white people make most of the money off rap too. White people got a hand in all this for sure. Maybe the white man is ultimately to blame, I don’t know.

But the question right now is… Do Black men treat women worse than men of other races? Clearly, men of all colors engage in sexism, etc. But my observation is that only in rap culture is there such a blatant disregard for the, dare I say, humanity of a woman. And this post is a tribute to that ignorance.

No other American culture has even 1/10 of the derogatory slang for a woman. And that slang just happens to be Black slang, straight out of the community.

To go a little deeper, I would argue that Black misogyny in rap is popular amongst white men because it open displays of misogyny that is somewhat taboo (even in much of the Black community). I would argue that men of all races are using Blacks to say things in the media that men of other races wouldn’t say themselves.

Our society rewards Black men who publicly degrade women in ways that other groups are not willing to do. So, while many rappers think they are the ones on top — by dissing women — actually they are also being exploited by non-Blacks who get off on watching Black men act self-destructively.

Comment by eric 06.10.09 @


Comment by dj blendz 06.10.09 @

wow kid…have u ever heard a black man call a woman a cunt? u think black people invented slut? the reason why black women are forced to hold families together in this country is because of the emasculation of the black male. I come from Slavery/sharecropping, a system in which angry black males were feared in this country. If u cant get a job cuz ur feared then u cant support a family. Africans had many violent revolts against the europeans in this country and thats why it was illegal for a black man to own a gun and also illegal for more than 3 black men(still is) to congregate on a corner at one time:The European feared an uprising. White guilt feeds White opression which ususally manifests itself in violence. As for Sexism the majority of the world is sexist because there are more women than men on the planet and most men feel threatened.Most old societies on this planet are matriarichal and Men had a hard time dealing with that. There is not one physical representation of a male god in Christianity except the baby on MARYS lap. that should tell u something. Imams wear dresses and catholic priests wear dresses and a cyllus(garter belt) showing u that women ruled way before anybody with a penis had any clout. This sex conflict has nothing to do with black or white but is more anthropological and historical if u know the history of ur worldly religions. Microcosm of the world is all rap is. U started talking about Islam talk about AllahTu…talk about the counsel of Nicea and the rift between the original catholic church in istanbul and the second in the vatican in which the gay romans declared god cannot come from a woman. Yet they still revere mary. do ur research homie.

Comment by Mercilesz 06.10.09 @

I agree that the concept of “emascualtion” (which is no simple concept) helps us understand the history of this. But even if you believe in emasculation, it doesn’t excuse the behavior. Emasculation doesn’t somehow justify or excuse the misogyny. Are you saying we should stop expecting Black men to be a force for positive change?

To me, this is not a historical or a structural issue. This is about individuals understanding the consequences of misogyny and sexism. I am simply saying that if you think this post has no negative consequences… you are not looking at the facts. This post celebrates the history of anti-female slang. But I don’t see any women laughing, only men.

With regard to matriarchy, I think one should be careful when making general statements about the thousands of “ancient” tribes, ethnicities, societies, and civilizations. I think you would be hard pressed to say that men haven’t always held the vast majority of economic, political, and religious power. That said, I definitely agree with your sentiment, that ultimately/spiritually we should look to gender balance as an ideal.

For more on matriarchy…

If this issue of sexism in rap has nothing to do with race, then why are there so few women in rap music? If white people and rock music are equally sexist, then why are there so many women in rock music?

My view is that Black women who have talent and skills, in general, are unwilling to promote a culture of self-destruction and self-stereotyping.

Again, I’m not saying white people are off the hook with sexism. They are not. But we are talking about popular culture. And there is no “white” equivalent of this post. Think about it. Try to put together white people slang for women. The vast majority of white people derogatory slang for women is pre Civil Rights. And that’s because white people got a harsh reality check. And I’m gonna keep it real here… people seem afraid to give Black men a reality check.

Comment by eric 06.10.09 @

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