Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch & Absolute – Live At The Stretch Armstrong Show (1997)
Wednesday June 10th 2009,
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Were you unfortunate enough to cop the supremely underwhelming Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 LP when it came out? You might recall that the highlight was a recording of a Stretch Armstrong Show freestyle session which assembled Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought, Common and Absolute (House of Reps) for a brain-melting display of verbal destruction. At the end it’s announced that this is actually a new group called The Incredible Force – and nothing was ever spoken of the matter again. A few months afterwards, rumors started to circulate of another super-group called the Psychic Friends, consisting of a similar line-up but replacing the lesser-known Absolute with Jeru The Damaja. I never heard anything result from that combo either, but it’s safe to say that based on what was displayed here, the Psychic Friends could have been fuckin’ incredible if they’d recorded an album. Looks like we’ll have to settle on these guys for now.

Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch & Absolute – ‘Live At The Stretch Armstrong Show’

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Absolute was a FUCKIN BEAST! He actually still is.

Comment by Rob the Music Ed 06.10.09 @

Classic! Wasn’t this on the first Lyricist Lounge joint? So cracking..

Comment by zeckwreck 06.10.09 @

Dope. But I swear, Pharoahe kicks the same rhyme every single time he ‘freestyles,’ hah

Comment by quan 06.10.09 @

wow high school…im young forgive me

Comment by Mercilesz 06.10.09 @

*sigh* ahh the good ol’ days

Comment by dj blendz 06.10.09 @

this shit was classic i had it recorded live on tape my man got all there shows HIP HOP

Comment by cozy--88izgreat 06.10.09 @

absolute was a beast? i never liked his bars on this.

i had the 2xCD and i think someone stole it. “ohm” was my shit

Comment by khal 06.10.09 @

I vividly remember taping this the night it happened. Even without listening yet. Classic night. Thanks. I would cop a limited $100 vinyl of this if they ever actually did any friggin’ songs.

Comment by verge 06.10.09 @

If you look at the video for 1-9-9-9 the psychic friends are all standing on the steps together so it may not have been a rumour. that would have been crazy in the illadelph halflife/wrath of the math/one day it’ll all make sense/equinox era.

Comment by mr.martin 06.10.09 @

meh, commom comin after pharoah sounds like u-god openin up for percee p… house of repz>slaughta house can’t hate on absolut

Comment by zues 06.11.09 @

AND BTW that pussy ass bowin to the fcc “creative context” discaimer was always so corn, there Bob I said it, “CORN.” if Commom wants to say the shit is fresh just let him, shit you puttin it on blast more by just not lettin it slide, that ain’t revolution, alwayz a peeve, soory for nitpickin, glad this moment was recorded and now exploited to diminish the media blitz of wacker cyphers

Comment by zues 06.11.09 @

siiiiiick, i was thinking about this exact freestyle session a couple of days ago…

Comment by clocksuckaz 06.11.09 @

Vol. 1 underwhelming? Vol. 1 is a classic for the artwork alone.

Comment by J Uga 06.11.09 @

Lyricist Lounge was so forgettable, I forgot that this was on there. I do remember Brewin’s verse on the Indelibles song.

I also remember “superscientifical” lyrics fans gettin amped about the supposed Canibus, Ras, Killah Priest, Kurupt supergroup.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 06.11.09 @

sickness- what is the second beat tho??

Comment by jbeez 06.12.09 @

^ ‘Verbal Attack’ by Black Attack feat. Problemz, produced by The Beatnuts.

Comment by Robbie 06.12.09 @

Black Thought is a beast forever!

Comment by BlueHayze 06.12.09 @

i hate common

Comment by gstatty 06.12.09 @

common went from this to makin electro music and collabin’ with jonas brothers..what a shame

Comment by dj blendz 06.13.09 @

its retarded if you say absolut killed this he gargled by balls pharoahe clearly was the best on this track black thought and common were sick but pharoahe is toooooo nice

Comment by gmoney 10.08.09 @

crazy shit, i didnt mind lyricist lounge when it dropped early 98. volume 2 was absoloutly shit. as far as quan saying about pharoahe’s ‘freestyle’, freestyle can be written or off the dome- real true heads kno this. anyway absolout was a crazy off the dome freestyler.

Comment by arrrch 01.26.10 @

Underwhelming? Seriously…fuck off.

Comment by Miotch 04.04.12 @

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