Five Hip-Hop Twitter Accounts I Had To Unfollow
Monday June 08th 2009,
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Can someone please explain the meaning of ‘less is more’ to dude? 7,000 updates is pretty effed up.


TOO MANY CAPS and seems to constantly harass broads on there.


Comes off as a kinda self-righteous and constantly uses words like “petwition” and “tweeple”.

Lord Jamar

If I wanted a quote for the day, I’d buy a desktop calender.


“Morning Twiddies!” *vomits*

Bonus: All Pr0n stars

I don’t care about the new asparagus soup recipe you found, and why are you worried about eating organic when you just filmed an ATM scene?

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Oh shit, so Taboo IS still a member of Black Eyed Peas? I guess he wouldn’t turn down that show money although he’s nothin’ but their 5 Ft. Excellerator minus the constant up north trips.

Watch your back, Ap! Fergie & Will wanna be Hip Hop’s Peaches & Herb. You’re next!

Oh…funny drop, Robbie.


Comment by Dart_Adams 06.08.09 @

Robbie for president! Shit is funny dude!

Comment by A-King 06.08.09 @

i had to drop d-nice too. 100 updates a minute? fuck that. saying good morning my ‘tweeps’ and good night blah blah blah. and he’s trying to give camera tips, like he’s a salesman… the guy comes across a total dick.

Comment by mikev 06.08.09 @

been sayin this since day one… eff twitter–who cares?

Comment by er4se 06.08.09 @

also: Wale (wah wah wah… you’re famous! you don’t like the attention! cry me a fucking river bro..), Charles Hamilton (no explanation needed), Diddy (seriously, tell me to LOCK IN just ONE more time and i will flip), and a few other that i can’t think of right now.

Comment by d 06.08.09 @

I had to drop Dante Ross. I got love for the dude, I’m just sayin’. . .

Comment by hotbox 06.08.09 @

you forgot Mistah F.A.B

Comment by PiLGriM 06.08.09 @

wheres the megatron don(‘t) aka Just Blaze?

Comment by Sam 06.08.09 @

All that tweeker shit’s gay.

Who does Lord Finesse follow on twitter?


Stop sweatin’ the next man.

Comment by zues 06.08.09 @

That pr0n stars comment is classic ….had to pass that on. lol

Comment by BlueHayze 06.08.09 @

Oh, thats who the megatron don is? Dude was asking for some obscure song, so I send him a link to a compilation that had it on the TROY blog. He says, nah, that ain’t it, it has this sample. Sends out a youtube video of the sample. Same damn shit I had sent ’em. So, like the overly nice guy I am, I sends him the mp3 by itself. Nope, that ain’t it, he says. It WAS it. SAME sample. There was no other version of this song. Dude was just so quick to twit, twit, twit, without paying a fuckin tention to what people were tellin’ ’em. And not even a thank you for trying to help him out.
Yeah, some heads are annoying as fuck on there. Questlove #1 off my list, too. Thinks he’s the god and everyone wants to know his every thought. Yeah, Aiight.
Good post.

Comment by verge 06.08.09 @

I call horseshit on your porn stars comment.

Sinnamon Love taught me how to cook lemon chicken on webcam. Admittedly I only watched all the way through to see if she got her baps out, but no dice.

That is all.

Comment by A to the L 06.08.09 @

^ Actually I still follow Sinnamon Love, she’s good people.

Comment by Robbie 06.08.09 @

atm is kinda eatin organic.fubar.

Comment by swordfish 06.09.09 @

Yeah this was classic………

Just Blaze is aight wit me tho’.

The pron stars it’s like naw mami we only really wanna see you not hear you.

Melissa Ford was followed and unfollowed in like 23 seconds too

Comment by M 06.09.09 @

fuck a twitter…

Comment by DeezNutz 06.16.09 @

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